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Yeti Hopper 20 Vs 30

The Yeti Hopper cooler is an incredibly impressive cooler line.

A Hopper Two 20 is a smaller version than a Hopper Two 30. Also worth comparing are the original Hopper lines versus the Hopper Two lines.

How do these things differ?

Where are they similar?

Which cooler is the best for your particular circumstances?

ProductCrushed ice capacityIce retention rate
#1. Yeti Hopper Two 20
Our Best Pick

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20 pounds24 - 72 hours
#2. Yeti Hopper Two 30

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30 pounds24 - 72 hours

Differences Between the Hopper Two 20 and the Hopper Two 30

We’ll walk you through the main differences between the two coolers so that you can make the most informed decision for your purchase.

These are three of the main areas where the coolers differ from each other.


The Hopper 30 is one pound heavier than the Hopper 20. The Hopper 30 has a total weight of 5.5 pounds, while the Hopper 20 has a total weight of 4.4 pounds.

If you’re packing anything with a particular weight limit, you might want to use the lighter cooler.


The Hopper 30 is larger overall than the Hopper 20. Regarding outside dimensions, the 30 has a length that’s 1.5 inches more than the 20.

It’s also two inches taller and two inches wider.

When you consider the interior dimensions, the Hopper 30 is still 1.5 inches longer and two inches taller. Its width is three inches larger rather than two, though.


The number at the end of the cooler name is a representation of the cooler’s capacity. The Yeti 20 is built to hold 20 pounds of crushed ice, while the 30 is built to hold 30 pounds of crushed ice.

If you use a 2 to 1 ice ratio for your drinks, you can fit six more cans of beer into the Hopper 30 than the Hopper 20.

Similarities Between the Hopper 20 and the Hopper 30

There are multiple similarities between the two coolers. Because they come in the same line, the main differences you’ll find will be in the size, weight, and capacity.

Other aspects of the cooler will be similar across the board.

Ice Retention

Yeti Hopper coolers tend to have an ice retention period between 24 and 72 hours. Depending on the circumstances, they might be able to retain ice for even longer. Their ice retention is unusually impressive.


The coolers are built to be virtually indestructible, with a rock solid construction.


The following accessories are available to complement both coolers:

– Rambler Drinkware
– Molle Zinger
– Molle Bottle Opener
– Yeti Sidekick


These are the available colors:

– Fog Gray
– Tahoe Blue
– Field Tan
– Blaze Orange

Improvements of Yeti Hopper Twos Over Original Yeti Hoppers

Both the Yeti Hopper Two 20 and the Yeti Hopper Two 30 have marked improvements over the original Yeti Hopper. These are the ways their designs have been improved:

– There’s a forward-facing zipper rather than an upward-facing zipper, so it’s easier for you to open the cooler
– The shape is tapered rather than rectangular, which makes it easier to bring the cooler into tight spaces
– There’s one more set of handles, which makes it easier to carry for any kind of outing

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Verdict – Yeti Hopper 20 Vs 30

The main differences between the coolers are these: The original Yeti Hopper is less expensive, while the Yeti Hopper Two has more convenience features.

Both lines of coolers are built with durable construction. The “20” versus “30” refers to the capacity of the coolers; 20s can hold twenty pounds of crushed ice, whereas 30s can hold thirty pounds.

Go with a 30 above a 20 if:

– You need a cooler with a larger carrying capacity
– You have the budget to spring for the more expensive cooler
– You have limited space in other areas

Go with a Yeti Hopper Two above the original product line if:

– You will be using the cooler a lot, and you prefer the convenience features
– You have a significant amount of money that you’re ready to spend

All in all, the convenience of the original Hopper should be enough for people looking for a casual cooler for an outing. The increased cost of the Hopper Two-line doesn’t actually give you any more impressive construction or durability — it just has a higher convenience factor.

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