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Traeger Silverton 620


Traeger Pro 575

Contents - Traeger Silverton 620 Vs Pro 575

Introduction – Traeger Silverton 620 Vs Pro 575

Finding the right introductory Traeger grill can be challenging. Today we are going to compare and review two popular grills: the Silverton 620 and the Pro 575 to decide which one is our favorite. 

Both grills have many of the same great features that make Traeger such a popular brand for pellet grills. 

Traeger WiFIRE technology connects to your phone, allowing you to control the temperature of your pellet grill from wherever you are. This is a great feature when the smoke times are 10 – 12 hours. Need to run errands? No problem.

Another great feature of both the Traeger Silverton 620 and the Pro 575 is the digital meat probe. Put this thermometer in your meat while it cooks to be able to check the internal temperature without opening the lid!

Both these pellet grills also have versatility. With temperature ranges of 180 to 500 F (if you get the Gen2 Pro 575 or any Silverton model) grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and barbeque with just one grill.

Both grills come with two easy-to-clean porcelain grills and locking caster wheels. Both grills use pure hardwood pellets and need electricity to run.

Since the Silverton 620 and Pro 575 are both considered introductory grills, they do not have all the features of more expensive models. 

For example, neither of them has the Super Smoke Function or double-wall insulation seen in other Traeger models. When your grill is running low on pellets, neither of these models includes a pellet sensor to alert you without an upgrade.

Ok, but how do you decide which one is right for you? Let’s learn about each pellet grill separately and then decide which one is our top choice.

Traeger Silverton 620

The Silverton 620 debuted at Costco in spring 2020 with some of the features of more expensive Traeger pellet grills at a lower price point. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Silverton 620 has a few differences.



In terms of appearance, the Silverton 620 comes with a worktable and a storage cabinet. It has four caster-locking wheels. The Silverton 620 comes with a cover so that your pellet grill does not get ruined by the elements or visited by neighborhood critters.



The Traeger Silverton 620 has 624 square inches of grilling space with 363 square inches on the bottom, and a secondary cooking grate that is 257 square inches. The pellet hopper can hold 20 pounds, making it big enough to last a full smoke session in most cases.


Internal Grease Management

For those of us who are clumsy or have young kids or pets, the internal grease management system of the Silverton 620 is a huge benefit. Excess grease from the grill is channeled from the front of the grill to a trough that empties into an internal grease trap, which is built at the bottom of the barrel. This means there is no external grease bucket to run into while you are cooking.


Downdraft Ventilation

The Silverton 620’s downdraft system comes with mixed reviews but gives it the same ventilation system as more expensive models. The way this system works is old smoke is forced down below the grill and out the back while new smoke produced by the firepot is pushed into the grill. 


This makes the Silverton more cost-efficient by reducing cooking times through more efficiently circulating heat and smoke, a process Traeger dubs True Convection.


Exclusive to Costco

The Silverton 620 is available exclusively at Costco. Reviewers love that Costco has a generous no-questions-asked return policy, but a few wonder if grills at Costco have a few more mechanical problems than those bought directly from, say, Traeger.

Traeger Pro 575

The Traeger Pro 575 

The Traeger Pro 575 is the most popular pellet grill in the world and has some great new updates in its 2nd generation model. These features are the same in the Silverton 620, but different from Pros purchased before 2019. 


The new D2 control panel is all digital, which means you have greater control over the motor and induction fan, with faster start-up speeds. The Gen 2 models can also get to temperatures of 500 F – a good searing temperature – whereas the older model got to 450 F.


Cooking Space

The total cooking space of the Pro 575 is 575 square inches with a primary cooking grate of 418 square inches, making it larger than the 620, but its smaller secondary grate is only 154 square inches. Since both models are pellet grills it does not make a difference whether you use the primary or secondary grates in terms of temperature and cooking times.


Pellet Hopper

The pellet hopper capacity of the Pro 575 is 18 pounds, which means that you can almost fit a whole 20-lb bag of pellets at a time, but you will still have some leftover. It is big enough that for most recipes, you won’t have to refill during cooking times.



The 575 does not include a worktable or storage space. You can purchase both as an upgrade. The worktable is pretty small, which means you may need to use a secondary worktable anyway, although the storage space can be useful.


Another drawback to the Pro 575 is it does not come with a cover for protection. Buying a cover will keep your pellet grill working for years to come, but it is an additional expense.


It also comes with only two back wheels. At 128 pounds, this does not make it easy to move anywhere but a very short distance.


Grease Management System

The Pro 575 has an external grease management system. This means that the grease is channelled from the middle of the grill to the left side where it goes through the spout into a hanging grease bucket on the left side.


