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The Traeger Pro Series generation 1 grills are excellent options if you’re looking for high-quality pellet grills with affordable pricing.

Though they don’t have the same high-end technology as some grills on the market, they offer quality workmanship and a 3 year warranty on all parts.

The Pro 22 and Pro 34 are two of the classic offerings in the series. How does each perform, and what are the main differences between them?

Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 34

ProductCooking SpaceWeightPellet Hopper Capacity
#1. Pro Series 22
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572 square inches103 pounds18 pounds
#2. Pro Series 34

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884 square inches136 pounds18 pounds

#1. Traeger Pro 22

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The Pro 22 grill is designed with a sawhorse chassis that offers increased overall stability. There’s a side-lift bar that’s hefty and solidly-constructed, allowing you to distribute weight evenly when you carry or haul the grill.

In addition, there are four extremely solid all-terrain wheels that will let you roll your grill over dirt, rocks, gravel, and pavement.

The Pro 22 uses Traeger’s signature Digital Pro Controller to let you set your preferred temperature. The thermostat technology maintains grill temperature to within 15 F of the setting.

Also included are dual meat temperature probes, so you can monitor the temperature of multiple cuts or types of meat at once. An extra grill rack lets you hold all your important materials.

The grill includes convenience and cleaning features as well. There’s an easy hopper clean-out system that allows you to dump old pellets and ash easily.

This means you can even change the type of pellet partway through a cook, allowing you to infuse your meals with multiple smoky wood flavors.

The porcelain enameling on the grill grates allows for easy cleaning because it doesn’t let grease stick.

The grill’s exterior is made from durable steel and includes a powder coat finish that protects the equipment against rain, wind, sun, and other elements.

It has a 6-in-1 versatility that allows it to smoke, braise, roast, bake, grill, and barbecue.

The 18 pound hopper can provide about 20 hours of smoking time or 6 hours of high-heat grilling work.

It’s fueled by 100 percent hardwood pellets, which means there’s an extra layer of flavoring that you can’t get with gas grills.

With a weight of 103 pounds, this grill is fairly easy to maneuver over distances, although it isn’t as portable as some lighter weight models.

The 572 square inch cooking capacity will let you cook 4 chickens, 24 hamburgers, or 5 rib racks at once.

#2. Traeger Pro 34

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The Pro 34 is another model in the Generation 1 Pro Series lineup. It comes with an extra grill rack, dual meat temperature probes, a side lift bar, a stable sawhorse chassis, all-terrain wheels, and locking casters.

The 18 pound hopper capacity gives you multiple hours of grilling and smoking options. Again, there’s a 6-in-1 design that allows you to choose whether to braise, bake, roast, smoke, barbecue, or grill.

The Pro 34 is made out of sturdy steel that has a powder coat finish, and there’s porcelain enameling on the grates to allow easier cleaning. The hopper clean-out system also makes cleaning simple.

This grill comes with a whopping 884 square inches of cooking space, which means that you can cook 8 chickens, 7 rib racks, or 40 burgers at the same time.

If you’re grilling for a party or a large family, it’s hard to pass up the ease and convenience.

Though it does have the side bar and all-terrain wheels, this grill tends to be hefty at 136 pounds. It can be pushed to different places in your backyard or patio, but you’ll probably struggle to casually bring it to a campsite or tailgate party.

Main Grill Comparison

Since they’re part of the same original series lineup, the grills are remarkably similar in almost every respect. The main difference between them is in the size and weight of the models.

The grills are made of powder-coated steel with porcelain-enameled cooking grates.

They have the same Digital Pro Controller technology, dual meat temperature probes, cleanup systems, portability designs, 6-in-1 cooking capacity, and extra grill rack.


The Pro 22 has a cooking surface of 572 square inches. It weighs 103 pounds and has a height of 49 inches, width of 41 inches, and depth of 27 inches.

The Pro 34, by contrast, has a cooking surface of 884 square inches. It weighs 136 pounds and has a height of 49 inches, width of 53 inches, and depth of 27 inches.

The Pro 34 is significantly wider, heavier, and capable of cooking more. The capacity of the grill is 40 burgers, 7 rib racks, or 8 chickens.

By comparison, the Pro 22 can only handle 24 burgers, 5 rib racks, or 4 chickens. Depending on what you’re cooking, the Pro 34 may let you cook twice as much in a single round.

Since it has a larger cooking surface over which to disperse heat, it’s possible that the fuel will burn more quickly in the Pro 34 than in the Pro 22.

You might not get a full 20 hours of smoking time or 6 hours of high heat cooking before you need to refill the hopper.

Final Thoughts – Traeger Pro 22 Vs Pro 34

The Pro 22 is a good choice if:

  • You’ll be cooking for 7 to 8 people at the most
  • You want a more lightweight grill that takes up less space
  • You want to bring your grill on adventures
  • You want an inexpensive option

Meanwhile, the Pro 34 is your best bet if you’ll be cooking for a lot of people and don’t mind the extra price tag and width. It’s definitely the people-pleaser between the two.

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