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Sea Doo RXT-X


Sea Doo RXP-X

Contents - Sea Doo RXT-X Vs RXP-X

Sea Doo RXT-XSea Doo RXP-X
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Introduction – Sea Doo RXT-X Vs RXP-X

In the world of watersports, Sea-Doo has reigned supreme for decades. It is the standard against which all other water skis are judged. But that doesn’t mean that all Sea-Doo craft are created equal. 

When shopping for a new water ski, you are going to come across two popular models from Sea-Doo, the RXT-X lineup and the RXP-X. Both offer superior water performance–as well as a ton of fun. But which one is right for you? 

Let’s compare.

Both the RXT-X and RXP-X offer the exact same power and top speed performance. However, the RXT-X is more designed for comfort and family fun. 

The RXP-X, by comparison, is designed for pure and powerful enjoyment. It cuts angles like none other and allows the rider to fly through maneuvers far more easily.

Sea Doo RXT-X

The RXT-X has been a staple in the Sea-Doo lineup since 2010. It burst onto the scene with its specialised S3 hull design that offers a deep cleave specialized for cutting through choppy waters. 

The hull design of the RXT-X allows riders to experience a far more comfortable and smooth ride. It’s a joy to ride and offers a stunning 300hp in the 1494cc Rotax 4-TEC engine. 

One other aspect of the RXT-X is the 3-person seating capacity. This makes it great for families who want to go out on the waters and enjoy the fun together. 

All-in-all the RXT-X is a powerful and reliable water ski that provides superior comfort and stability even on choppy waters.

Sea Doo RXP-X

Sea Doo RXP-X

When compared against the RXT-X, the RXP-X is a completely different animal in and of itself. The first thing you should note is that the motor in these two models are identical. You get the same 300hp and top speed capabilities in both models. However, the similarities stop there. 

The main attraction to the RXP-X is the T3 hull. The design of this hull is focused on high performance and screaming maneuverability. The T3, afterall, stands for ‘tight turning.’

The RXP-X is the perfect water toy for anyone looking to make turns on a dime, and navigate choppy waters at high velocity. It features a thinner frame that makes the rider feel more ‘locked-in’ to the driver’s seat. This means that you will have to maneuver the vehicle very differently than you would an RXT-X.

The RXP-X also features a max 2-person seating capacity. So it is not as large nor as accommodating as the RXT-X. However, it is still ideal for those looking for a more extreme experience.

The Verdict – Sea Doo RXT-X VS RXP-X

When it comes to fun on the waves, you can’t go wrong with either of these vehicles. Both offer a unique experience to the rider. However, we at Sky Liners do believe we have a winner.

The RXT-X offers the same power as the RXP-X while also being easier for beginners and casual riders to use. This makes it better for value and general use. 

However, for experienced riders and power users the RXP-X is a blast to experience. In the end we think you can’t go wrong with either! 

Final Thoughts. 

At Sky Liners, we believe in no-nonsense comparisons between products. That’s why our team takes the time to pit the best-of-the-best in our head-to-head comparisons. We are your resident outdoor sport and activity advisors here at Sky Liners.

Sky-Liners Choice - Sea Doo RXT-X Vs RXP-X



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