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Safari Vs American Tourister

Which is the best luggage brand, American Tourister or Safari? If you’re a frequent traveler, this question has probably crossed your mind at least once.

American Tourister is one of the most popular mid-level luggage brands on the market today, but recently, Safari luggage has been giving them a run for their money.

ProductLocking systemFinishLook
#1. American Tourister
Our Best Pick
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Zippered endsGlossy finishFancy graphics
#2. Safari Luggage
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Combination lockMatte finishGeneric looking

While Safari luggage is from India, it’s produced some luggage bag models that closely resemble those of American Tourister, a North American brand.

One glaring difference between the two is that Safari luggage models are much more affordable than the American Tourister versions.


However, the price difference isn’t reason enough to choose one brand over the other in most cases. You need to delve deeper looking at quality, features, and more. And that’s just what we’re going to do!

We’ll take a detailed look at both American Tourister and Safari luggage, so you can make a more informed choice.

Similarities between American Tourister and Safari Luggage

We’ve just mentioned that these two brands have numerous models under them. We can’t review all of them here, so we’ll only review one of the most popular models of each brand:

  • The American Tourister Hard Side Spinner
  • The Safari Thorium Polycarbonate 55 Hard-sided Carry On

These are among the most popular hard-shell luggage pieces on the market today, and they share the following features.

  • Made of polycarbonate Polycarbonate beats most other luggage materials hands-down as a choice for making hard-shell suitcases. While it’s incredibly lightweight, it it’s also tough often lasting for several years.
  • 360-degree wheels Some suitcases will give you a hard time navigating corners, but these two luggage pieces are designed to make things easier for you. They feature spinner wheels on that can turn 360-degrees. This means you won’t have to stop and carry them no matter how tight the turn.It’s worth noting that the design and size of the wheels on both luggage bags aren’t noticeably different.
  • Expandability if you’re the type that purchases stuff while travelling and often need extra space, these suitcases can come in handy. Both of models are expandable. You simply unzip a zipper in the center and more fabric is released to expand the carrying capacity.
  • Carry-on sizes Both American Tourister and Safari luggage suitcases are designed according to most airline carry-on standards, meaning you can use them as a carry-on in the overhead compartment without complication.It’s important to note, though, that if the expansion flap is used both models may no longer fit.
  • Large internal mesh pockets You don’t have to mix your clothing with your toiletry. Both suitcase models come with large mesh pockets that have zippers allowing you to securely store and separate all your travel necessities.
  • Telescopic handle Regardless of your height, these suitcases can serve you well thanks to a telescopic handle. This handle can be conveniently folded back into the suitcase’s back panel when not in use.

Now that we’ve established what these two suitcases have in common, let’s look at what the don’t.

Differences Between American Tourister and Safari Luggage

The table below outlines the differences between the American Tourister Hard Side Spinner and the Safari Thorium Polycarbonate 55 Hard-sided Carry On suit cases.

Taking a detailed look at these differences:

  • Locking system The Safari Thorium Polycarbonate 55 Hard-sided Carry On is equipped with a built-in combination lock. If you are the forgetful type, combination locks may not tickle your fancy. In which case, you might prefer the American Tourister Hard Side Spinner, which can be locked using zippered ends.
  • General look American Tourister suitcases come with a wide selection of cool graphics for all ages, including Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars themes.

Safari luggage, on the other hand, sports a somewhat generic look. If appearance isn’t of much concern to you or are more into simplistic looks than modern styles Safari can still be a great choice.

  • Finish If you like attracting attention wherever you go, the American Tourister suitcase may be the perfect choice for you. It boasts an eye-catching shiny

However, if shiny isn’t your preference, the matte finish of Safari luggage may be more your cup of tea.

  • Affordability Many people opt for Safari suitcases because they are much cheaper yet are made of high-quality polycarbonate just like their American counterpart. Though, Safari also comes from India, which means shipping costs may diminish the price advantage.

There is one aspect of American Tourister suitcases that unique – side handles.

Safari suitcases don’t offer this feature or a comparable one, so if you want a carry-on suitcase that has side handles, which would come in handy when the telescopic handle is folded back into the back panel, American Tourister may be your best bet.

Side handles make it easier for you to place your suitcase into an overhead compartment. They may also make carrying luggage down a flight of stairs easier.

Could the side handles be the reason why this hard-shell suitcase is more expensive than its Indian counterpart?

The final verdict

In our opinion, the American Tourister beats Safari on various fronts. It sports a number of attractive and modern features, such as attractive graphics and convenient side handles.

Safari does have some modern touches, but overall they tend to run more on the generic side.

We could argue that the generic look is compensated by a lower price tag, but then, we can’t forget that shipping costs from India may offset that advantage.

As a result, we would recommend the American Tourister.

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