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A new insole can change the whole feel of your shoe. You might use one to improve fit, provide better support, or replace a worn insole. Superfeet is one of the leading manufacturers of insoles. In this post, we’ll compare two of their most popular models – the Black and Carbon.

At first glance, they look pretty similar, but there are subtle differences. Let’s compare them and see what those differences are.

Quick Comparison: Superfeet Black Vs Carbon

FeatureFit ProfileStabilizer CapHeel CupFoam Layer
#1. Carbon
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Low Profile/ Low VolumeEvolyte reinforced capModerateNo
#2. Black

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Low Profile/ Low VolumeReinforced back footDeepYes


Superfeet Black

  • Synthetic sole
  • Low arch for those with more sensitive feet
  • Good for replacing removable factory insoles
  • Has low-friction memory foam over the top
  • Suitable for pain across the whole foot or those with plantar fasciitis
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable
  • High-density foam top for added comfort
  • Low profile fit
  • Deeper heel cup
  • Flexible

Superfeet Carbon

  • Synthetic, A mix of polymer and Evolyte carbon fiber
  • Made in the USA
  • The thinnest model that Super Feet makes
  • Suitable for general foot pain
  • Low profile/ low volume fit
  • Stabilizer cap made from Carbon
  • Evolyte stabilizer cap
  • Shallower heel cup

What’s the Difference?

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The Black model is tried and tested. The company stuck to this basic design for 25 years before releasing the Carbon. The Black is also a good option, but it’s thicker than the Carbon. That’s not very useful if your shoes are already a little tight.

The Carbon also has ventilation holes built into it to improve the circulation of air. The Black doesn’t have these, but that’s not much of an issue unless you have sweaty feet or exercise a lot.

Low Volume

Both models are considered low volume. In other words, they don’t take up as much space in the shoe. Both models make use of high-density foam. The Black just has a thicker layer. If you need to save space in your shoes, the Carbon is the better option.

Low Profile

Both models are also considered low profile, which id beneficial if you have sensitive feet. With some insoles, the ridges and bumps can dig into the foot and make you uncomfortable. That won’t happen with either of these insoles.

Both are an excellent option for people with more sensitive feet as a result.


When it comes to stability, both models offer excellent support. Both utilize stabilizer caps and heel cups to make the shoe more structurally stable. The design of the insole minimizes impact.

The Carbon incorporates carbon fibers to increase the strength which allows the Carbon to provide a superior level of support while reducing its thickness. 

This is why the Carbon has become popular with athletes. It’s lighter than the Black thanks to the Superfeet’s patented Evolyte blend.


The Black is made from high-density foam with closed cells. This foam is excellent at absorbing the impact. It’s a plusher and less plastic foam. It offers comfortable support for everyday situations. It will work with some types of athletic shoes as well.

The Carbon is made from Evolyte. This is a blend of carbon fibers and polymers. The result is a slightly more rigid insole with extra support for sport’s use.


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The heel cup in the Black is slightly deeper than that of the Carbon. This depth helps to stabilize the foot more efficiently. It also helps to reduce the pressure on knees, ankles, and feet. It provides additional support if you’re standing on your feet all day.

The contouring in the Carbon is less pronounced. The Carbon also includes subcategories for different types of sport. The contouring for each is slightly different, depending on the sport. It’s not entirely necessary to go into this amount of detail, but it’s nice to have the option to do so. 

Odor Control

Both models have Superfeet’s odor control technology embedded.

Which Model is Better?

That depends on what you’re using it for. The Carbon is a little more expensive than the Black. It’s not a huge difference but is something to bear in mind. In terms of performance, both models work equally well.

The primary difference boils down to the thickness of the insole. Carbon’s streamlined profile and extra ventilation make it ideal for sportswear. If you’re a runner, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Carbon is lighter.

In terms of durability, the Carbon will outlast the Black. That’s simply because of the incorporation of carbon fibers. The difference is not especially significant. If you’re a runner and your feet take a pounding, the Carbon is the better choice.

You should get a year’s wear or 2,000 miles, whichever comes first. That said, many consumers report that their insoles last a lot longer. Some wear them until the plastic cracks without any problems.

It should still be born in mind that the heavier the wear, the shorter the lifespan. As a runner, you understand the importance of having adequate support. You wouldn’t keep on practicing in the same pair of trainers for ten years. You understand that the material breaks down over time.

The same rule applies to your insoles. If you’re training hard and want the best ongoing support, you’ll have to change out the insoles more often. If the insoles are subjected to regular use, though, they’ll last a lot longer.

The Carbon is slightly more versatile because it’ll work with a broader range of shoes. While the Black is also low volume, it will work better in shoes with a little more room.


Which model is right for you? If you want maximum versatility, it’s best to go for Carbon. That said, the Black is no slouch in terms of performance. Both models offer long-lasting, firm support over a long period.

If you’re really hard on your shoes, the Carbon is slightly more durable. If you want extra comfort, it’s hard to beat the additional padding in the Black. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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