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Traeger Pro 34 Vs Eastwood 34

Traeger has a number of different pellet grill series available for purchase. Models within each series tend to be very similar in terms of design. There’s a huge variety between different lines, though.

The Eastwood 34 and Pro Series 34 grills share similar weights, sizes, and some other features. But there are also some marked differences between them.

We’ve reviewed each grill and compared them so you can decide which is the best option.

Traeger Eastwood 34 Vs Pro 34

ProductCooking SpaceWeightPellet Hopper Capacity
#1. Pro Series 34
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884 square inches136 pounds18 pounds
#2. Eastwood 34

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646 square inches135.8 pounds18 pounds

#1. Eastwood 34

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The Eastwood 34 comes with 626 square inches of grilling space, enough for you to comfortably feed a fairly large gathering of family or friends.

You can grill 9 rib racks or 24 burgers at once. Also included is the Digital Elite Controller, which allows you to set your preferred temperature.

The thermostat mechanism adjusts the pellets burned to maintain the temperature to within 15 degrees.

The pellet hopper has a capacity of 18 pounds, so it can burn for a good several hours before needing to be refilled.

It’s fueled by 100 percent wood pellets, so your food is infused with a blend of smokiness and extra flavoring.

The all-terrain wheels let you drag the grill wherever you want, whether you’re rolling over pavement, rocks, wood, gravel, or dirt. Once you have the grill where you want it, use the locking casters to keep it safely in place.

The grill is made with a classic sawhorse chassis design that allows extra stability, making it ideal to use in windy conditions.

The construction utilizes steel with a powder coat finish to protect against the elements. The cooking grates have porcelain enameling, which prevents food and grease from sticking and makes cleanup easy.

#2. Pro 34

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The Pro Series 34 grill is constructed with powder-coated steel and uses porcelain enameling on the grates to make cleanup easier.

There’s the classic sawhorse chassis design with the 6-in-1 grilling capabilities, which let you roast, braise, BBQ, smoke, bake, and grill. All you have to do is pick your preferred setting.

The 18 pound hopper will burn pellets for a while. This grill boasts slightly more advanced technology, using an upgraded Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic.

The Advanced Grilling Logic tightens the overall temperature control capacity, allowing you to cook with more precision at maintained temperatures.

There’s also a Shutdown Cycle and 2 meat temperature probes, so you can monitor multiple kinds of meat at once.

The grill’s cooking surface is 884 square inches, making this one of the largest grill surfaces on the market.

You can cook 40 burgers, 7 rib racks, or 8 chickens at the same time, so it’s easy to put together food for a neighborhood party or huge family gathering.

The all-terrain wheels have locking casters for extra safety. There’s also a side lift bar to help you disperse weight evenly if you haul the grill anywhere.

The hopper clean-out feature lets you dump old ash and pellets easily, allowing you to refill the hopper in seconds. There’s an extra grill rack included as well.

Main Grill Comparison

Both grills have a number of similarities in their construction and features. There are also some differences.

For the most part, the Pro 34 offers a greater grilling space and more advanced technological options, but it’s also more expensive because of this.


The grills are made to have very similar appearances and sizing. They’re also created to be compatible with all of Traeger’s 34-size accessories.

Similarities between the models include:

  • Weigh about 136 pounds
  • Same dimensions: height of 49 inches, width of 53 inches, and depth of 27 inches
  • Powder-coated steel construction with porcelain-enameled steel cooking grates
  • Can control and maintain temperature in 25-degree increments
  • 6-in-1 cooking technology allows the grill to double as a smoker
  • Use 100 percent wood pellets for fuel
  • 18 pound capacity pellet hopper
  • All-terrain wheels have locking casters for extra stability


The Pro 34:

  • Controls temperature with a Digital Pro Controller that includes Shutdown Cycle and Advanced Grilling Logic
  • Has 2 meat temperature probes to let you monitor multiple cuts or types of meat at once
  • Includes a hopper clean-out mechanism that lets you dump old ash and pellets in seconds
  • Comes with an extra grill rack
  • Has 884 square inches of cooking space and can cook 8 chickens, 40 burgers, or 7 rib racks at once
  • Is significantly more expensive

The Eastwood 34:

  • Controls temperature with an Elite Pro Controller
  • Doesn’t have hopper clean-out mechanism, extra grill rack, or dual temperature probes
  • Has 626 square inches of cooking space and can cook 24 burgers or 9 rib racks at once
  • Is significantly less expensive

Final Thoughts

The Pro 34 and Eastwood 34 are both excellent pellet grill options. While the Pro 34 allows for more precise cooking and a larger cooking surface, the Eastwood 34 still offers ideal temperature control and enough surface to feed around 8 to 10 people.

If you have high-precision cooking that requires the Advanced Grilling Logic, or you’re planning to serve huge parties of friends and family, the Pro 34 might be the better option for you.

But if you’re not planning to cook for crowds and are looking for a more affordable choice, the Eastwood 34 offers the same excellent construction and control at a lower cost.

Ultimately, either of these grills will make an excellent addition to your patio.

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