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There are dozens of different insulated water bottles on today’s market, created by a host of different manufacturers. While Yeti got their start in creating larger coolers, the company has broken into the insulated water bottle market.

 Corkcicle is another one of the top names of the game when it comes to insulated bottles. In fact, Corkcicle’s technology can sometimes outperform the technology traditionally used in Yeti coolers. But is that performance edge worth it?

We’ve compared two company offerings that are close in specifications: the Corkcicle Canteen and the Yeti Rambler. In addition, we’ve taken into account important things to know about each company before you make a purchase.

FeatureSlide LidWarrantyCapacity
#1. Yeti
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Yes5 years30 ounces
#2. Corkcicle

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No1 year25 ounces

#1. Corkcicle

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The Corkcicle canteen’s standard size is a little smaller than that of the Yeti Rambler. It will hold twenty-five ounces of fluid. However, when you take into account that most average water bottles hold sixteen ounces, you’ll begin to understand that the Corkcicle can hold enough liquid to last you through most of a day. You’d only need the larger size if you were intending to hold water for multiple people or for multiple days.

The canteen is also available in sixteen ounce sizing. Some Corkcicle bottles and products can be purchased in a whopping sixty ounce size, which is great if you need a lot of water for multiple people during an outdoor adventure. One potential drawback is that there’s a fairly small opening on each bottle, so it’s hard to fill the bottle with ice unless you have tiny crushed ice pieces.

The Corkcicle’s construction uses superior technology in the body. Instead of the usual dual-layered insulation, the company creates products that have triple-layered stainless steel insulation. This allows for drinks to stay cold for longer than a day and warm for longer than twelve hours. However, unless you need your beverage to stay cool for more than twenty-four full hours, the difference isn’t big enough to be useful.

Another potential drawback of the Corkcicle is that the lid tends to be created with less durability than the body. If the lid is dropped or otherwise subjected to a hard impact, the tumbler can become damaged or cracked. The Corkcicle might also be a little difficult to wield in one hand, particularly for those with smaller hands.

There are multiple color palettes available for every Corkcicle product. Some have around four colors, while others have up to nine. This is a distinct design advantage over the Yeti, which only comes in a standardized camo style.

Should you break any of the components, the Corkcicle bottles are covered by a full year warranty. This covers any defects in the manufacturer’s craftsmanship. However, the warranty might not cover you if the lid breaks due to a fall.

#2. Yeti

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The Yeti Rambler is able to hold thirty ounces of liquid. Like the Corkcicle, it employs stainless steel construction that keeps from transferring heat or flavor. You don’t have to worry about your drinks tasting metallic, and you also don’t have to worry about the bottle burning your hands. The double layers of insulation have been proven to retain a cold drink’s temperature for twenty-four hours and a hot drink’s for twelve.

One distinct advantage of the Rambler is that it has a grippy coating. The vacuum insulation keeps the bottle from sweating, and the coating makes it much easier to hold. It’s less likely to slip through your fingers than the Corkcicle, even if you have small hands. For this reason, if you’re frequently using your water bottle one-handed or on the go, the Yeti is definitely a prime choice to consider.

Another design advantage of the Yeti is the wide mouth. If you like to put large ice cubes in your drink, it will be much easier to do so with the Yeti’s mouth than the Corkcicle’s. In addition, the Yeti lid uses a magnetic slide that keeps it from opening. It’s much harder to accidentally spill your drinks when the magnetic lock is in place, even if the bottle tips over.

The Yeti bottle also comes with a five year warranty, which is distinctly longer than the Corkcicle’s one year package. Yeti manufactures replacement parts should any of the pieces of your bottle falter, but you’re unlikely to need them due to the durability of all components. It’s very easy to submit a claim for your warranty, and the manufacturer will either replace the damaged part or offer you a refund.


Corkcicle offers products in a wider range of sizes than Yeti. The smallest Corkcicle bottles start at nine ounces, and the largest cap out at sixty ounces. The company also tends to have more diverse color palettes and options than Yeti.

The Yeti Rambler is more convenient to use than the Corkcicle, though. There’s a no-slip coating that makes it easy to hold the bottle without feeling it slip through your fingers. In addition, the wide mouth makes it much easier to pour in liquid or insert large ice cubes.

Though both companies offer good warranties, the Yeti’s tends to be superior. They will cover any problems for five years in comparison to the Corkcicle’s one. Plus, the Yeti products tend to have a more durable construction to begin with.

Final Thoughts

Yeti makes some of the best coolers on the market, but many have wondered whether their insulated water bottles will live up to the hype. The unequivocal answer is yes.

Though the Yeti Rambler doesn’t have triple layering of its insulation, it’s still capable of keeping drinks hot for twelve hours and cold for twenty-four. The durability tends to be better than the Corkcicle products, and it also comes with a five year warranty as opposed to Corkcicle’s single year warranty.

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