Ventilation System

The Pro 575’s outlet vent is top-mounted, making the smoke go up and out. Many reviewers prefer a chimney-like ventilation system attesting that it has better airflow than pellet grills without, but others say that it is just for aesthetics.


Pellet grills use a forced-air design and a fan to circulate smoke and heat to cook your food. The smokestack feature allows old smoke to leave and provides airflow that creates a pull that makes the smoke pass over the food before exiting through the chimney.

Buyers Guide – Traeger Silverton 620 Vs Pro 575

We’ve compiled a list of the main differences between the Traeger Silverton 620 and Pro 575 in order of what we think is the least important to most important to consider. 


  • Wheels. The Silverton 620 has four wheels on each corner. The Pro 575 only has two in the back. Neither grill is easy or built to move around, but the extra wheels on the Silverton would make it easier to move from one side of the patio to the other, for example.
  • Worktable. The Silverton 620 comes with a small front and side worktable but the Pro 575 does not. This is not a deal-breaker for us since you will likely not be able to do much on this tiny workspace. Nevertheless, it is convenient when you need to take something off the grill quickly especially if you are using your pellet grill for searing or grilling. You can purchase a worktable for the Pro 575 for an additional price.
  • Storage. The Silverton 620 comes with a storage compartment underneath, which is a great place to place grill utensils when you are not using them. The Pro 575 does not come with this feature.
  • Cover. The Silverton 620 comes with a cover whereas the Pro 575 does not. Covers are highly recommended to keep moisture out of your pellet grills. Of course, a cover can be purchased for the Pro 575.
  • Pellet Hopper. The Silverton 620 comes with a 20-lb hopper which means you can use a full bag of pellets. The Pro 575 has an 18-lb hopper which means you will have an awkward amount of pellets leftover in your bag.
  • Size. The Silverton Pro 620 offers more cooking space than the Pro 575 but not by a lot. The primary cooking grate of the 575 is larger than the 620 but this should not make a difference in cooking times on a pellet grill.
  • Grease Bucket. The Silverton 620 has an internal grease bucket that is out of the way. The Pro 575 has an external grease bucket that can easily be toppled over by kids or pets. If you do not have kids or pets to worry about this feature might not really make a difference.
  • Ventilation. The Silverton 620 has a rear-mounted downdraft ventilation system that may make it more efficient and make the food taste better. The Pro 575 has a smokestack exhaust that some reviewers prefer. Downdraft ventilation means that smoke will be blowing out the back, whereas the chimney style will be up and out. This is a matter of preference. Sometimes chimney-style grills can blow smoke in your face when you go to open your grill. But you also might not want smoke blowing out the back, depending on where you are going to place your pellet grill.
  • Even Heating. Some reviewers have complained that the Silverton 620 does not have even heating. Others do not mind or notice this.  Our cooking tests found the Pro 575 to produce notably superior cooks.
  • Where to Buy. The Silverton 620 is available exclusively at Costco. It can be shipped or purchased in-store. The Pro 575 can be purchased wherever Traegers are sold, which makes it more accessible and gives you the option to price match.
  • Price. The suggested retail price for the Silverton 620 is $699. The suggested retail price for the Pro 575 is $799, in addition to buying add-ons you might need such as a cover and worktable. The worktable costs $120 from Traeger.
  • Tried and True. The Silverton 620 is a new model of Traeger and has not stood the test of time like a Pro 575.

Before we reveal our top pick for an introductory Traeger pellet grill, let us answer some common questions.

Conclusion – Traeger Silverton 620 Vs Pro 575

The Silverton 620 is bigger, cheaper, and comes with more bells and whistles than the Pro 575.

Both have great features of the Traeger Grills such as WiFi-controlled settings, digital meat probes, and a 3-year warranty.

The Silverton 620’s inclusion of a cover, worktable, and storage makes it significantly cheaper than the Pro 575. 

The downside of the Silverton 620 is how you can only buy it at Costco and may need to test out whether it does heat evenly, but with Costco’s generous return policy you have nothing to lose.

But for us the final decision came down to the cooking…

We found the results from the trusty Traeger Pro 575 produced superior meat – from simple burgers through to long, slow pork shoulders the 575 produced better flavour profiles every time and we can’t go past it.

Sky-Liners Choice - Traeger Silverton 620 Vs Pro 575

Traeger Pro 575


FAQ's - Traeger Silverton 620 VS Pro 575


For the Silverton 620 bought at Costco, you can enjoy one of the most generous return policies. If you are not completely happy with your purchase you can return the Silverton 620 at any time for a full refund. 


The return policy for the Pro 575 depends on the store you buy it from.

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