Timbuk2 Command Vs Uptown


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Timbuk2 Command Vs Uptown

College students and professionals alike need packs that provide style and carrying capacity.

Product manufacturers provide a variety of general and specific use designs that will meet the needs of school or work.

One such company is Timbuk2, who provide a variety of backpack and messenger bags for men and women for travel or work.

This review offers a side-by-side comparison of the Timbuk2 Uptown vs Timbuk2 Command messenger bag in order to show readers the similarities and differences along with our choice as the best urban themed carry solution between the two.

ProductWeight (empty)Laptop FitStyle
#1. Uptown
Our Best Pick

Check Price
2.4 lbs.15”Backpack
#2. Command Messenger

Check Price
2.6 lbs.15”Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Product Designs

Build Materials

The Command and the Uptown are made from 400D Nylon Faille. This material provides the carriers with adequate durability, but they can scuff and show wear if they are not treated with care.

Interiors and pockets are both lined with nylon materials as well, providing a uniform appearance and texture. The Uptown backpack comes in three color options, while the Command messenger bag is available in 10 color options.

Both products have a tricot-lined floating pocket along the front. This storage area provides a smooth surface that helps to prevent scratches on things such as glasses.

These materials are not waterproof but offer water resistance that will help to keep the interior dry. They do have a ventilated back panel with a large verticle channel and smaller horizontal channels. This provides air flow and should keep your skin cooler when they rest upon it.

Size and Weight

The Uptown backpack is taller and thinner than the messenger bag design of the Command. The backpack weighs two ounces less than the bag does. It should be noted, however, that the Command messenger bag is available in three sizes:


  • Small: Reviewed here


  • Medium: 14.4H x 17.1W x 5.12D (inches), 2.7 lbs.


  • Large: 15.4H x 18.5W x 5.91D (inches), 2.7 lbs.

Compartments and Pockets

The main compartment on each design provides plenty of space for bulkier items such as footwear, jackets, or larger books. These compartments provide plenty of organizational pockets and sleeves for a variety of items.

The Uptown does provide more compartments for storage than the Command does, giving it a greater organizational profile.

Computer Storage

The laptop sleeves on both products are designed to carry a laptop computer safely. This sleeve design is not suspended and will not provide extra protection if the carriers are dropped on the ground. Sleeve locations are chosen to keep your electronics close to the body, a critical design element for bike riders using the Command.

The Timbuk2 designs allow the computer to sit flat, making them good for air travel. A 15-inch laptop will fit into the Uptown backpack, while laptop sizes vary with the Command (small – 13-inch, medium – 15-inch, large 17-inch).

The sleeves are tricot-lined to avoid scratching, and a smaller pouch is found on both carriers for an additional tablet device.

Strap Designs

The dual shoulder straps on the Uptown backpack have enough padding to prevent them from digging into the top of your shoulders, even when riding. A sternum strap will keep the shoulder straps in place and add balance as well.

The shoulder strap for the Command messenger bag can be worn over either shoulder, but it does seem to favor left-shoulder positioning due to the strap design. An adjustable section of padding allows the user to move the padded section to provide maximum comfort. A safety feature incorporated on the is the reflective materials that add to your visibility if you are riding a bike.

Are They Flyer Friendly Carriers?

Both Timbuk2 designs should meet with most carry-on size requirements (make sure to check with the airline beforehand, as these can and do change often).

The Uptown and Command are TSA compliant computer storage. This due to the laptop compartment design that allows it lay flat when the bag or pack is unzipped. They can go through a scanner without having to remove the laptop first.

Strong Product Support

Each of these products is covered by a lifetime warranty from Timbuk2. This provides potential customers with consumer confidence before they make a purchase. They maintain an online presence across multiple media platforms, offering contact and information points.

They also have stores located across North America which can cut down on shipping times should the product warranty need to be used.

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The Verdict – Timbuk2 Command Vs Uptown

The Timbuk2 Uptown backpack seems to offer a bit more versatility than the  Timbuk2 Command messenger bag provides. It hugs to your body tightly, while the Messenger has more of a briefcase design that dangles more.

The two shoulder straps help to balance the backpack’s weight more evenly than the single cross-over strap on the messenger bag, a key factor if the carrier will be used throughout the day.

While both products offer quick access to the laptop sleeve, the extra security of the sternum and multiple shoulder straps can be noticed.

The backpack design also provides more storage options across the bag, including exterior mesh pockets.

These design features combine to carry the backpack design over the top when comparing the Timbuk2 Uptown vs Command.

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