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Weber q2200 Vs q3200

Trying to decide between the Weber 2200 and the 3200?

Compact grills are great if you don’t need the cooking capacity of larger BBQs or just don’t have a lot of room to work with (i.e. you live on an upper level apartment with a small patio space).

These two gas grills are two of the most popular compact grills offered by Weber and today we’re going to compare the two of them to help you determine which one is best suited for you.

So, whether you need something that can be tossed into the back of your car or SUV, or you just need something that won’t take up much space on your apartment patio, keep reading.

ProductWeightFuel TypeBTUSTotal Cooking AreaEase of Assembly
#1. Weber Q3200
Our Best Pick

Check Price
84lbsRegular Propane Tank21,700 per hour468 square inchesSome Assembly Required- Easy
#2. Weber Q2200

Check Price
42lbsPortable Propane Tank12,000 per hour280 square inchesPre-Assembled

Weber Q2200 Vs Q3200 Video Review

Differences Between The Weber q2200 vs q3200

The first thing you’ll notice is that the 2200 is a smaller compact grill.

It doesn’t have a stand or wheels and is better off for tailgate parties or just grilling at your park on the fly.

There is an option to purchase a separate stand that can easily be disassembled just as easy as putting it together.

The 3200 does come with its own little stand with wheels on it so you can roll it around or move it around easier.

Something to note is that the stand for the 3200 is incapable of being removed, so if you need to take your BBQ down for whatever reason, the 2200 is better suited for you.

We’ve addressed the height differences, but what about things like how they look or how much food you can cook?

Appearances and Size

Both grills fit the definition of compact grill.

When people buy compact grills, they want it to go traveling with and don’t want to have to worry about taking the whole thing apart or the extra weight in the back of a truck.

And if you’re going camping for an extended period, you’ll want to save on all the room you can for your other camping gear and suitcases.

If you want a lightweight grill and don’t mind it taking up a little extra room, the q3200 will give you the same capabilities of the q2200, but with the bonus of a stand.

The q2200 can slide right into the back of your car and still leave room for an ice chest, a picnic basket, and whatever else you want to bring with you.

It truly is compact.

Next, let’s talk about how we’re going to be heating up your delicious BBQ feasts.

Fuel Source

Both grills are gas grills, but they each have their own separate methods for heating up.

The q2200 is suited for those smaller propane canisters.

They’re disposable, easy to transport, and don’t take up much space. If you’re cooking for a select small few, then you can probably get around 2-5 uses out of the same propane tank.

But that also depends on how long you’re cooking for as well, so your mileage may vary.

If you need more of a fuel capacity, then it’s possible to pick up an adapter hose that will make connecting to full-sized propane tanks a cinch (but it costs extra).

The q3200 runs off your typical propane tanks, so you may be able to get by for a month on just one tank- Again, depending on how frequently you use your BBQ.

But that also means accounting for extra space if you’re going to be traveling with your BBQ grill.

Let’s address the thermometer.

Thermometers and Food Safety

Any chef or cook worth his or her weight in salt will know the importance of making sure foods (especially meats) reach a specific temperature range.

Ignoring or failing to check the temperature of certain meats or foods can cause some serious food related illnesses that can be miserable or downright deadly.

Both grills come with a thermometer attached to the top of the lids, but we don’t advise going off the temps these little guys put out.

Instead, either acquire an infrared thermometer or a plain meat thermometer and make sure to test your food for done-ness before you start serving up your family and guests.

Cooking Performance

Both have cooking grates that are constructed from porcelain enameled cast iron, which makes for easy cleaning.

The exteriors are all constructed from cast-aluminum for durability.

But as far as cooking surfaces go?

They’re very different.

The Weber q2200 has one burner spread across 280 square inches. Despite the small cooking surface, there are no weird inconsistences with heat, so you can grill knowing the entire grill will stay hot.

The downside to this is not being able to dedicate certain areas for certain foods. For example: your veggie skewers might require some extra attention compared to your shrimp skewers.

Getting the BBQ prepped for use can take some time since you’re relying on a smaller fuel source.

The Weber q3200 has two burners spread across 393 square inches, which gives you more room to work with and the capability of cooking larger amounts of food at the same time.

Each of these grills are capable of being used with griddle grates.

It’s just a matter of swapping out the grill grates that already come with the units.

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Verdict – Weber q2200 Vs q3200

We feel the deciding factors between the two are as follows:

  • Being able to toss your BBQ into your trunk (q2200), or having a stand-alone BBQ that can be transported by a truck if need be? (q3200)
  • Being able to cook multiple different foods (veggies/fruits, meats, seafood, pizza, etc.) at once(q2200) or together? (q3200)
  • Being able to cook for a couple of people (q2200) vs a larger group of people? (q3200)

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