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Thule Square Bar Vs Aeroblade Review

If you want to install any kind of rooftop accessory on your vehicle, you’ll need a roof rack system to do so. Once installed, you can mount nearly any kind of cargo boxes, bike racks, etc.

These roof racks in combination with foot packs (sold separately) will give you that capability.

But you can’t just run out and pick whichever one. Some require more consideration with others as we found out with one of the products below.

Keep reading to find out whether the Thule Aeroblade is better than the Thule Square.

The results might surprise you…

#1. Aeroblade
Our Best Pick

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#2. Thule SquareBar

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Thule Aeroblade Video Review

Thule SquareBar Video Review

How’s The Quality And Design?

We have no complaints about the quality or construction of either roof bar system.

The Thule Square roof bars are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel and then reinforced with a plastic coating. This helps to prevent rust and corrosion, even in finicky weather conditions.

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The Aeroblade has a completely different appearance due to the more aerodynamic design but you’ll notice that it has special ridges that help direct the airflow to help reduce air noise.

At the time of writing this review, can choose from two colors (Silver or Black), the outward appearance may be different, but regardless of color, each bar is constructed from aluminum for strength and to reduce corrosion and rust.

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What About Installation?

Installation for either roof bars will depend on the system you choose to install using the bars.

We will mention the differences in what you get in the packaging for each below and pay special attention because it can be frustrating to think you have everything ready to install only to find out you’re missing a few extra pieces.

We’ve mentioned them below for your convenience.

As far as road noise goes, both have about the same amount of road noise. The Aeroblade is disappointing in the fact that it’s supposed to reduce or eliminate road noise, but the weatherstripping leaves a gap that causes a loud whistling noise when you reach higher speeds.


The Aeroblade comes with everything you need MINUS the foot kit. Those will need to be purchased separately. In addition to that, some vehicle makes and models may require a Fit Kit, which can be a headache to locate the information for.

Time is precious, so we did it for you:

Fit Kit Guide

You’ll need to choose the make, model, and year of your vehicle in order to find the right fit kit for the Aeroblade system.

The Thule Square Bar roof rack is no better.

If you thought you could avoid the mess of trying to find the Fit Kit for your specific roofing bar system, you’re in for a surprise.

You’ll also have to make a few extra purchases (foot kit, end caps) as well since this setup doesn’t come with the endcaps- unlike the Aeroblade system.

And that’s just to make it usable. If you want to make your Square Bar roof bars more aerodynamic, then you’ll need to purchase the fairing kit separately.

By comparison, it starts to feel like a bit of a rip-off.

What We Don’t Like

The instructions for the Aeroblade roof bars is a jumbled mess. There are few actual instructions and you’ll be going off a pictorial guide with symbols.

A lot of consumers gave up and trashed the instructions and found a YouTube video to coax them along instead.

In addition to that, the Aeroblade system doesn’t come with everything you need. Purchasing the roof bars is simple enough, but finding the ideal Fit Kit for your vehicle can be a hassle.

We’ve included the page above to try and make it easier for you, but that doesn’t negate the fact that all these “extra” purchases start to take a toll on your wallet.

The Thule Square roof bars follow in the Aeroblade’s footsteps, except you’ll have to purchase a foot kit in addition to the Fit Kit whereas the Aeroblade just needs the foot kit.

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Verdict – Thule Square Bar Vs Aeroblade Review

Taking all things into consideration, if we had to pick just one roof bar system, we’d stick with the Aeroblade.

While there is some disagreeing on whether it truly is silent (some said yes and others said no), when you compare how many extras you’ll have to purchase for the Square Bar system, it doesn’t look so expensive.

Granted you’ll still need to purchase a foot kit and Fit Kit, but the Square Bar roof bars leave you with what feels like a long shopping list of things to purchase in addition to the kit itself.
In the end, it’s up to you.


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