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Both the Weber Q1000 and Q1200 are portable gas grills that offer great cooking space and even heating dispersion, especially for their price points.

There are many similarities between the designs, but each person will gravitate toward a different one. Differences are apparent in weight, aesthetic, and external accessories.

Weber Grill Q1000 Vs Q1200

ProductAvailable ColorsWeightCooking Space
#1. Weber Q1200
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Fuchsia, green, blue, purple, orange, black35.3 pounds189 square inches
#2. Weber Q1000

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White26.6 pounds189 square inches

#1. Weber Q1000 Overview

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The Q1000 is one of the most affordable portable gas grill options on the market. Designed to work on tabletops, the grill’s shiny cream top combines with its black undercarriage to create a sleek appearance.

Unlike many other modern grill designs, which utilize electronic and cellular and Bluetooth technology, the Q1000 has a simple design.

There’s one stainless steel burner with a total heat capacity of 8500 BTU. 189 square inches are available.

The grill’s ignition is a push-button start system that utilizes 16.4 or 14.1 ounce LP cylinders, which can be purchased separately.

#2. Weber Q1200 Overview

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The Weber Q1200 has a few improvements over the previous model. The construction includes cast iron grates with porcelain enameling.

These materials allow heat to distribute more quickly and evenly throughout the cooking surface.

The Q1200 has 189 square inches of cooking space and can output 8,500 BTUs from a single burner. It has multiple color schemes available, including bright colors like purple, red, and blue.

The grill’s attached side table can hold cooked food if you make multiple batches at once. There’s also a built-in temperature gauge so you can keep an eye on the progress of your food.

The Weber Q1000 and Q1200 Compared

Cooking Space

Each model comes with 189 square inches of cooking space. Though this is relatively small compared to larger grill models, it’s a respectable amount for a portable design.

About eight hamburgers can cook simultaneously side by side. According to Weber, both grills are designed to serve about 4 people in a single surface cook.

Of course, if you have extra buddies at your get-together or campsite, you can grill up more than one round of burgers, veggies, chicken cutlets, fish, or any other food you want to sear.

System of Cooking

Each model has one stainless steel burner that outputs 8,500 BTU. This is generally adequate enough to distribute heat through the entire cooking surface and offer a nice sear.

With larger grills, multiple burners sometimes come with multiple temperature controls. But with this series, each round of cooking is done on the same-temperature surface.

There is a difference in each model’s ignition system. The Q1000 is designed with a push button ignition. Meanwhile, the Q1200’s ignition system is electronic. Both mechanics are fairly simple to use.

Both the models are designed with cast iron grates and porcelain enameling, so the heat conducts more quickly and evenly than with less conductive materials.

External Design

Each model comes with large, grippable handles and ergonomic side grips to make the grill easy to hold and transport.

One main difference in the external designs is that the Q1200 has folding side tables, while the Q1000 does not. Since the tables fold up, they don’t tend to get in the way while transporting the grill.

Side tables have multiple potential uses. You can use them to rest tongs and other utensils, or you can put a finished round of food on to rest while you start the next round.

That way, you can serve your whole gathering at once, even if there’s more than 4 people around.

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Final Thoughts – Weber Q1200 Vs Q1000

Both grill designs have enough similarities that there’s no obvious winner. Your choice will mainly depend on whether you want the extra add-ons that the Q1200 offers.

These are the main similarities between the two:

– Both have 189 square inches of cooking space that can cook 8 hamburgers at once and serve about 4 people per round

– Both have one stainless steel burner that provides 8,500 BTUs of heat

– Both have cast iron grates with porcelain enameling to disperse heat quickly and evenly

– Both have grippable and ergonomic handles to make carrying them easier

These are the differences:

– The Q1000 has push button ignition, while the Q1200’s ignition is electronic

– The Q1200 has folding side tables, which the Q1000 lacks

– The Q1200 is available in 6 unique and bright colors, while the Q1000 only comes in a white model

– The Q1200 is about 7 pounds heavier than the Q1000, largely due to the side tables

The Q1200 is better for you if:

– You like the additional color options

– The side tables will make cooking easier

– You don’t mind a little extra weight

The Q1000 is best if:

– You want the more inexpensive option

– You prefer lighter weight over side handles

– You like the metallic white cover design

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