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Skeletool CX Vs Skeletool

Leatherman is a company that’s well-known for making high quality and innovative hardware. There are many Leatherman multi-tools on the market, each of which serves a slightly different purpose. The Skeletool and Skeletool CX are great choices if you want a versatile multi-tool that can handle tough hardware jobs.

At first glance, these two multi-tools look similar enough that it’s hard to tell them apart. What’s the difference?

FeatureMultiple ColorsOne-Handed UseSerrated Knife
#1. Skeletool
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#2. CX

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#1. Skeletool

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The Skeletool is available in just one color configuration: standard black. If you don’t care about customizing your toolbox, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, people who prefer to avoid neutral tones might find the design boring. The tool is built with a carbon fiber handle that’s easy to grip, easy to fit in the hand, and solid feeling.

The Skeletool is engineered specifically to be used with one hand. Some multi-tools require you to dig the tools out or use two hands for opening and closing. But the Skeletool’s one-handed operation means that your other hand can be free to do other things, making the design convenient. A replaceable pocket clip gives you the option to carry your multi-tool clipped to different places as you roam around.

Each of the tools built into the Skeletool is accessible from the outside. Some multi-tools have to be fully unfolded before you can use any of the tools inside. This isn’t the case for the Skeletool, so it’s more convenient than a design with the tools on the inside. You’ll save a lot of time and hassle.

When the tool is closed, it’s four inches long. The entire device also weighs around five ounces. This design is lightweight, but it’s also slightly longer than some competing multi-tools since the end of the tool has a long carabiner. The length difference isn’t significant enough to stop the multi-tool from being portable.

What the carabiner adds in length it makes up for in usefulness. You can attach other EDC tools or increase the portability of the design. This gives the Skeletool a distinct advantage over the shorter and less versatile multi-tools competing with it.

The Skeletool includes regular pliers, needle nose pliers, regular wire cutters, a bottle opener, the carabiner, hard wire cutters, and a large bit screwdriver. These are essential tools for anyone who ever does any work that could qualify as a handyman task.

The different pairs of pliers are worth noting, given that most multi-tools have only one pair of pliers. Each of the pliers can be optimized for different projects. The two wire cutters are also significant. Most multi-tools have wire cutters that can deal with very fragile wiring, but if you run into tougher jobs, you have to dig for your toolbox. With the Skeletool, you have tougher wire cutters right in your pocket.

The screwdriver only comes with a large bit. However, if you want to use other bits, the screwdriver can be interchanged with other bits. The handle of the Skeletool even has a storage compartment that you can use for additional pieces.

The blade of the Skeletool is a 420HC combination knife. Most multi-tools have a standard straight blade. This multi-tool has a blade that’s partially serrated and partially straight.

A serrated knife is ideal if you need to engage in tasks like cutting through ropes and other tough fibers. But the knife does have significant limits to what the plain edge can do since it’s so short. Most tasks can be completed more easily with a plain knife than a serrated one, so this can be a hindrance.

#2. Skeletool CX


The first is the basic outside appearance. The CX isn’t available in the same black finish as the original Skeletool. Instead, you have your choice of stainless steel, green, or blue. The green and blue finishes are shiny and aesthetically pleasing, but the sharpness and professional look of the stainless steel makes it the most popular choice.

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The other most important difference is in the knife. The CX is equipped with a different blade than the original Skeletool. Rather than having a combination knife, the CX uses a 154CM plain knife. This blade is just as long as the combination blade, but it utilizes a straight edge rather than a combination of serrated and straight.

This means that the knife is significantly more useful for the majority of jobs. It can cut through wood, styrofoam, and plastic. If you don’t have any need for a serrated blade, then the straight edge of the CX will make your life significantly easier.

Other than that, the Skeletool and the Skeletool CX are indistinguishable from each other. They’re both highly specialized tools that give you pocket access to high-quality pliers, wire cutters, bottle openers, and screwdrivers.

Final Thoughts – Skeletool CX Vs Skeletool

Both of these designs are extremely similar, and they just have a few differences in their tools. Either of them would make a high quality multi-tool purchase that’s easy to use and versatile.


The CX has more color varieties available. If you want the tool in blue, green, or stainless steel, that’s the one to pick. If you prefer the professional and sleek black of the original, you should go with the Skeletool.

The other biggest difference is the knife. If you need a blade that has a serrated edge, the Skeletool has you covered. However, for those who don’t need a serrated blade, the fine edged blade of the CX is significantly easier to maneuver and use.

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