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Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe

If you’ve made it to this particular corner of the web then you likely already know that Weber grills are some of the greatest things on earth, congratulations! How the wizards working at Weber are able to make their grills cook meat that is juicier and tastier than every other type of grill in existence is a thing of absolute wonder and beauty. At Sky-Liners we are huge Weber enthusiasts and in this review we take a look at two of their top models. So sit back and take a read, and enjoy the difficult but wondrous decision of choosing between these two magnificent beasts.

We’ll find out the differences between the two (Premium and Deluxe) and why it matters, as well as go over some of the more important features of both grills.

Difference between Weber Performer Deluxe Vs Premium

ProductDimensionsFuel TypeCooking SurfaceFeatures
#1. Weber Performer Premium
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43.5 x 48 x 30 inchesCharcoal/ Chimney starter363 square inchesBuilt In Lid Thermometer, LCD Cook Timer
#2. Weber Performer Deluxe

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43.5 x 48 x 30 inchesLP 14.1 or 16.4 ozs363 square inchesElectronic Touch N Go Gas Ingition System, Removable LCD cook Timer, Built In Thermometer,

Weber Performer Deluxe Video Review

Weber Performer Premium Video Review

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

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The Weber Deluxe grill is very simple to assemble in just minutes right out of the box.

To get your grill started, attach your propane tank, push the automatic igniter, and it should fire right up. No more searching for a lighter and paper.

You’ll get a nice large prepping table that is big enough to store spices, condiments, serving dishes or a beer while you chat with your friends and family.

And when it comes to moving this grill around, you can easily do so with just one hand because of the wheels just in case the other hand is full.

One of the things we dread the most about grilling is the cleanup. Fortunately, the cleaning system below the grill is easy to take apart and clean out thoroughly without too much of a headache. Reattaching is just as simple.

There’s a small trash canister below that is used to store extra charcoal, but if you throw a garbage liner in it, you can use it for your trash.

The front of the BBQ has little hooks that can hold your BBQ tools. They do feel cheap so be gentle with them.

Since this grill features the electric ignition, by lifting the front panel of the gas control, there’s an off/on switch.

There’s no ability to adjust low or high for the propane tank which is nice if you don’t want anything complicated to figure out. Then right by it is the ignition to start the grill.

It typically starts right up with one push.

The panel you lifted also features a removable timer with a backlit LCD screen for convenience.

Since making sure your grill is at the right temp is important, Weber included a built-in thermometer at the top of the grill lid for your convenience.

One thing we would like to point out that could maybe use a little more thought is the handle. The plastic handle is sturdy and feels durable, but when your grill is warm or has been cooking for a while, it can be a little warm to the touch; even with the heat deflector right below it.

Inside the grill, the grates are removable but there is a part you can lift to add charcoal without having to lift the entire grill grate.

The center features a sear grate which is also removable, so you can use woks, griddles or pizza stones- or just leave it as is to get the perfect sear marks on your steaks.

Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill

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The Weber Performer is a lot like the Weber Performer Deluxe. In fact, you’ll get nearly all the same features as the Deluxe except for the sear grate and the electric push-start ignition. So, if you’re looking for the same quality but can live without those two things, then maybe the premium is right for you.

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The Verdict – Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe

Other than the differences listed above, both are designed the exact same way, so it just comes down to a matter of preferences.

The electric gas ignition system is easy to use and makes it easy to start the grill without having to pull out a chimney and go through the hassle of lighting your briquettes that way.

That said, if that extra time/steps don’t matter much to you and you don’t care about the aesthetics of your steaks (the deluxe has a sear grate), then save yourself some extra cash and just go with the Weber Premium.

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