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Thule Force XT XL Vs Motion XT XL

Expand how much storage your vehicle has so that you can carry all of the necessities with the right cargo box. This can be beneficial in many ways, including keeping luggage off of your passenger’s laps and making sure that your skis and other sport’s equipment have a safe place to be when you are transporting them.

Since these boxes are easy to install, you can start using them almost right away. Just ensure that you make the best choice for your needs.

Your first decision is making sure that the cargo box that you pick meets your needs. One place to begin is by comparing the Thule Motion XT XL vs Force XT XL.

Quick Comparison: Thule Motion XT XL Vs Force XT XL

Cargo BoxMountingLoad StrapsHatch Clearance
#1. Thule Motion XT XL
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Power Click MountingThree Load Straps55 Inches
#2. Thule Force XT XL

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Grip MountingTwo Load Straps52 Inches

Ease of Use

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When you are comparing the Thule Motion XT XL vs Force XT XL, it is important to consider how easy it is to use each of them. Ideally, you want one that takes little time to figure out.

The Motion has a variety of features that ensure that it is easy to use. Its mounts are not attached, but it only takes about two minutes to put them onto the cargo box. Just click them into the proper slots and they are ready to go.

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You get detailed instructions with this box, but the mounting and usage is very straightforward. Overall, it will take you under 10 minutes to install this cargo box onto your vehicle. It only takes one person to perform this task.

The Force is ready to use as soon as you remove it from the box. Its clamps that you use to mount it only require that you twist a knob to get it securely into place. There are some strap handles that are integrated that you can use when you are mounting this box onto an SUV or other taller vehicle.


One of the most important considerations is the durability of these cargo boxes. You need one that can stand up against frequent use.

The Motion uses a very strong and thick plastic material. Rain is not able to penetrate, ensuring that your items remain dry no matter how hard it is raining. Its hinges are strong and do not wobble when you are opening the lid.

The Force is designed to be resistant to water. Its construction is strong so that you do not have to worry about things like road debris causing cracks if it gets hit when you are driving. Even when you are traveling through a downpour, the items inside this cargo box will remain dry.


You want to ensure that the contents of the cargo box remain safe. No one should be able to open it when you are doing things like parking for the night or stopping at a rest area.

The Motion has a SlideLock mechanism to keep your items secure once you put them inside. Due to the design of this cargo box, it is impossible to latch it improperly, so your items are never at risk.

You can use the locking indicators to make sure that everything is sealed into the box properly. To lock and unlock the lid, you get a key that is easy to use, and you can attach it to the same keychain as your vehicle’s keys.

The Force has a basic lock and key security system. One nice feature is that you cannot remove the key if the lid is unlocked. This ensures that if you take the key, the lid is secure. Like the Motion, the key easily fits on your keyring with your vehicle’s keys.


While not the most critical consideration, a cargo box that fits well with the style of your vehicle is something you want to think about.

The Motion comes in two colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your vehicle. It is long and has a sleek and lean appearance. The tear tapers so that it does not interfere with your ability to close or open the trunk of your vehicle.

The Force has a sleek shape that does not sacrifice any of the storage space. Its outer shell is matte black, so it will match up with any vehicle color and design.

Conclusion – Thule Force XT XL Vs Motion XT XL

Now that you have thoroughly compared the Thule Motion XT XL vs Force XT XL, it is time to make a decision. While both of these cargo boxes have their benefits, the Thule Motion XT XL edges out the Force XT XL.

The Motion has a very sturdy lid that will keep all of the contents of the box safe at all times. You can be confident that even with long road trips, your items will remain safe inside due to the lid durability.

Compared to the Force, the mounting system of the Motion is superior. It is easier to mount and once you properly perform this task, you do not have to worry about this box moving unless you manually remove it.

This cargo box is very user-friendly. It only takes a few minutes to figure out how to use it so that you can start loading it up almost immediately.

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