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Contents - Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 575

Introduction – Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 575

Summer is upon us, the sun is shining, pools are glistening, you have a garage full of fireworks, which can only mean one thing, it is time to break out that grill or go out and buy one. However, choosing the right grill can be an arduous process. Not only are there different types of grills, but there are a plethora of brands to choose from. Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about, the team here at Sky Liners have been using two of the top models from one of the world’s most acclaimed grill makers, Traeger. 


Today we are going to give you a detailed breakdown of Traeger pro 22 and the pro 575, we’ll also tell you which one is the best. 


Before we jump into our full breakdown, let’s provide you with a little background. 


Sorry to our master grillers out there, but we know some of you guys are just getting into the grilling game and may not even know what a pellet grill is, so we’ll start there. 


Pellet grills, also known as pellet smokers, are grills which are fueled by hardwood sawdust that’s been compressed into small pellets. These grills can smoke, grill, or bake by using electronic control panels which automatically feed the pellets into the fire and maintain consistent cooking temperatures. People love these grills because it gives their food a smokey, wood-fired flavor without the hassle and tedious process of dealing with a smoker. 


Pellet grills were actually invented and patented by Joe Traeger himself in the mid 80’s. That is one of the reasons the Sky Liners team is super excited to test and review these grills. Now that you have the background information, it is time to give you the full breakdown. Pro 22

Traeger Pro 22

The Traeger Pro 22 is a relatively compact, yet highly capable grill. It is capable of precise temperature grilling, which means you can grill slow and low or high and fast.

The Pro 22 has a reinforced chassis which makes it ideal for rugged terrain. The digital controller makes it super easy to change settings and control temperatures.

The grill takes up approximately 6 square feet which makes it easy to throw in an RV, SUV, or pickup truck and haul to a campsite or bring along for some football and tailgating. It comes with two internal meat temperature probes, so making sure that steak is medium or well done will not be an issue. The Pro 22 also has porcelain grill grates, which makes cleaning a breeze.  

The Sky Liners team field tested this grill on a recent camping trip, we wanted to see if the Traeger Pro 22 could handle the breakfast of champions and outdoorsmen, steak & eggs.

So, we rounded up a few prime cuts of 1” thick New York strip steak and fired up the grill. Most of the guys on Sky Liners team prefer their steak anywhere from medium rare to medium well, the pro temperature controls and meat probes made cooking the steaks to perfection a walk in the park.

The steaks were absolutely juicy and succulent, with that wonderful clean smokey flavor that any man, woman, or child can’t resist. We then threw some eggs on a cast iron skillet and cooked them to absolute perfection. 

Our team was very impressed with the Traeger Pro 22 grill, it was easy to carry around, very easy to control, and it produced great tasting food.

Standout Features Traeger Pro 22

  • The Traeger Pro 22 has a 572 square inch grilling area
  • It has an 18 lbs. capacity
  • It has a digital pro controller with advance grilling logic
  • It comes with dual probes 
  • It comes equipped with porcelain grill grates 
  • It includes an extra grill rack
  • It is primarily made out of steel 
  • It also has a durable powder coat finish

Traeger Pro 575

The Traeger Pro 575 

The Traeger Pro 575 is the most popular pellet grill in the world and has some great new updates in its 2nd generation model. These features are the same in the Silverton 620, but different from Pros purchased before 2019. 


The new D2 control panel is all digital, which means you have greater control over the motor and induction fan, with faster start-up speeds. The Gen 2 models can also get to temperatures of 500 F – a good searing temperature – whereas the older model got to 450 F.


Cooking Space

The total cooking space of the Pro 575 is 575 square inches with a primary cooking grate of 418 square inches, making it larger than the 620, but its smaller secondary grate is only 154 square inches. Since both models are pellet grills it does not make a difference whether you use the primary or secondary grates in terms of temperature and cooking times.


Pellet Hopper

The pellet hopper capacity of the Pro 575 is 18 pounds, which means that you can almost fit a whole 20-lb bag of pellets at a time, but you will still have some leftover. It is big enough that for most recipes, you won’t have to refill during cooking times.



The 575 does not include a worktable or storage space. You can purchase both as an upgrade. The worktable is pretty small, which means you may need to use a secondary worktable anyway, although the storage space can be useful.


Another drawback to the Pro 575 is it does not come with a cover for protection. Buying a cover will keep your pellet grill working for years to come, but it is an additional expense.


It also comes with only two back wheels. At 128 pounds, this does not make it easy to move anywhere but a very short distance.


Grease Management System

The Pro 575 has an external grease management system. This means that the grease is channelled from the middle of the grill to the left side where it goes through the spout into a hanging grease bucket on the left side.


