Uuni 3 Vs Roccbox


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Uuni 3 Vs Roccbox

It’s hard to mess up a pizza. This delightful Italian creation is easy to prepare, allows limitless customization, and can be made in very quickly if the dough is ready ahead of time.

True pizza connoisseurs know that a regular home oven isn’t quite right for making the best possible pizza.

However, finding an excellent stand-alone pizza oven is tricky, especially if you don’t know much about them.

Making and creating your own pizzas may sound like a dream, but you can make it a reality. Instead taking your own time to do the research, you can read this review of two of the best stand-alone pizza ovens: the Roccbox and the Uuni 3.

Both of these units are top of the line products that are sure to get your cheese bubbly and your crust crispy.

In this article, we will introduce you to the similarities and differences between the two products. Each of these works well for making your own pizza, but the differences in the two might make one standout for your personal needs.

To help you take a better look, let’s start out with our comparison chart:

Quick Comparison: Roccbox VS Uuni 3

ProductFuel TypeMax Floor TempPreheat TimeLarge PizzaPortable?Fuel Consumption
#1. Roccbox
Our Best Pick
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Hardwood Kindling, Gas, Charcoal briquettesOver 900°F30 mins11 inchesYes, but heavy15 lbs propane tank will provide 20 hours at highest settings.
#2. Uuni 3
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Pellets, propane tankOver 750°F20 mins12 inchesYes3 cups of pellets to get it started and then one cup of pellets per pizza.

20 lb bag pellets will cook at least 50 pizzas.

Setting these two excellent products apart may be difficult, but we’re here to show you the differences to help you make a better pick. Here’s an in-depth overview of both of the products’ features:

Fuel Type

The Roccbox is fueled by gas, charcoal, or kindling, allowing you multiple options when it comes to powering the oven. However, the Uuni 3 uses only special wood pellets, which is a very limited option for when it comes to fueling the system.

If we compare the two, we’d have to say that the Roccbox wins this category, as it’s easier to find gas, charcoal, or kindling rather than special ordering pellets.

However, there is a propane tank conversion kit coming in the future for the Uuni 3 that will solve this problem.

Max Floor & Dome Temperatures

Creating the right texture of pizza requires a certain temperature. If the oven can’t reach a higher temp, you could end up with either soggy, uncooked dough or a burnt crust.

Both of these units excel in temperature control and provide you with just enough settings for any pizza to turn out perfectly.

The Roccbox features a maximum floor and dome temperature of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides you with enough heat to cook the pizza in under five minutes.

The Uuni 3 features a maximum floor temperature of over 750 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum dome temperature of over 900 degrees.

While the Roccbox has a higher temp, it’s not actually necessary, as both models will be able to cook pizza efficiently.


Everyone hates waiting for their oven to heat up, and unfortunately, both of these units need time to heat up before they can be used.

The Roccbox will finish preheating in 30 minutes, but the Uuni 3 will heat up in 15 minutes. As for preheating, the Uuni 3 wins this round.

Cooking Times

The next battle between these two units is the cooking time. Both models can cook an entire pizza in only 75 seconds, meaning you can use them for parties and get-togethers.

Can You Use It For Other Foods?

Yes, you can use them for anything you’d like as long as they fit into the oven and the doors can close. Your imagination is the limit here.

Fuel Consumption

The Roccbox uses 15 lbs of propane per 20 hours of cooking on the highest temperature setting. Considering each pizza only needs 75 seconds to cook, you can make almost1,000 pizzas with just one tank.

As for the Uuni 3, it uses 20 lbs of pellets to cook 50 pizzas, which is a bit more expensive than the Roccbox.


Both prices are subject to change, so we can’t give you an exact dollar amount.  However, we can say that the Uuni 3 is much more affordable than the Roccbox.

If you’re looking for a system that is affordable, effective, and easy to use, we’d have to say the Uuni 3 wins.


Overall, when we look at these two products, they do have a lot of similarities.

Both of these models have similar maximum temperatures and cook times and both can create approximately the same size of pizza: 11 inches for the Roccbox, 12 inches for the Uuni 3.

Both can be used to cook other foods, and both of them are portable.


The Roccbox is much easier to fuel and can cook hundreds of pizzas with a single tank of propane, but the unit is higher in price.

The more affordable Uuni 3 heats up much faster, almost 15 minutes less than the Roccbox, making it quicker if you absolutely can’t wait another minute for your pizza. However, the downtimes after cooking are similar.

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Each of these stand-alone pizza ovens are excellent and provide you with everything you want or need for such an appliance.

Both will give you a fantastic tasting pizza which you can customize to your heart’s desire. Having dinner parties or family events can be fun, as everyone can make their own pizza.

The Uuni 3 is the more affordable option, but it may ultimately be more expensive to purchase the pellets, depending on how often you use it.

If we had to choose one model over the other, we’d say the Roccbox is worth the extra money, as you won’t need a lot of propane. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy cooking fast, tasty pizza in the comfort of your own home.

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