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Weber Genesis II E-310 Vs S-310

Two grills in the Weber Genesis II lineup are the E-310 and the S-310. Both offer excellent performance, cooking stability, and resistance to flare-ups thanks to the built-in grease catching system.

They also have an Infiniti ignition system that keeps the burners going without needing matches.

Weber grills use porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars to encourage smokier taste while providing the convenience of a gas grill.

Each model is compatible with the iGrill 3 app, allowing you continuous monitoring of your grill’s temperature remotely.

Though the models are similar, there are differences in price due to the few differences in their features. The best one for you depends on whether the added features are worth the price point.

Weber Genesis II E-310 Vs S-310

ProductConstruction MaterialMaximum BTUsWarranty
#1. E-310
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Porcelain-enameled3750010 years
#2. S-310

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Stainless steel3750010 years

#1. Weber Genesis II E-310

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This grill uses three burners and is average in size. It’s priced between the more inexpensive two-burner and more costly four-burner models.

The gas grill design includes many convenience and cooking-related features that enhance the grilling experience. With the open cart design, you can store all of your utensils and other tools inside the grill.

The grill’s side tables have accessory hooks to hold your tools and equipment during your cooking session. In addition, the porcelain enameling on the lid helps with heat insulation.

The cooking grates are made of cast iron, which is the best material for even heat dispersion and reaching high temperatures.

Each grate has porcelain enameling to prevent sticking over time. This grill option is the more inexpensive option between the models, and it’s a good choice if you don’t mind using porcelain enameling instead of stainless steel.

Stainless steel tends to last longer than porcelain, but porcelain still lasts for several years before needing replacing as long as it’s treated correctly. In fact, the E-310 includes a 10 year warranty because of how sturdy the construction is.

There are a few potential detractors. The grill is bulky and heavy, so it’s not particularly portable. It may also be hard to assemble at first, and the aesthetic appearance doesn’t have the same appeal as a stainless steel finish.

#2. Weber Genesis II S-310

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The S-310 has extremely similar specifications to the E-310. The designs come with many of the same features and basic construction.

Like the E-310, it uses an Infiniti ignition system so you don’t have to light matches. There are three burners, 513 square inches of cooking area, and burners that reach 37,500 BTU.

In physical dimensions, the S-310 also suffers from the potential drawbacks of being heavy, bulky, and difficult to assemble.

The most obvious difference between the two is in the aesthetic appeal. The S-310 is constructed entirely from stainless steel, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.

It looks great no matter your personal sense of style or backyard decor. In addition, it’s possible that the stainless steel will last longer than the porcelain enamel, though both grills come with a 10 year warranty.

Since this grill doesn’t use porcelain enameling, it may not have some of the benefits that come with porcelain.

For example, the lack of enameling on the grates means that they may stick or be a little more difficult to clean. In addition, since the interior doesn’t have an insulating layer of porcelain enameling, you might see slightly lower temperature insulation capabilities.

Stainless steel grates also might not have the same versatility as cast iron grates, as they can’t reach the same temperatures and don’t have the same strong heat-retention properties.

Like the E-310, the S-310 has flavorizer bars that provide the smoky flavoring that Weber is known for.

There’s also the grease drip pan system to avoid flareups, an open cart design to store all your supplies, and compatibility with the iGrill app for remote monitoring.

Which Genesis II Model Is Better? – Weber Genesis II E-310 Vs S-310

Both of the models are excellently-designed pieces of equipment that are convenient to use, technologically advanced, and capable of providing precision grilling.

The flavorizer bars infuse your food with a smokiness like you’ve used wood fuel, even though the grills run on gas.

Each is a three-burner grill with more than 500 inches of cooking space. You can easily provide for at least 15 people.

In addition, the models are moderately priced between the cheapest two-burner option and top-tier four-burner option. The S-310 is more expensive than the E-310 by just a bit.

These models are almost the same grill. They have the same design, dimensions, cooking space, warranty, burner type, side tables, warming rack, open cart design, and wireless connectivity capability. So the difference is really just the stainless steel versus porcelain enamel.

These are the highlights of how the different construction affects each model:


  • The porcelain-enameled insulation layer on the lid helps with strong heat retention
  • The porcelain enameling on the cooking grates causes non-stick, easy-cleanup meals
  • The cast iron grates may hold more heat and disperse it more evenly than stainless steel, allowing a greater range of cooking techniques
  • The outside of the grill is treated with a green glaze rather than a sleek metal finish


  • The grill’s exterior is shiny, smooth, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the stainless steel construction
  • The steel structures may last longer than porcelain enameling by a few years
  • The non-enameled lid might not retain heat as well
  • The stainless steel grates might stick slightly and not reach extremely high temperatures

Final Thoughts – Weber Genesis II E-310 Vs S-310

If you absolutely love the aesthetic appeal of the S-310, it’s a good option. However, if you want a more affordable grill that may insulate heat better and make cooking techniques easier, you’ll want the E-310.

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