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Travelpro Walkabout Vs Maxlite

Travelpro is a popular manufacturer of high quality luggage. Two of the company’s top lines of suitcases are the Walkabout and the Maxlite. Which of these performs better? It turns out that each suitcase is excellent for specific circumstances, so the best one for you will vary depending on your travel needs.

FeatureCarry OnUnder SeatExpandable
#1. Maxlite
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#2. Walkabout

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#1. Walkabout

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The Walkabout luggage is a miniature bag designed to be carried onto planes and stowed beneath your seat. It can also be stowed beneath your seat in trains and buses with onboard storage compartments. The Walkabout is available in a few different sizes and configurations, all of which are expandable. You can purchase a carry-on, a checked bag, or an international carry-on that’s meant to meet international flight guidelines.

The Walkabout is available in seven solid colors that range from neutral tones to more pastel and bright colors. You can find one that suits your personal aesthetic and is recognizable from the baggage claim. Each of the suitcases is made out of polyester fabric that’s designed to be as lightweight as possible.

This is a rolling suitcase that’s small enough to function as your in-lap carry-on item when you enter the plane. Rather than having a purse or heavy tote bag that you have to haul through the airport, you can let this functional bag trundle along behind you. The highly portable suitcase is just nineteen inches in length but expandable enough to accommodate a great deal of luggage.

In addition to the strong polyester fabric, the bag has been treated with a duraguard coating that repels water and prevents staining. There’s also an integrated zipper with a high tensile strength, which means it won’t break even if the bag is stuffed to bursting. This is a suitcase designed for ongoing durability.

The bag has even been outfitted with high performance wheels, allowing you to smoothly transition from one area to another. It has a lightweight and sturdy handle that stops automatically at either 42.5 or 38 inches to reduce the suitcase’s wobble. When you unzip the expanded compartment, the suitcase can become two inches thicker. The engineers have created a tapered shape to prevent the case from tipping.

The suitcase is designed with a variety of carrying handles on the top, bottom, and side for maximum convenience. There are also two exterior compartments, an interior lid pocket that runs the entire length of the compartment, an accessory pocket on the side, and adjustable straps to tie the bag down.

The bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty and an additional trusted companion promise. This promise ensures that the manufacturer will repair any damage that is incurred by an airline, train, bus, or other common travel carrier for a year following the purchase.

#2. Maxlite

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The Maxlite bag comes in a few different styles and configurations. Some function well as carry ons, while others are large enough that they’re best used as checked bags. You can get a twenty-one inch carry on size, a twenty-five inch checked medium size, or a very large twenty-nine inch checked large size.

The bag is available in eight total colors. You can get it in a standard black, neutral gray, or warm brown. There are also two shades of blue, a purple, a pink, and a reddish fuchsia color.

Different Maxlite bags have different weights based on size, but all of them are designed to be as lightweight as possible. These are spinners that maximize packing power. The large bag is best for long trips, while the medium bag is best for moderate trip lengths.

The bottom of the bag has four mounted wheel spinners. Unlike some traditional wheeled bags, these wheels are capable of rotating 360 degrees. You don’t have to worry about hauling the bag to the right angle to roll it, and switching directions is easy. There’s also a bottom tray that increases the overall bag durability.

Like the Walkabout, all Maxlite bags have an expandable component. If you’re packing a lot, you can unzip the expansion and gain up to two inches more space. The bag comes with carrying handles on the bottom, top, and side. There are also the same pockets found in the Walkabout.

Also like the Walkabout, the Maxlite bag is protected by a limited lifetime guarantee and the trusted companion promise. This covers any damage from airline handling for a year after the purchase.

Differences – Travelpro Walkabout Vs Maxlite

One of the biggest differences between the Maxlite bags and the Walkabout bags is what they’re best used for. The Walkabout bags are made to be highly portable and compact. As such, they’re ideal if you want a miniature suitcase that’s easy to maneuver but also able to be stored under a plane seat. The nineteen-inch Walkabout bag is specifically designed to adhere to the majority of international airline specifications for carry ons.

The wheels are also different for each of the designs. While both designs come with four wheels, the Walkabout wheels are chosen for high performance. They roll smoothly and allow high speeds, but they don’t rotate freely. Meanwhile, the Maxlite wheels have 360 degrees of rotation, allowing for much easier carrying in multiple directions.

Final Thoughts – Travelpro Walkabout Vs Maxlite

Both of these are excellent bags that would make a valuable addition to your travel gear. The Walkabout is the option you’ll want if you need a small and compact bag that you can use as an international carry on. In the same vein, the Maxlite is the bag to use if you need a larger carry on or a checked bag. Both bags are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and highly durable.


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