Unni Pro Vs Roccbox


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In recent years, the popularity of portable outdoor mini-ovens has grown among backyard chefs of all skill levels.

This includes product lines devoted to favorite foods, such as mini-ovens for pizzas.

Two outdoor oven designs have caught our attention, and this head-to-head review will provide comparisons of features and the usability of both.

Let’s take a closer look at the Roccbox vs Unni Pro portable ovens.

Quick Comparison: Unni Pro Vs Roccbox

Portable Oven
Fuel Types Maximum Temperature (F) Weight (pounds)
#1. Unni Pro
Our Best Pick

Check Price
Charcoal/Gas/Pellet/Wood 93260.6
#2. Roccbox

Check Price
Gas/Wood 90044.1

Roccbox Unboxing

Uuni Pro: Cooking with charcoal & wood

Comparing Oven Designs

The Roccbox and the Unni Pro are portable designs that include adjustable legs that can fold when you aren’t using it.

When fully extended, the legs on the Roccbox provides twice as much clearance between the oven and table, however.

Size and Weight

Both ovens measure under two-feet but the Unni Pro is a bit longer and the overall height extends past 31-inches due to the chimney mounted on the unit.

The Roccbox weighs 44.1 pounds while the Unni Pro is a bit heavier at 60.6 pounds.

Build Materials

These ovens are constructed using stainless steel. The Roccbox uses engineered stone as flooring in the chamber and the Unni Pro employs cordierite.

A stand-out design on the Roccbox is the outer jacket of high heat silicone that surrounds its shell. This safety feature provides protection against accidental burns when compared to bare steel.

The coating comes in green or grey and may look better than bare steel to some users.

Door and Exhaust Designs

The open door design of the Roccbox provides instant access to the oven at a sacrifice of lower heat retention.

Unni Pro has a removable door with a small window to provide a view of the interior, as well as a pizza door for easy loading.

The Unni Pro’s better heat retention allows it to cook a pizza in 60-seconds (compared to 90-seconds with the Roccbox).

Unni Pro includes a chimney extension that is mounted to the upper surface of the oven. This feature allows smoke to escape from a higher point and can help to keep oven exhaust out of your eyes, especially when using pellet and wood fuels.

Interior Cooking Space

The larger body of the Unni Pro will offer you more cooking space than the Roccbox can. This can be important, especially if the oven will be used for pizzas.


  • Roccbox: can fit a 12-inch pizza

Unni Pro

  • Unni Pro: can fit a 16-inch pizza

Burners and Fuels

The Roccbox is designed to burn either gas or wood and includes burners for both types of fuels. Unni Pro uses these fuels as well as charcoal and wood pellets.

Unfortunately, Unni Pro’s gas burner is not available on the North American market yet, and the pellet burner must be purchased separately.

Both units use detachable burners, with the Roccbox design attaching along the bottom exterior. This feature may increase air and fuel mixing when compared to the plug-in style of the Unni Pro.

Cooking Features

An enclosed design allows the Unni Pro to generate a greater maximum temperature, but each unit can reach 900-degrees Fahrenheit. Both products use ceramic fibers for insulation.

The Roccbox insulation layer is significantly thicker and helps to balance the potential heat loss from its open door design.

Roccbox uses a baffle plate to help create a rolling flame that distributes the heat evenly, a feature that isn’t really critical with the smaller interior dimensions of these portable ovens.

Both units include an exterior mounted temperature gauge that is color-coded and easy to read.

Portability and Ease of Use

Both units can be moved by a single person, although the Unni Pro may require two people for those who have difficulty with weights over 60 pounds.

Their overall bulk is not excessive but it should be noted that neither product includes carrying handles.

Each oven uses legs that can be broken down after use to create a smaller footprint for storage. All attachable components are removable as well.

The external burners of the Roccbox and the chimney on the Unni Pro will add to the storage space required for both products.

When it comes to ease of use, the Roccbox does offer a simpler system with its open door design. It should be noted, however, that the pizza door on the Unni Pro allows easier access to the interior of the oven.

The burner designs on both units are simple to use and change out, and the gas burners are easy to connect to portable propane tanks.

The bare metal housing of the Unni Pro may display smears more prominently but will be a bit easier to maintain than the silicone sleeve on the Roccbox.

The former also offers greater access to the oven interior with the additional pizza door when cleaning.

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Which is Better?

All things considered, the Unni Pro provides more cooking space. It also offers a bit more accessibility with the additional pizza door. The chimney helps to direct smoke away from your eyes while cooking.

It also offers more potential fueling options than the Roccbox can. A greater maximum temperature means faster cooking during barbecues.

These features combine to make it our winner between the Roccbox vs Unni Pro!

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