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Weber is a popular industry leader in the design and manufacturing of technologically-advanced grills. Of all the company’s models, the Q1200 and Q2200 tend to be the most popular gas options.

Both are tabletop-based and portable, and each has unique features and innovations.

We’ve taken a look at the biggest similarities and differences between these two grills to help you make a purchasing decision.

Weber Q1200 Vs Q2200

ProductBTUsCooking SpaceIgnition System
#1. Weber Q1200
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8500189 square inchesElectronic
#2. Weber Q2200

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12000280 square inchesElectronic

Total Cooking Area

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One of the biggest differences between the two models is the total surface area for cooking. Because they’re both tabletop and portable grills, they don’t have the hundreds upon hundreds of square inches that some massive models boast.

The Weber Q1200 has 189 square inches, while the Weber Q2200 adds a bit of space to make 280 square inches.


Though on paper, that difference sounds massive, in practical terms the two are fairly similar. Weber’s way of differentiating cooking size is by hamburger counts.

The surface of the Q1200 can cook eight average-sized hamburgers at one time. Meanwhile, the Q2200 can handle 11.

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If you’re planning to cook for huge parties and gatherings, the Q2200 will cut down on about a third of your overall cooking time.

But if you only plan to serve a few friends and family, the Q1200 can probably serve your basic backyard gathering needs.

Heat and Burners

The models each have a single burner that heats the cooking space and dome with a fairly even distribution.

Unlike some more technologically advanced models, this means that you can’t control the temperatures of individual cuts of meat.

Everything grills at the same temperature on the same surface.

The Q1200 has 8,500 BTU of power, while the Weber Q2200 offers 12,000 BTUs. The extra BTUs of the Q2200 go toward heating the extra cooking space.

Both surfaces have about the same heating capacity, with settings that range from low to high. Grill experts say that as a general rule of thumb, low is 250 F, medium is 350 F, and high is 450 F.


The Q2200 is a little bigger than the Q1200 due to its increased cooking surface.

If you’re looking for an extremely compact grill that can hide in a corner of your patio or table, the Q1200 is the better bet. However, the Q2200 remains easily portable and able to rest on most tabletops and surfaces.

The Q1200 is 24.4 inches tall, 40.9 inches wide, and 20.5 inches deep. Meanwhile, the Q2200 is 26 inches tall, 51.4 inches wide, and 25.1 inches deep.

There’s a little less than half a foot of depth added to the Q2200, along with a little under a foot of width. Before you make your purchase, you should be sure that your planned cooking surface is big enough to accommodate the grill.


Unlike many other grills on the market, which tend to be available only in neutral and metallic tones, the Q1200 is manufactured in a line of bright color schemes that will delight anyone who likes a splash of color.

There’s a bright ocean blue, a deeper and saturated fuchsia pink, and a vibrant royal purple. Each colored grilltop is set against the black cooking surface and extended serving shelves.

Tragically, the Q2200 only comes in standard neutral colors right now. So if you’re hankering for a bold splash of funky-toned brightness, the Q1200 has more options to fit your personal aesthetic.

Potential Issues

Because of the compact design and single burner, each of these models may be slightly underpowered. If the weather is cold, they may have trouble generating enough heat to give you the sear and char that you want.

For people who prefer to cook meat and vegetables at extremely high temperatures to get them crispy — these grills won’t have the firepower you’re looking for.

One other slight design flaw is that the side tables in both designs aren’t particularly sturdy. They don’t have enough support, so they can’t hold as much weight as would be ideal.

If you try to pile them with heaping platters of burgers or chicken cutlets, they may be liable to collapse.

Final Thoughts – Weber Q1200 Vs Q2200

Both the Q1200 and Q2200 do what they’re designed to do. They’re affordable, portable gas grills that can handle most types of grilling. The best one for you mainly depends on what you’re looking for in a grill.

The Q1200 has these advantages:

– It’s small and compact, so it has enough portability to be brought on camping trips, lake visits, and other adventures

– It can cook up to 8 hamburgers at a time, so it will effectively feed three or four people in one batch

– It has funky color designs available for the people who want a touch of bright personality

– It’s less expensive than the Q2200

The Q2200 has these advantages:

– Though it’s larger than the other model, it’s still portable enough to rest on most surfaces

– It can cook 11 hamburgers at once, so its increased cooking space saves time when you’re serving a crowd

– Its burner confers stronger BTUs to accommodate the larger surface space

The biggest difference is in size and cooking space. If you want more space to make greater amounts of food, the Q2200 is your friend.

If you want a small, space-saving design you can bring with your camping gear, the Q1200 is a great choice.

Just keep in mind that the grills may not have the heating power to heat quickly when the weather is really cold.


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