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3. Caminito Del Rey

Staggering that such a short walk can make the list, this one is only 8km! 

Today the entire route has been carefully restored and made safe, but this was once considered one of the worlds most dangerous walks. Many things have changed, but one thing hasn’t – the unique experience of meandering along walkways hanging over 100 metres up on a steep cliff. The Caminito del Rey is spectacular from beginning to finish, as it clings to the precipitous edges of an amazingly narrow ravine. It traverses the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, a gorge carved out by the river Guadalhorce, boasting stone walls 700 metres high. The area is also inhabited by a wide variety of plant and animal species. If you have keen eyes, you can see highland birds like Egyptian vultures, griffon vultures, or golden eagles, and mammals such as wild boar and Iberian ibex. You will need to buy tickets for El Caminito del Rey (well worth the low price!), and you can reserve them on the official website.

2. The Walkers Haute Route

Traversing the mighty Alps between the distinctive massif of Mont Blank and the iconic cone of the Matterhorn, the Walkers Haute Route is an instant classic.

Typically tackled in a minimum of 12 days, this challenging route has enough vertical climb and descent to equal four trips up Mount Everest. Passing through several mountain villages gives walkers the chance to restock basic supplies along the way. Pristine mountain streams ensure plentiful delicious and safe drinking water.

Walkers have the option of staying in amazing mountain huts along the way, but camping is definitely the best option. Wild camping is allowed in Switzerland above 3000m and is a spectacular experience that is not to be missed. Ample alpine meadows provide some of the worlds most enviable campsites.

You will walk past epic glaciers and witness the most iconic mountains in all of Europe.

  1. Arctic Circle Trail

Coming in at number one on our list is the stunning Arctic Circle Trail.

The Arctic Circle Trail is the classic and most popular hiking route in Greenland, with very good reason! The amazing terrain and views can be enjoyed whilst staying in hard top accommodation, or under canvas if you prefer. The basic, but well equipped, cabins are free to use and provide excellent refuge if you encounter bad weather.

The trail is 160km long, and most hikers spend 9-11 days on the trail. Walking in midsummer, with the help of the midnight sun, is highly recommended. 

Despite what the mighty ducks would have you believe, Greenland is not always covered in ice! Greenland enjoys a beautiful summer, where hiking and exploring the mountain ranges and rivers is an excellent idea.

The Sky-Liners team are huge fans of the Arctic Circle Trail and highly recommend readers check it out!

You can read much more about Arctic Circle Trail at

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