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Thule Pulse Vs Force

A traveler’s dream come true, Thule cargo boxes make carrying gear from one location to the next easier. Before deciding which model is the best for you and your needs, you must first know what makes the Force and the Pulse similar and different. This short guide will provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision about the cargo box that best serves you as you travel.

If you have to drive a compact vehicle with a small trunk or travel with a lot of gear, you know the value of a good cargo box. Made to fit on the top of your vehicle and encase your belongings in waterproof plastic, the boxes are built-to-last. Their ergonomic shape helps with aerodynamics. Their locking design prevents loss and theft.

Thule, a leader in making excellent cargo boxes, offers two different models that benefit its customers. The first is the Thule Force. The second is the Thule Pulse. When shopping for a cargo box that withstands the test of time, you must read and refer to this review often. Doing so makes it easier to narrow your options and pick the right cargo box for you.

Brand and Model FinishSizes Available Dual Access
#1. Thule Force
Our Best Pick

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Black Diamond Textured FinishFour Sizes (Alpine-12, L-13, XL-17, and the XXL-22) Yes
#2. Thule Pulse

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MatteThree Sizes (Alpine-11, L-14, and XL-16) No

#1. Thule Force

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The most advanced of Thule’s offerings, the Force delivers many fantastic features for its owners to get used to. The Cadillac of cargo boxes, it not only looks amazing in place, but it also does an excellent job of protecting gear and offering maximum accessibility. It’s the more expensive of the two models yet the most feature-rich of them, too.


With four sizes to choose from and an aerodynamic design, it’s easy to see why many people would prefer to buy the Force opposed to the Pulse. Some of its most notable features are its Black Diamond Textured Finish, Dual Side Access, and Long Length.

Four Sizes

There are four sizes to choose from, with each having a certain amount of volume it can hold. They are the Alpine-12, L-13, XL-17, and the XXL-22. The numbers following the model name refer to the amount of volume the box can hold in cubic feet.

Black Diamond Textured Finish

Appearances count for a lot. That’s why the finish on the cargo box is something that stands out. It’s textured and exquisite, making it a perfect match for any color of the car.

Access from Either Side

Drivers and passengers can access the box from either side of the car. This feature makes it more convenient for anyone to retrieve items from the cargo rack of the vehicle. There isn’t as much shifting around of belongings, either, to find the object in question.

Longer Length

Odd-shaped items fit conveniently in the cargo box, which offers a longer length. There is greater holding capacity as things don’t need to be as compact to fit into the storage receptacle. It can hold more volume than the Pulse which makes it more ideal for extended trips or ones that require a lot of gear.

#2. Pulse

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The Thule Pulse offers as much bang for the buck that you can imagine. Not only does it come in three custom sizes, but it’s also built-to-last. It takes a lot of abuse and still looks fantastic years after you’ve first bought it. The matte finish is one that requires little upkeep to stay nice and it has at least one access point for you to get to rather quickly.


The less expensive of the two models Thule offers, it packs a whole lot of features into its boxes. The Pulse is equally attractive despite not being as shiny as the Force. There are three sizes to choose from. It has a black matte finish for people who don’t prefer too much flash. It’s also the most economical choice available.

Three Sizes to Choose From

Despite being an economical option, there are still three sizes to choose from. They are Alpine-11, L-14, and XL-16. Again, the numbers refer to the amount of cubic square feet in each box.

Black Matte Finish

Some people don’t prefer the sheen on cargo boxes. It makes them somewhat harder to clean. An attractive black matte finish is available with the Pulse.

Economical Pricing

If you prefer fewer bells and whistles, you’ll love the bargain pricing you get with this model of Thule product. Delivering incredible value, it’s a great starter cargo box. You can use it full-time or part-time depending on how much you travel and what you need to haul with you.

One Side Access

There is only one way to get into the cargo box, which is from the passenger side. Some people prefer this feature because it involves less rearranging of items because fewer entrances exist. It’s less to stay on top of while traveling and taking gear out of the cargo box.

The Clear Winner – Thule Pulse Vs Force

The Thule Force is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does it look sleek and attractive, but it also holds the maximum capacity of items with its unique aerodynamic design. It comes in four sizes to meet your needs and has a longer length than the pulse.

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