Rimowa Vs Briggs and Riley


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Are you planning your next overseas trip? Or heading off on your dream vacation across the country? Then you’ll need the right luggage to accompany you on your travels. In this post, we’ll see how Briggs and Rimowa square off against one another. Which company offers the best value? Is one brand significantly better than the other? It’s questions like this that we’re seeking to answer.

Quick Comparison: Briggs and Riley Vs Rimowa

#1. Briggs and Riley
Our Best Pick

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Unconditional Lifetime
#2. Rimowa

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Two to Five Years


As we’re not reviewing a specific model for each brand, we’ll handle this review a little differently. Instead of doing a blow by blow feature’s list, we’ll look at general company policies instead.

Warranties on Their Products

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Briggs and Riley offer a full, unconditional, lifetime guarantee on their products. The company says that if your bag breaks or is damaged, they’ll repair it free of charge. They go on to say that you don’t have to provide proof of purchase.

Rimova provides a two- to five-year guarantee depending on what product you buy. An attache case, for example, will have a two-year warranty. Luggage will have a five-year guarantee.

To activate this guarantee, you have to register online. If the bag breaks within the first year that you own it, the company will pay all costs related to repair and shipping.

Round one to Briggs and Riley. It’s difficult to find any manufacturer willing to offer this kind of unconditional warranty.

Money-Back Guarantees

Both companies give you 30-days to examine your purchase. If you’re not satisfied, return it unused and in the original packaging for a refund. Briggs and Riley, however, does not accept returns or refunds on items that are monogrammed and international orders.

These sales are final.  Rimova wins this round because it allows international returns. There is one caveat. You have to return the goods from the same company that they were shipped to initially.

How Easy is it to Contact the Companies?

Both companies offer clients several options to contact them. You can contact them by phone, email, through the contact form on the website, and through social media. Alternatively, head to your nearest retailer.

Unfortunately, neither company offers an instant chat service on their websites. This one has to be a tie. Both companies are equally easy to contact.

Which Company Offers Better Customizations?

Briggs and Riley offer free monogramming for some of the items in their line. Rimova allows customization with their Classic range. You can opt to color-match all luggage, tags, handles, and wheels. Rimova also offers free monogramming for most of their products.

In this case, Remova wins. It offers free monogramming on more products and also complete color coding. The color-coding

What Payment Methods Can You Use?

Both companies accept debit and credit card payments online. Both companies also accept PayPal. Briggs and Riley offer financing through Klarna. At present, Remowa doesn’t offer financing options.

In this case, Briggs and Riley come out tops because it offers financing.

Does the Company Source its Materials Ethically?

Rimowa complies with the California Supply Chain Transparency Act –They do source materials ethically. Briggs and Riley comply with California Prop 65. California Prop 65 refers to the chemicals used in production.

If chemicals may be harmful, the company agrees to provide a warning to clients. Aside from that regulation, Briggs and Riley don’t say much about the ethical sourcing of products.

Rimowa comes out tops in this equation. It’s crucial for us as consumers to understand the ethical implications of manufacturing.

International Shipping

Both companies do offer international shipping. Rimova allows for the return of items sold internationally, Briggs and Riley don’t.
Again, Rimova comes out tops here.

They allow international returns within the 30-day window. Briggs and Riley don’t.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

Briggs and Riley offer free shipping in the continental United States for orders of $100 or more. Rimowa does offer free shipping vouchers from time to time, but there’s no set policy on free shipping.  Briggs and Riley win this round hands down.

Product Ranges

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Both companies offer a range of options. But Briggs and Riley have a lot more on offer than Rimowa. Briggs and Riley offer duffle bags, tote bags, and a variety of other casual bags. Rimowa’s range is a lot more limited.

The range of the accessories provided by Briggs and Riley is also more extensive. Briggs and Riley offer hard-case luggage and soft-shell luggage. Rimowa only offers hard-case luggage.

We’re a little torn about this one. On the one hand, Briggs and Riley win for the sheer variety of products. On the other, we like the idea of a manufacturer that offers a more specialized range of products.


If you compare hard-shell cases, Briggs and Riley’s bags cost less than half of what you’re paying at Rimowa. This round goes to Briggs and Riley.

When Were the Companies Established?

Briggs and Riley is a relative newcomer compared to Rimowa, but both have a decent track record. Briggs and Riley were established in 1970, and Rimowa was established in 1898.


At the end of the day, both companies offer impressive products. It’s hard to compete with the 120 years of experience that Rimowa has under its belt. That said, Briggs and Riley offer a wider selection, better prices, free shipping, and an outstanding guarantee.

If you’re a world-weary traveler, this guarantee could sway the balance.  Overall, if you’re looking at value for money, it’s hard to beat Briggs and Riley. Rimowa has an impressive reputation, but is that enough to make up for the difference in price and the guarantees?

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