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Insulated water bottles are all the rage these days. There are water bottles whose technology can keep drinks cold for more than twenty-four hours and hot for more than twelve. Corkcicle and Swell are two of the top contenders on the market. When it comes down to it, which of these has a water bottle worth your purchase?

FeatureMax SizeMulticolor PatternsInsulation
#1. Corkcicle
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60 ouncesNoTriple layered
#2. Swell

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34 ouncesYesDouble layered

#1. Corkcicle

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Corkcicle products are available in a wide range of sizes. You can choose from a sixty, twenty-five, sixteen, or nine-ounce bottle. Twenty-five ounce bottles are often more than sufficient for people using the bottles casually around the home, but a sixty-ounce bottle might appeal to people who need to bring water bottles with them when they hike or adventure. A sixty-ounce bottle is also ideal if you want to provide water for multiple people at once.

Corkcicle bottles are available in many different color choices. The exact colors available depend on the type of bottle you’re buying. Some have up to nine color schemes to pick from, while others have a more limited palette. Regardless of the color and style you choose, Corkcicle looks stylish. All Corkcicle products are also engineered with an anti-slip layer built into the bottom of the bottle, keeping it from tipping over.

Corkcicle bottles come with a metallic cap that looks sleek and classy. However, it sometimes takes a little effort to close and open. If you’re in a hurry or looking to drink easily on the go, the design might become a hindrance for you. The wide bottle opening does tend to be convenient, though, especially if you want to put ice inside.

Most insulated water bottles in today’s market make use of vacuum insulation. This method can keep drinks cold for a full twenty-four hours, and it can maintain a heated temperature for twelve hours. Corkcicle improves upon this technology by adding triple insulated layers made of stainless steel. This means that the bottle has been tested and proven to keep drinks cold and hot for even longer than the typical 24 and 12 hour marks.

Since the interior lining is stainless steel, it won’t shatter no matter what kind of struggles you throw at it. It also won’t transfer its taste to the water the same way a plastic water bottle can. The insulation keeps heat from transferring to the outside of the bottle, so your hands won’t burn either.

#2. Swell

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Like the Corkcicle, the Swell water bottles are designed with four sizes to choose from. Also like the Corkcicle, the smallest available size is nine ounces. The other sizes to choose from are seventeen, twenty-five, and thirty-four ounces. All of these should be sufficient for one person to drink from for a day, whether they’re casually sipping around the house or going on a prolonged outdoor adventure.

Swell has an ideal design if you’re looking for a water bottle that’s exceptionally convenient and easy to use. The curved shape allows you to comfortably grip the bottle, and the weight is solid enough that it won’t slip through your fingers. The overall design has a stylish and elegant appeal.

Swell might not have the same color palettes as the Corkcicle, but it does have a much wider range of design options. In addition to getting solid colors, you can choose from different patterns, images, and even get bottles with pop culture figures on them. When you compare different artistic patterns, some have the choice between a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preference. If you’re a fan of highly customizable style, Swell has offerings that are hard to beat.

One potential weakness in the Swell design, though, is the narrow mouth. While this is ideal for easy drinking and minimizing spill potential, it also means that it’s more difficult to put ice into the bottle.

Like most insulated water bottles on the market, Swell uses 18/8 stainless steel insulation. The double layers have a vacuum-sealed portion between them that keeps heat from being conducted or transferred through the bottle. Drinks can stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.


In terms of design appeal, Swell has much more to offer. You can choose from multiple different artistic renditions, patterns, finishes, pop culture figures, and other choices when you’re deciding on the water bottle that’s right for you. The bottle also fits easily in your hand.

In terms of convenience, Corkcicle tends to come out on top. The wider mouth means you can insert ice cubes more easily, and the no-slip bottom makes maneuvering the bottle simple. The bottle is also capable of keeping drinks hot and cold for longer than the Swell design can. However, you’ll have to choose from limited color palettes when deciding what you want your bottle to look like.

The lower sizes of these bottles are very similar. Corkcicle is the only one that offers a sixty-ounce size, though, which is good if you want an insulated water bottle that can hold enough liquid for multiple people.

Final Thoughts

Corkcicle and Swell both create high-quality insulated water bottles that can retain the temperature of a drink for long periods of time. Much of the choice comes down to aesthetic appeal.

If you prefer a water bottle that has a larger opening and the ability to insert ice cubes, Corkcicle is the best bet. It also uses triple-layered insulation that allows it to keep drinks hot for more than twelve hours and cold for more than twenty-five.

However, if you want a water bottle that has a lot of trendy designs with pop culture figures, you’ll find more offerings by perusing the Swell lines.

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