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Traeger Renegade Pro Review

Traeger’s pellet grills are among the most versatile grill options you can buy. Unlike charcoal grills, gas grills, or ovens, these grills use pellet fuel made from wood.

You can purchase different types of wood pellets to imbue your meat and other dishes with different, subtle flavors.

In addition to grilling, pellet stoves can smoke food at low heat over long periods of time, and they even have the capacity to bake.

The grill is designed with an electronic control system that automates the fuel process. It shifts pellets into the grill’s fire and adjusts the speed to help maintain or change the temperature.

This smart technology allows for more accurate cooking temperature monitoring.

The Traeger Renegade Pro is one of many designs that use this fuel method. How does it compare to other pellet grill offerings?

Is the purchase worth the price? We’ve broken down each aspect of the grill to help you make an informed decision.

ProductCooking SpaceTypes of CookingPellet Hopper Capacity
#1. Traeger Renegade Pro

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380 square inchesGrills, smokes, bakes, roasts, braises, BBQs18 pounds


Design is a key factor when evaluating the worth of the Renegade Pro. All pellet grills use a fuel-efficient method that allows accurate temperature maintenance and different cooking techniques.

It’s the differences between individual pellet grills that make or break a sale.

The good news is that the Renegade Pro boasts an impressive, thoughtful design that sets it apart from many competitors.

Aesthetically, the model comes in one color combination: a daring and stylish black-and-orange duo. It’s solidly constructed out of steel.

The outside has been treated with a powder coating finish, which means that it will stand up to increased wear-and-tear from the weather.

One innovation that hasn’t been seen on previous Traeger grills is the side-lift bar. This tough and durable bar allows even distribution of weight, so moving over the surface is easy.

The bottom of the grill has four wheels that increase the portability. They’re capable of handling most terrains. Between the bar and the wheels, it’s one of the most portable options for its size.


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The total cooking area is 380 square inches. In more easily-visualized terms, you can prepare sixteen hamburgers, three rib racks, or three chickens at the same time.

That’s a pretty substantial haul, making this an excellent grill if you’re going to be cooking for large social gatherings.

This is a good choice if you’ve wanted a portable grill but are looking for more cooking space than with compact grill designs.

The hopper has a capacity of 18 pounds. With 18 pounds of pellets, the grill can burn for a long time. When used on the smoke setting, each bag of pellets gets you about 20 hours of burn time.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 450 F. Since it weighs 109 pounds, it may be a little more cumbersome to move around than other lightweight options.

However, the carrying handle and wheels help to mitigate this, since you can just push the grill instead of hauling it.

The surface is 39 inches long and 27 inches wide, with the total grill height being 50 inches. 50 inches is a pretty respectable height, coming in at just over 4 feet.

Depending on your own height, you probably won’t need to lean down or stoop to work on your dishes, which may be an advantage over some other models.

The grill has an electronic auto-start function to make firing it up easier. The digital Pro Controller is standard across Traeger models.

It features an electronic screen that gives real-time temperature updates and lets you adjust your ideal settings.

As for the cooking itself, the grill is made to be a 6-in-1 slam dunk. It can braise, barbecue, roast, smoke, bake, and grill, and the dual meat temperature probes let you cook multiple dishes at once.


The Renegade Pro comes with a three-year warranty on the grill itself and all of its cooking grates. Should you have an issue, the company will fix or replace it free of charge.

That said, the design is made with sturdy enough materials that it should last much longer than three years.

Final Thoughts – Traeger Renegade Pro Review

If you’re looking for a pellet grill that can handle all of your smoking and grilling needs, look no further than the Renegade Pro.

Though it’s more than 100 pounds, the wheels and carrying handle make it highly portable.

There’s enough cooking space to feed a moderately-sized crowd, and the electronic design features offer increased levels of control.

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