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Schwinn AC Sport


Schwinn AC Performance

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Introduction – Schwinn AC Performance Vs Sport

Getting fit is always a challenge, no matter who you are. It requires the right mindset, the right diet, and the right equipment. That last bit is often where a lot of us struggle. The fitness industry is jammed to the brim with variations of what seems like the same equipment rehashed–so what should you buy? 

At Sky Liners we put the best of the best head-to-head so that you don’t have to worry. That’s why we are here to compare two of the most popular models of Schwinn indoor bikes on the market: The A.C. Performance Plus versus the A.C. Sport. 

At first glance these two indoor sport bikes are very similar. They provide the same basic service to their users, they are from the same brand, and are even made from similar materials and construction. So, why are they different models at all? Well, that’s what we are here to talk about. 

Let’s dive into what sets these two indoor bikes apart and which one is going to be best for you on your fitness journey.

Schwinn AC Sport

Schwinn decided to dive into the indoor sport bike market headfirst with a lineup of exceptional commercial quality indoor sport bikes. That’s right, Schwinn A.C. indoor bikes are commercial bikes that you just so happen to be able to purchase online for yourself. This means that virtually any model you purchase is going to be far superior to most personal indoor bikes. 

The A.C. Sport is an entry level indoor bike by Schwinn. It is made from a durable frame of zinc-plated steel that provides a sturdy base that can support anyone looking to shed a few pounds on it. 

The A.C. indoor bikes all come with a proprietary virtual contact magnetic resistance technology (Carbon Blue). This means that the machine uses magnetic resistance to simulate the feeling of riding a bicycle across various terrains far more accurately. This is a tech that is standard across all of their A.C. models, including thePerformance Plus. 

The Sport model comes with a ton of customization features that allow you to fit it to your body type and cycling style. This includes quick release features, handlebar mounted water bottle holder, fore/aft handlebar adjustment, basket pedals, etc,. These comfort features allow you to adjust the fit of the machine to your size and comfort level. 

It should be noted that the A.C. Sport does not include the MPower Console (no Schwinn indoor bike does). This is the central powered console that tracks your progress as well as other useful stats such as RPMs, Watts, stage time, heart rate, calories burned, etc,. This needs to be purchased separately and comes in two separate models respectively–although that comparison is a whole different post entirely. 

All-in-all the Schwinn A.C. Sport indoor bicycle is an excellent midrange choice for those looking to get a commercial grade exercise bike without blowing their savings. It comes with the features you need, while omitting all of the added flair and ‘luxury’ options.

Standout Features Schwinn AC Sport

  • Sturdy zinc-steel frame that holds up to 300lbs weight capacity. 
  • Budget friendly price. 
  • Budget price.
  • Comfortable and adjustable design.

Schwinn AC Performance

Schwinn AC Performance 

Now moving into the upper echelon of Schwinn indoor bikes, the Performance Plus is considered the flagship commercial exercise bike by the company. It has taken the benefits of the A.C. Sport and dialed each component up to the max. You are getting essentially the same bike… But with just that much more care and attention to detail. 

The primary difference between the A.C. Sport and the Performance Plus is the frame. Where the Sport uses a zinc-plated steel frame, the Performance Plus uses a fully aluminum frame. This makes the Performance Plus about 20lbs lighter than the Sport model. This helps with maneuvering it within your workout space. It also makes it stronger than the Sport and has a 350lbs weight capacity.

Just like the Sport model, this model uses the Carbon Blue drivetrain that Schwinn is famous for. This makes the responsiveness and resistance of the Performance Plus just as exceptional as you would come to expect from a commercial Schwinn indoor bike. 

When compared side-by-side with the Sport model, you might initially find it hard to notice any differences. But as we mentioned, it’s all in the detail. The Performance Plus has utilized more ergonomic design features, a wider range of motion from the adjustable components, a more comfortable seat and more secure water bottle holders. You will also notice the coloration is slightly more sleek and modern. 