Ventilation System

The Pro 575’s outlet vent is top-mounted, making the smoke go up and out. Many reviewers prefer a chimney-like ventilation system attesting that it has better airflow than pellet grills without, but others say that it is just for aesthetics.


Pellet grills use a forced-air design and a fan to circulate smoke and heat to cook your food. The smokestack feature allows old smoke to leave and provides airflow that creates a pull that makes the smoke pass over the food before exiting through the chimney.

How To set up, use and clean your Traeger Pro 22 and Pro 575

The team here at Sky Liners thought you guys might want to know how to best use the Traeger Pro 22 and the Traeger Pro 575, so we’re going to share some tips and tricks we picked up while using these two awesome grills.

Both the Pro 22 and Pro 575 have a relatively easy set up process, Traeger recommends that you use two people to assemble the grill, but I was able to do it by myself in about an hour.

The one thing that sets the Traeger Pro 575 from the Pro 22, is the WIFI connectivity; the Traeger app actually gives you step by step set up instructions, which made assembly a breeze for the Pro 575.

However, I did run into an issue connecting the office WIFI to the grill, it turns out that grill sometimes needs to download the latest software update before connecting. Once the grill is assembled, you can start grilling. 

For the most part, grilling on the Traeger Pro 22 and/or Pro 575 is pretty seamless. Again, you are going to have access to those cool tech and app features with the Pro 575, but the grilling experience is about the same.

The hopper can hold enough pellets for pretty much any grilling situation, a quick top off before you start cooking should be more than enough.

Changing temperature is also a breeze, the dial on the Pro 22 and Pro 575 lets you change the temp in five-degree increments. One of the best features of the Traeger Pro 22 and Pro 575 is the temperature probe, this is great for making sure the meat is just right before serving.

This is another area where the Pro 22 and Pro 575 differentiate, the Pro 575 allows you to keep dabs on your meat temperature just by checking the app. 

Keeping your Traeger grill clean is also relatively easy, of course you’re going to want to scrape your grill grates after every use.

However, most of the guys here at Sky Liners like to take it to the next level and remove the interior parts of the grill and give it a good vacuuming. The best way to do this is to remove the grill grate, drip tray liner and drip tray, the heat baffle, and lastly the bucket and liner.

Once those parts are removed you can proceed to vacuuming. The next step is to degrease your grill; a pro tip is to allow the degreaser to sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before wiping away.

All you have to do next is place all the interior parts back in the grill and you are good to go. Storage is also straightforward; we recommend mixing diatomaceous earth into the hopper to prevent insects from making a home in there.

You also want to move your grill under cover, a garage or shed is perfect for this, but if you don’t have either of those, you can just place a grill cover over it.

Last but not least, always make sure to disconnect the grill from the power source. 

Conclusion – Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 575

Hands down, the Traeger Pro 575 was the clear favorite of everyone here at the Sky Liners office.

It cooks food to perfection, it comes packed with helpful features, the Traeger App is amazing, the grill gives you that delicious smokey flavor seamlessly, it is built to last, it is just an all-around great grill.

However, the Traeger Pro 22 offers most of the same features just without the tech and at a more affordable price. For the individual that loves manning the grill themselves, you can’t go wrong with Traeger Pro 22.

Both the Traeger Pro 22 and the Traeger Pro 575 are excellent options for any grill master. Pellet grills in general are great at giving you that smokey taste you desire with just a fraction of the work and since Traeger was the originator of the pellet grill, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing.

The deciding factor comes down to technical ability and preference. If you love controlling things with your smartphone, then getting the Traeger Pro 575 is a no-brainer.

If you don’t really care for all the technical bells and whistles, and would like to save a few hundred bucks, then the Traeger Pro 22 is your guy.

If you have used either the Traeger Pro 22 or the Pro 575, go ahead and share your experience by leaving a comment below. Until next time, keep grilling!

Sky-Liners Choice - Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 575

Traeger Pro 575


FAQ's - Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 575


For the Silverton 620 bought at Costco, you can enjoy one of the most generous return policies. If you are not completely happy with your purchase you can return the Silverton 620 at any time for a full refund. 


The return policy for the Pro 575 depends on the store you buy it from.

The Traeger Pro 22 and the Pro 575 come with over 500 inches of cooking surface, which can easily feed 7 to 8 individuals.

To access the WIFI features of the Pro 575, you have to download the free app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Yes, the Traeger Pro 575 comes equipped with WIFI connectivity

Not in the traditional sense, but yes, the Traeger Pro 22 and Pro 575 can certainly smoke your food. 

No, the Traeger Pro 22 model does not come equipped with WIFI connectivity.

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