Yakima Loadwarrior Vs Thule Canyon XT


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When you’re going on any kind of hiking, camping, mountaineering, or roadtrip adventure, it makes sense to pack a lot of gear.

But a standard vehicle only has so much space, especially if you’re bringing a lot of friends who need the seats.

One of the easiest ways to increase your storage capacity is by adding a basket to the roof of your vehicle. Like a ski rack or kayak rack, the basket perches on top of the vehicle and holds items.

You can use it to secure your outdoor gear, which allows you to easily access your things without taking up precious room in the car.

Two popular outdoor baskets are the Yakima Loadwarrior and the Thule Canyon XT. Each has potential benefits and drawbacks. We’ve broken down the features and construction of each to help you pick.

Thule Canyon XT Vs Yakima Loadwarrior

ProductMaximum Load CapacityWeightDimensions
#1. Thule Canyon XT
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150 pounds29 pounds50.25 x 41 x 6 inches
#2. Yakima LoadWarrior

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140 pounds25 pounds44 x 39 x 6.5 inches

#1. Thule Canyon XT

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The Thule Canyon XT is one of the larger baskets on the market, with a length of 50.25 inches by a width of 41 inches.

The depth is 6 inches. It’s able to hold 150 pounds, though you should double check the load capacity of your vehicle’s roof before you fill it to the brim.

The basket has a minimum barspread of 20 inches and a maximum of 37 inches. Though there aren’t included locks for your things, the basket is compatible with a one key system.

There’s also optional T-Track mounting included with the purchase, so it’s easy to affix the basket to your roof. The model is compatible with multiple Thule accessories and roof bars.

The model is created to be both stylish and functional. Thanks to the tapered side walls, unloading and loading your gear is much easier than if you were fighting with 90 degree angles.

Included in the package is versatile mounting hardware that’s compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

If you add a Thule Canyon Extension XT to the basket, you can make your cargo area 20 inches longer.

The basket is designed to be aerodynamic, causing wind to flow up and over the cargo instead of dragging against it.

A limited lifetime warranty is included, so if the basket becomes damaged due to the design or workmanship, the company will repair or replace it.

#2. Yakima Loadwarrior

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The Yakima Loadwarrior weighs 25 pounds and is rated to carry up to 140 pounds. It has almost the same carrying capacity as the Thule Canyon XT.

The dimensions are 44 inches in length by 39 in width and 6.5 in height. If you’re planning to carry any tall cargo, that half-inch will make a difference.

That said, the half-inch difference in height might also impact your gas mileage negatively.

Installing the basket doesn’t take long. You need to have a roof rack system already placed on your vehicle, since that’s how the basket attaches to your roof.

The tool-free installation only takes about 25 minutes. The basket is compatible with the majority of Yakima gear mounts.

The basket is made from heavy-duty steel. Unlike other flimsy materials, it will resist weather corrosion and general wear-and-tear.

If not cared for properly, it will wear down over time, but a metal basket will last much longer than anything made of plastic. Because of the sturdy construction, the basket also includes a limited lifetime warranty.

If you want extra space, you can use the optional LoadWarrior Extension. This adds 18 inches to the cargo space, expanding the total capacity by a whopping 40 percent.

In addition to fitting Yakima mounts, the basket can also fit Yakima aerodynamic, factory, square, and round crossbars. There’s a customized wind fairing system included to help reduce noise during the journey.

There aren’t locks included with the main package, but you can buy a separate SKS Locking Bracket to further secure your items.


Baskets Compared

The baskets have a number of things in common. Either would make an excellent choice for your next adventure. The differences are mainly in the dimensions and compatible equipment.


The baskets have the following things in common:

– Don’t come with locks, though each brand has compatible locking mechanisms that can be sold separately

– Fits multiple types of bars for their respective brands

– Compatible with multiple mounts of their respective brands

– Include a limited lifetime warranty

Differences – Yakima Loadwarrior Vs Thule Canyon XT

The Thule:

– Weighs 29 pounds with a load capacity of 150 pounds

– Includes optional T-Track mounting

– Compatible with a one key system

– Uses aerodynamic tapering to make loading easier and improve gas mileage

– 50.25 inches long and 41 inches wide

– 6 inches high

– Cargo area can be increased by 20 inches through adding a Thule Canyon Extension XT

The LoadWarrior:

– Weighs 25 pounds with a 140 pound load capacity

– Uses wind reduction design to lower noise at high speeds

– 44 inches long and 39 inches wide

– 6.5 inches high

– Cargo area can be increased by 18 inches with the LoadWarrior Extension

Final Thoughts – Yakima Loadwarrior Vs Thule Canyon XT

Either of these baskets is a great option for your next roadtrip or outdoor adventure. You should take into account your roof’s carrying capacity.

The LoadWarrior has a little less interior space and fewer compatibility options, but it’s an affordable choice that’s made of sturdy materials. For more compatibility options and interior space, go with the Thule.

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