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Saxx Vibe Vs Ultra

Saxx Underwear is a men’s underwear company that’s known for making some of the most comfortable, supportive underwear on the market. Two of the company’s most popular boxer brief lines are the Vibe and the Ultra. These lines combine the roominess of boxers with the streamlined fashion of briefs. What are the differences between the lines, and which makes for a better purchase?

Saxx Vibe Vs Ultra

#1. Ultra
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#2. Vibe

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#1. Saxx Ultra

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The Ultra line is one of the bestsellers of the Saxx company. All of the boxer briefs follow the same basic style, but you can choose from one of five sizes, and there are 48 colors and patterns available. The goal of the design is to offer comfortably soft material that’s breathable enough to keep you cool throughout the day.

The Ultra line incorporates a relaxed fit, so it’s ideal for people who lean more toward boxers than briefs. If you want an even looser fit, there’s the Ultra Free Agent line, which allows for more room and freedom in the wear.

The focus of these boxer briefs is to allow maximum comfort and movement. They’re not an athletic pair of boxers, so they won’t deliver all the same benefits you’d want in athletic wear. But they are comfortable enough for casual use around the house, and for basic exercise. According to the manufacturer, Ultra boxer briefs are designed for men who want to relax and unwind throughout the work day.

The materials are a unique blend of 95 percent moisture-wicking viscose fabric with an infusion of 5 percent spandex. That 5 percent spandex makes a big difference in terms of flexibility and stretch. Caring for the boxer briefs is easy – you machine wash them on cold and tumble dry them on low.

These boxer briefs incorporate Ballpark Pouch technology, which is one of the pioneering technologies that has made Saxx an industry leader. This is a hammock-shaped pouch that helps to keep everything comfortable and in place. The mesh paneling and seam work prevents uncomfortable skin-to-skin friction, and the engineering keeps the boxers from chafing throughout the day.

Conventional underwear is created with the rougher stitching on the inside to preserve the outside look. While that may be good for outerwear fashion, it’s not good when you’re looking for comfortable underwear. Rather than using this method, Saxx reverses the stitching and places the soft, flat side inside the underwear. This keeps the underwear from itching.

The fabric itself combats moisture. Instead of being trapped in sweaty discomfort, the boxers wick away any moisture on the skin. You’ll stay dry, cool, and comfortable instead of clammy.

#2. Saxx Vibe

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The Saxx Vibe boxer briefs look very similar to the Ultra, and they incorporate a lot of the same technologies. However, they tend to have a more form-fitting appearance, and they don’t have a fly. For this reason, they’re better for people who tend to prefer briefs over boxers.

The Vibe boxers are available in a wider range of colors and styles as well. In fact, they have the widest customization variety of any of the available Saxx lines. There are sixty-three different patterns and colors that you can choose from.

The fit is very slim, creating a contoured and streamlined look that shows off the shape of your legs and hips. According to the manufacturer, these briefs were engineered for guys who have a strong sense of style and individualism. If you want a comfortable pair of boxer briefs that show off your body and suit your unique fashion taste, you don’t have to look any further.

Like the Ultra line, the Vibe line makes use of Ballpark Pouch technology, reversed seams, and three-dimensional panel fitting. Each pair of boxer briefs is also made using the same combination of moisture-wicking fabric. An addition to the design is an anti-rolling waistband, which keeps the underwear from rolling down and becoming uncomfortable throughout the day.


There aren’t many concrete differences in the construction of the boxer briefs. Both lines are made from the same materials and seem to have the same roomy, comfortable styling. The Ultra’s fit tends to be a little more relaxed, while the Vibe gives you a tighter and more contoured fit. The Ultra also has a fly while the Vibe does not.

Other than that, the differences are mainly in the color and pattern selection. The Vibe boxer briefs are available in 63 different colors and patterns as opposed to the Ultra’s 48. However, the patterns and prints available through the Ultra tend to be a little more zany and spontaneous. If you want sheer variety, go with a pair of Vibe boxers. But if you want something more dynamic and unique, the Ultra is a great choice.

Final Thoughts – Saxx Vibe Vs Ultra

Both of these lines of boxer briefs are well worth their price points. The underwear is designed with a comfortable material and roomy fit that keep you feeling fresh and invigorated all day long.

Each of the lines has different patterns and styles available. No matter which suits your fancy, the styling and comfort tend to be similar. The one thing to keep in mind is that the Ultra briefs are better for guys who like a relaxed and roomier fit, while the Vibe briefs are best for guys who like a tighter and more streamlined look.


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