All-in-all the Performance Sport model is designed to be the top of the line Schwinn indoor bicycle. This doesn’t make it completely different from the Sport model, just a bit more luxurious. For your money you are getting better construction, more comfortable seating, a stronger frame, and a wider range of adjustment. That makes it worth the price for many buyers.

Standout Features Schwinn AC Performance

  • Enhanced strength aluminum frame. 
  • Sleeker design with more muted color tones. 
  • Improved ergonomics and comfort features.

Differences – Schwinn AC Sport Vs Performance

So, now that we have taken the time to outline exactly what makes each bike unique, let’s summarize what each bike does differently and what you can expect to gain/lose when you make your purchase. 

  • The Build:

The Performance Plus gets the edge here as the aluminum frame is both stronger and more lightweight than the frame of the Sport model. However, aside from this, both models are built exceptionally well with sturdy components and smooth adjustment mechanisms. The throughstep of the Performance Plus is also a bit more roomy, which allows for easier mounting/dismounting.

Winner: Performance Plus. 

  • The Price:

The Performance Pus is almost $1,000 USD more expensive than the Sport model. This cannot be overlooked or denied. For a lot of us, that’s quite a big chunk of change. In this regard, it should always be considered that the Sport model generates more value for most users. 

Winner: Sport. 

  • The Feel:

Comfort and feel are two hugely important factors when purchasing a sport bike. You’ll be happy to know that both bikes offer exceptional comfort and ergonomics. They both offer a wide range of adjustment and movement from their handlebars, seat, pedals, etc,. However, the Performance Plus does have a slight edge here in sheer comfort and fit with more adjustment options and an improved seat cushion.

Winner: Performance Plus.

  • The Value:

Value is subjective–everyone perceives it differently. The truth is that for the price both models are exceptional value. You can spend a lot more and get a lot less when buying competing indoor sport bike machines. However, for most users, we at Sky Liners believe that the better overall value gives the edge to the Sport model. 

Winner: Sport.

Conclusion – Schwinn AC Performance VS Sport

So, what Schwinn indoor sport bike is the right choice for you? Which one is the best overall between the two in this Sky Liners head-to-head? Well, on paper, they both look pretty dead even. However, we believe we have an answer. 

At Sky Liners we believe in the power of value for the masses. Because of that, we feel like the Schwinn A.C. Sport is the best value, and therefore the best choice when compared against the Performance Plus. 

We came to this verdict purely because the vast majority of users are going to see more value in the Sport when comparing quality against price. Not everyone cares about having the highest end materials and ergonomic features–especially at these prices. That makes the A.C. Sport the better bike for the majority of users.

At Sky Liners we work hard to test fitness and outdoor gear on your behalf. We appreciate you taking the time to read along with us, and hope to see you stick around for many more to come! In the end, fitness is a personal journey, and we are glad we got to review these two amazing fitness machines for you.

Sky-Liners Choice - Schwinn AC Performance VS AC Sport

Schwinn AC Sport


FAQ's - Schwinn AC Performance VS AC Sport

Schwinn has one of the best warranty coverage programs in the entire industry. Schwinn bikes come with 10 year warranties on the frames, and 2 year warranties on the mechanical parts. This ensures that you don’t get stuck with a ‘lemon’ and get a bike that will last for years to come.

Everyone has their own opinion about what bike they prefer. However, in our experience the Schwinn bikes are more durable and longer lasting–for less money. This in and of itself should answer your question about how we feel! However, both brands make excellent exercise bikes.

The return policy for the Pro 575 depends on the store you buy it from.

Peloton has carved out a massive niche within the indoor sport bike community. However, they are far from the cheapest options. In fact, Pelotons are more expensive than both Schwinn models mentioned here. Luckily, you can actually use the Peloton app fairly easily while cycling on a Schwinn A.C model bike. You don’t need to shell out peloton cash to use the Peloton app features!

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