Timberland Pitboss Vs Titan


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Timberland Pitboss Vs Titan

There’s almost nothing better than knowing you have a great pair of boots. The boots you wear will affect how you get around, how you feel during work, and how tired you are after the day is done.

Don’t settle for lame boots! Fortunately, if you’re here, you know how to find a good boot. Both the Timberland Pitboss and the Timberland Titan are excellent work boots!

Both of these boots meet standards for safety toes and nonslip soles. Both are made of high-quality materials. And both last a long time.

Which should you buy? Check out our comparison to see which boot is best for you.

#1. Titan
Our Best Pick

Check Price
As expectedSyntheticFull-grain leatherCushioned insoleYes
#2. Pitboss

Check Price
Slightly narrowPolyurethane midsoleNubuckRoomy toe boxNo

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Timberland tends to do pretty well with maintaining a good fit for their boots. Both the Pitboss and the Titan fit pretty much as expected. You could probably buy the Titan online and find that it fits very well.

However, it’s a good idea to try on the Pitboss before you buy. It does run slightly narrow, so you might find that you need a wide boot if you’re usually right on the line. Although the Pitboss is slightly narrow, it does have a nice, wide toe box.


The Titan is very light! You’ll be surprised when you take it out of the box and feel how little it weighs. It does lose a little durability for the sake of lightness, but the trade-off is worth it for the ability to walk in comfort every day.

The Pitboss, on the other hand, is not as light. It’s not the heaviest work boot out there, but it’s heavier than the Titan. However, this comes from added strength in the safety toe and the sole.


Both the Pitboss and the Titan are engineered for safety. They have rubber outsoles that will keep you from slipping, no matter where you work.

One sole difference (pun intended) is that the Titan has more outsole cushioning than the Pitboss. The Titan Pro insole molds to the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort.


Although it’s not as cushy, the Pitboss has more traction.And this sole lasts for a long time! There’s also a strong, long-lasting footbed for your feet. If you don’t like the feeling of the Pitboss, you can always add a gel insert to make your feet happier.

Outer Material/ Lining

The Pitboss has a thick, rugged Nubuck leather body. Oil it up, and you can make a very water-repellant boot.

The Titan, on the other hand, is less durable and more comfortable with a full-grain leather construction. It has a breathable mesh lining.It’s also waterproof!

One perk of the Titan is that you don’t have to break the boots in once you get them! The Titan is incredibly comfortable. You’re not likely to find a more comfortable work boot.

Although the Pitboss isn’t as comfortable and does require some breaking in to get rid of the rigidity, it’s not an uncomfortable shoe. It does have some padding particularly in the area around the ankle and tongue.


Both the Pitboss and the Titan are created to fight foot odor! They have removable, anti-microbial foot beds. So you can wear these for a long time and never worry about stinky shoes.

Another essential feature of these boots is the safety toe. That’s why you’re buying a pair of safety work boots, right?

Before you buy, you need to know about the differences between the safety toes. It’s not a make-or-break-it feature, but depending on your job, you might need one type over the other.

The Pitboss’s safety toe is made of solid steel. It’s more durable, but it’s pretty heavy. However, the Titan has an alloy safety toe. It will still keep your toes from getting crushed, but it’s not as heavy.

Finally, the other hardware on the boots are strong and high-quality. The Pitboss has eyelets and hook that are riveted in! You won’t have to worry about easily tearing out the hardware.


These boots are in a comparable price range, but the Titan tends to run about 20% more expensive than the Pitboss. Why? Well, there are a variety of factors.

For one thing, it has more advanced engineering. The design allows you to work in a solid boot without giving up comfort. The Pitboss, on the other hand, is not as comfortable or built with as much tech.

Overall, the Titan is slightly higher quality. While the Pitboss might be a good first work boot, the Titan is destined to become your go-to boot in the long run.

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There’s really no contest here. While there are both excellent boots, I would definitely recommend going with the Timberland PRO Titan Safety-Toe Boot.

This boot is durable yet comfortable. You can wear it right out of the box, and the sole is nice and soft. Additionally, this boot is actually waterproof!

While the Timberland PRO Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot is also a nice boot, it doesn’t have the same features. Since it’s more slip-resistant and heavier-duty than the Titan, it might be more appropriate for certain contexts.

However, the Titan is definitely our all-in-all winner.

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