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If you thought you had to pay a visit to your favorite grill and bar every weekend to experience a tasty steak, then a wood pellet grill may be the greatest thing introduced since sliced bread.

While they can be finicky to get them properly “dialed in”, once you figure out your new pellet grill, the world of barbequing will never be the same and there’s nothing quite like a steak that’s been smoked instead of just tossed into gas or charcoal grill.

If you’ve decided to bring that amazing flavor back to your own home, then you may be overwhelmed with all the pellet grill choices to choose from.

While we can’t exactly steer you in one direction, we have heard good things about the Traeger pellet grills.

So today we’ll look at the differences between two of the most popular Traeger grills and whether the Pro series is worth the extra wad of cash than the Elite Series.

ProductDimensionsBTUSCooking Surface
#1. Traeger Lil Tex Pro
Our Best Pick

Check Price
41 x 22 x 24 inches20000572 square inches
#2. Traeger Elite

Check Price
49 x 22 x 42 inches20000418 square inches

Traeger Lil Tex Elite Video Review

Starting-up the Traeger Lil Tex Pro 

Differences between the Traeger Lil Tex Pro Vs Elite

The Pro series has more of a saw horse stance with the legs being angled out and away from the pellet grill while the elite series has legs that just come straight out and down.

This is supposed to make the Pro series more stable and sturdy, but we really didn’t notice a difference as far as stability goes.

More importantly, the Pro serious has the most advanced digital controller of the two.

Why would this be important?

Depending on which pellet grill you decide to opt for, the differences between the two control panels will determine how well your grill will maintain the current cooking temp and stay within that range.

Of the two, the Elite has the most basic controller that allows you to set the temps in 25-degree increments in the 155-425-degree Fahrenheit range.

With the aid of the controller, you can expect your Elite pellet grill to stay within the 20-degree Fahrenheit range. Aside from that, you could see what the internal temp of the grill was just by looking at the digital display that makes up the digital controller.

The Elite series also includes a “Shutdown Cycle” setting that will activate a fan for around 10 minutes to clean out any ash from the fire pot.

So, with a digital controller that can maintain your temps within the 20-degree range, and* a fan that’s supposed to make your life easier, how could Traeger possibly sweeten the deal with their Pro series?

The Pro Series

The Pro Series takes that same digital controller and tweaked it, so you get a new design that goes over and beyond the elite series by maintaining temps within the 15-degree Fahrenheit range- making it the most accurate controller of the two products (Advanced Grilling Logic or AGL).

In addition to that, you get two meat probes that you can use to make sure your food is safely cooked.

The temps are displayed on the digital display for easy referencing, so you can glance at it quickly.

Next, the Pro series includes an extra grilling rack that makes it possible to cook larger batches of food at the same time.


if you’re always inviting friends over or just need a large grilling space for large parties and family events, the Pro will happily meet your needs.

Aside from those main differences, there’s not too much that would distinguish the two from one another.

Both grills are available in either a bronze or black finish and which one looks the best is purely up to the person buying the grill.

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Which one should you pick?

If you don’t mind not having the extra bells and whistles of the Pro series and if you don’t need a whole lot of grilling space, then stick with the Elite series.

You’ll save yourself a little extra money that can be better spent on trying different flavored pellets or just extra accessories for your new grill.

If, however you want the latest in grilling technology and you need more grilling space for family and friends, then you can’t go wrong with the Pro series.

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