RTIC Vs Yeti Vs Orca


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The right cooler can significantly impact a road trip or camping trip by making it better. Convenient to use and essential for safely storing food, it’s the type of equipment you’ll never want to be without when spending any length of time outdoors. So, which cooler is best? Is one brand preferable over another?

This guide helps you better understand the similarities, and differences, between RTIC, Yeti, and Orca coolers, so you know where to invest your money. You’ll learn about the different sizes available, features that come with the soft and hard-sided coolers, and warranties. Making a final decision about which brand to be loyal to is easy when you see everything laid out in front of you feature-wise in black and white.

#1. RTIC

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Whatever your need may be, RTIC has a cooler that solves it. Featuring soft-sided and hard-sided coolers in a range of sizes and styles, it’s easy to see why there is a great debate as to which offers the best experience. Although RTIC doesn’t necessarily impress with its minimalist design the way that Yeti and Orca does, it remains a fan favorite for people who have owned it and experienced its durability in person.

To better understand why that is so, it’s important to explore the many features offered by the company’s coolers. It makes it easier for you to recognize a product made by RTIC and know if it offers you something more than Yeti or Orca does.


The coolers offered by RTIC are robust. They exist for the serious outdoor enthusiast. In addition to providing superior build material that allows them to take a lot of abuse without looking worse for the wear, the coolers also have two-inch-thick foam insulation to keep contents icy cold and an integrated locking system that keeps critters out of your food supply.

Superior Build Material

The magic of RTIC coolers is in the way that the manufacturer builds them. The material used is superior in design, which means that the same cooler can provide excellent use for years without the need to replace it. People who aren’t necessarily easy on their belongings appreciate buying a built-to-last product.

Two-Inch Thick Foam Insulation

Keep items cooler for longer. Even after the ice has melted, you’ll find that the extra insulation makes food and beverages cold. RTIC coolers are among the best when it comes to the amount of insulation they provide.

Integrated Locking System to Keep Animals Out

If you want a hard cooler that is bear-proof, you’ll get it with RTIC. The integrated locking system makes it impossible for critters of all sizes to swipe your food. If you’re camping or fishing for days at a time, you could have a significantly better experience knowing that you have something good to eat every day of your trip.

#2. Yeti

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Among the best-known and most expensive brands available is Yeti. People are serious about owning the cooler brand, which also offers tumblers of exceptional quality. The brand makes products that last and do their part to keep foods and beverages chilled. What more would you expect from a company named after the abominable snowman?

Going through the list, feature-by-feature makes you better aware of what Yeti has to offer you. Knowing what you have in mind for a soft or hard-sided coolers helps you narrow your search rather quickly. For example, if you have a large family that travels a lot, a smaller size Yeti isn’t going to be much help.


Without relying solely on the popularity of the brand, it’s essential to know what features it has to offer you. That way, you’re able to maximize every dollar spent on the cooler of your choice. You’ll be more apt to use your Yeti if you’re aware of how it works, the best way to clean it, and the easiest way to transport it.

Four Days of Ice Life with the Smallest Cooler

The lifespan of ice that you put into the coolers is remarkable. Even the smallest Yeti has ice last for up to four days. That means less refilling and more enjoying cold food and beverages.

Toughest Materials for a Variety of Outdoor Activities

Hands down one of the best and most durable coolers around, it offers the type of materials suitable for all of your outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter how rough you are with your Yeti, either, because it’s rugged.

#3. Orca

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As with RTIC and Yeti, Orca has built its name on being one of the best cooler companies in the industry. Part of its appeal is its minimalist design, a wide range of colors, and super thick insulation. People who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities can find the right option for them based on the size and dimensions of the soft or hard cooler they’re most interested in buying.

You can consider the features offered with the brand of cooler when deciding whether to buy it, an RTIC or Yeti. It provides a lot of durability and space to store food and beverages while spending time outdoors, having a picnic, camping, or going fishing. It’s an ideal cooler for sports tournaments and outdoor music festivals where coolers are permitted.


Offering both hard and soft coolers in a variety of sizes, Orca arguably has features that people look for. Appealing to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts from the casual picnic taker to the serious angler, you’ve got options. Nothing is disappointing about a cooler that withstands a lot of abuse, holds a great deal of food or beverages, and can be taken to campsites and concerts (when permitted) with ease.

Many Colors to Choose From

With so many options to choose from in regards to colors, it can be challenging to decide which is best. We recommend choosing lighter colors because they reflect heat better. They’re a more sound option because you don’t want direct sunlight melting your ice or causing your food to spoil.

Three Inches of Foam Insulation

Extra thick insulation keeps ice from melting for days. You get three inches of foam insulation with an Orca hard cooler. When you’re not in an area where you can replenish your ice supply easily, you’ll appreciate the extra inch of insulation because of how well it maintains the cool temperatures of your food and drinks.

Easy Flow Draining Spout

Once the ice does start to melt, you’ll want to have it flow out of the cooler with ease. That way, your food doesn’t become waterlogged. Thanks to the easy flow draining sprout, you’ve got a way to let the water out without needing to empty the cooler and tip it upside down.

The Best Option

Everyone has their preferences, but we declare Orca as the winner. The extra inch of insulation in its hard coolers is highly impressive. If you’re taking a trip for several days, you won’t need to worry about replenishing your ice supply anytime soon. You can also let out the water that has collected as the ice has melted with its easy flow draining spout.

Orca offers hard and soft coolers to meet the needs of its customers. They are simple in design but provide superior performance. Built-to-last and equipped with feet to keep the hard coolers from moving around during transport, they’re an investment worth looking into.

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