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Wunder Under Vs Align

Lululemon is an iconic leggings manufacturer that has high-fashion leggings and pants available across multiple different lines. Align pants use the company’s softest-ever fabric, but Wunder Under pants have more convenient customization options. We’ve broken down the important facts about each line so you can decide which is the best for you.

#1. Align
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#2. Wunder Under

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#1. Align

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Lululemon offers a few different Align leggings and pants, and there are more than fifty colors and styles available. Each of the designs is slightly different. Align leggings tend to run true to size, but Lululemon has a size chart for reference if you aren’t sure. Align leggings use Nulu fabric, which is extremely soft and doesn’t tend to stretch.

Align pants are high-waisted, and they will typically come up to a person’s navel or a little higher. The sensation of the fabric is like you’re not wearing leggings at all. The fabric can wick away moisture to keep you from overheating and incorporates a four-way stretch design to prevent tearing. In addition, the leggings tend to dry quickly when wet.

One of the potential drawbacks of the Align leggings is that the material often pills. The pilling may become more frequent if you try to use the leggings for intensive workouts. With that said, the pants conform well to a person’s curves and don’t tend to slip around.

All Align pants and leggings are completely opaque. There’s also a hidden pocket in the waistband that you can open from the side of the pant, which allows you to store small valuables and other important items. The flat-fell seams keep the fabric from chafing and allow for a sleeker silhouette.


#2. Wunder Under

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In comparison to the Align, the Wunder Under line comes with significantly more options for customization in the construction. You can choose between casual Luon fabric and high-intensity Luxtreme fabric. From there, you can also decide how thick you want the leggings to be in terms of temperature retention.

The Wunder Under leggings come with a high-waisted design, but they can also be worn with the waist rolled down for a more versatile look. Folded down, the leggings hug the hips. When they’re rolled up, they give more coverage of your belly. The silhouette looks great either way thanks to the smoothness of the waistband. Like the Align, the Wunder Under pants have a side pocket that can store jewelry, credit cards, cash, or keys.

Wunder Under leggings are significantly more versatile than the Align leggings. While Align leggings are built mainly for comfort, Wunder Under is designed for athletic women who want comfortable and versatile leggings during their workouts. The fabrics don’t tend to have the same pilling issues that you find with Align pants.

Differences – Wunder Under Vs Align

One of the most important differences in these lines of leggings is the material used. Lululemon has a number of different fabrics, and each of them have different benefits. The Wunder Under leggings are available in two fabric designs, while the Align leggings are available in one.

Align uses Nulu fabric. This is the softest material available through Lululemon. If you prefer soft and cozy leggings, the Align is where you should start. With that said, you should make sure that you’re careful, since improper washing or usage can damage the material.

You can pick from three different material thicknesses based on the amount of warmth and insulation you need. For indoor classes, light is ideal. For outdoor activities, full-on thickness offers extra insulation.

Luon fabric is more casual, and it’s the best choice for people who want to wear their leggings to run to the grocery store or have a low-key yoga class. The fabric is thick enough to support your legs and shape your body, but it’s also breathable enough to keep you from overheating. The four-way stretch material conforms to any body type and never loses its shape.

Luon fabric can also be purchased in different thicknesses depending on your insulation needs. If you’re planning to wear the leggings in cold weather, go with the full-on Luon. Meanwhile, if you want leggings that are breathable enough that you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all, go with the Seriously Light Luon option.

Final Comparison – Wunder Under Vs Align

Wunder Under is the line you want to look at if you’re seeking performance athletic leggings, whereas the Align leggings provide the greatest comfort.  If you occasionally walk to the grocery store or do a flexible yoga class, the Luon fabric  of the Align leggings is casual but supportive. If you’re a more intensive athlete who needs flexible designs for your cardio workouts, the Luxtreme of the Wunder Under’s is best.

If your biggest priority is sheer comfort, then the Align leggings fit like a dream. Their soft material is perfect for lounging around the house and doing casual errands. But the material is also fragile, so Align isn’t the best choice if you want leggings for workout purposes.


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