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Spark Trixx 2up


Spark Trixx 3up

spark trixx 2up vs 3up


Introduction – Spark Trixx 2up Vs 3up

When it comes to personal watercraft, Spark Trixx commands attention. From a section of its name “Trixx”, it’s an indication of the many exciting tricks you can do on it. And if you love the lifestyle of showing up with the coolest PCW at the beach, Spark Trixx fits you. 

From a line of Sea-Doo watercraft, Spark Trixx combines the exciting features from Sea-Doo and advances them. Thus, starting from the bold color options to mind-blowing performance upgrades, it’s like a craft from the future. With Spark Trixx, rest assured all the attention will be on you. 

That said, it has potential buyers including those with personal watercraft who see the need to switch. However, the challenge is that Spark Trixx comes in two versions. There is the Spark Trixx 2up and Spark Trixx 3up. And since both of them offer similar features and exact performance, deciding which is better is tough. 

But not anymore, within this review of Spark Trixx 2up Vs 3up, we will assist you in choosing the best PWC (personal watercraft) that fits you. Let’s start:

Spark Trixx 2upSpark Trixx 3up
spark trixx 2up vs 3up
Horsepower 9090
Top Speed50MPH50MPH
Seat Capacity 2 Riders3 Riders

Hull length

Shorter (100”)

Longer (120”)

Sound SystemOptionalOptional
Dimensions (L x W x H)110” x 46.4” 42.1”

120” x 46.4” x 42.1”

Weight Capacity 352lb450lb

Spark Trixx 2up

spark trixx 2up vs 3up

From Sea Doo manufacturers, Spark Trixx 2up is an exemplary choice for personal watercraft. Like the name, this craft is designed to deliver optimum performance when having two people as load.  

What’s more, if you are into tricks whether it’s spinning, whipping, dunking, or dipping, it will deliver. And just like its predecessors but even better, it’s a head-turning model.

Spark Trixx 2up

  • Seat Capacity

2up comes with a two-seat capacity. While two grownups can sit on it, it’s more comfortable for an adult and a child. 

  • Hull length 

2up is meant for two riders therefore, it has a complete hull length of 110”.

Spark Trixx 3up

If you are those who want personal watercraft for group enjoyment besides your own, then try Spark Trixx 3up. It has great performance, supports all water tricks and it can host up to 3 riders. Perfet! Right, so, you can go for water rides anytime with your pals or family on the same craft.

Spark Trixx 3up

  • Seat Capacity

3up seating capacity is for three riders. Here, it provides more comfort for two grownups and a kid. However, three adults can choose to ride together but it won’t be that comfortable. 

  • Hull length 

On hull length, 3up has an additional 10” hull length totaling 120” as full hull length. And this is to accommodate three riders. 

Buyers Guide – Spark Trixx 2up Vs 3up

Standard Features 

But before we get to the contrasting features between Spark Trixx 2up and 3up, here are standard features in both. They will help you understand why these two PCW are similar but also unique:  

  • Bilge Pump

Blige Pump is an assurance that you should feel safe at the sea riding your PWC. With this feature, you can empty water from blige quicker in case your watercraft starts to sink. 

  • Step Wedges

Unlike the old style of lifting the PWC nose, step wedges have brought in a radical transformation in this stance. You don’t have to do this trick seated, with step wedges available, you can step on them and lift the watercraft while standing. As a result, it’s a lot easier to learn and do this trick now. 

  • Adjustable Handlebar

When performing stances, the position of the handlebar matters a lot. And an opportunity to adjust it either higher or lower provides you with the flexibility to perform incredible tricks. Therefore, if you have new moves, ensure you’ve got Spark Trixx as your PWC. 

  • iBR

iBR or Intelligent Brake and Reverse is an additional cool feature that enhances the performance of these watercraft. And through it, you can switch between gears directly from neutral to reverse or forward from the handlebars. What’s more, you can launch the bike with ease or dock it through iBR. 

  • VTS

Also, know as Variable Trim System is a unique feature on Trixx personal watercraft. Thanks to VTS, you can lift the watercraft’s nose higher than other normal models. And as such, you can perform extra tricks with this PWC.

Spark Trixx 2up Vs 3up: Differences

2up and 3up share all features from key identification points to engine size and performance. However, the key difference comes in Dimension and Number of Riders. 

  • Dimension 

On dimensions, both the personal crafts have the same width and height. However, the contrast is on the hull length. For instance, 3up has an additional 10” hull length totaling 120” as full hull length.  As a result, it can accommodate three riders. On the other end, 2up has a 110” hull length enough to host two riders. 

  • Number of Riders

With the name Trixx 2up, it’s an indication that this watercraft can carry up to two riders. However, for comfort, while riding, the seat is perfect for an adult and a kid. On the other hand, the Trixx 3up seat is great for three riders. But comfort is only assured with two grownups and a kid, 

  • Price 

Costing $8,199, 3up is more expensive than 2up. And this is because of the extra length on the hull to accommodate three people. On the other hand, 2up costs $7,599 with the length of the hull that can accommodate 2 riders.

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