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Proform Sport 6.0 Treadmill Review

Thinking of installing a home gym so that you can exercise in the comfort of your own home?

Today we are looking at the 6.0RT offering from home gym giants Health and Leisure, to help you decide whether this treadmill is right for you, your home, and your exercise needs.

Overall, this machine is a good option for those who primarily use their treadmill for walking or slow jogging, however it lacks features to make it a more flexible option.

Nonetheless, this is reflected in the price, which is significantly cheaper than many other ProForm options.

Let’s break it down.

The Pros

This is probably the area that will make or break the ProForm 6.0RT for you. Speed and incline are some of the key areas to consider when deciding what treadmill to purchase, because it will determine whether or not the treadmill is suitable for the intensity of exercise that you require.

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This model has a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour (just over 16 kilometers to per hour) and a maximum incline of 10%.

This is around about the same as the average pace for a male jogger, so is perfect for those wishing to use the treadmill for walking and jogging.

A 10% incline is quite intense, although many treadmills on the market go up to 12%.

However, considering that most experts consider an incline of 2% to accurately reflect the incline of the great outdoors the inclination of the ProForm 6.0RT should be plenty.

Another important feature in determining whether a treadmill is right for you is the overall size of the unit.

You want something that you can use easily and safely, so that you can do a good range of exercises without feeling claustrophobic. The ProForm 6.0RT performs well in this respect.

The ProForm 6.0RT is 20″ (50cm) wide and 60″ (154cm) long, featuring a padded deck for comfort and physical safety. The machine is safe to use for weights up to 325 pounds (147kg).

This size is plenty big enough for most runners/walkers to use it comfortably, but it is also not so huge that it will take up your entire living room and end up relegated to the shed.

The ProForm 6.0RT is a more entry-level model than many other ProForma models which can be two or three times the price of this model.

It may still not be the cheapest on the market, however you are getting the peace of mind of purchasing a product from a well-known and respected brand.

The treadmill has a display so that you can easily adjust settings such as the speed and incline, which is easy for anybody to use.

It also displays additional information such as how much power you are exerting and whether you’re in endurance, tempo or peak mode. This can be great for keeping you motivated as you exercise!

It also has a heart rate monitor on the handles, so that you can track your heart rate and see whether you are exerting the desired amount of energy.

This means that it is easy for you to adjust your pace if you aren’t reaching the levels of exertion you desire, or are becoming overly fatigued.

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In addition, the treadmill comes with more than twenty “œbuilt in” workouts that are pre-programmed.

These workouts range in intensity and are suitable for exercisers of all fitness levels and abilities.

This is a thoughtful touch by the ProForm brand, which is sure to be appreciated by users of this product and especially by those who are new to using treadmills for exercise.

Another cool and clever feature of the ProForm 6.0RT treadmill is that you have Bluetooth and iFit, you can import a route from Google Maps and use the treadmill as if it were on that route.

The treadmill will automatically adjust for the length and incline of the selected route. This is perfect if you are preparing for an upcoming fun run or similar event, and want to get used to the track ahead of time.

If you, like many people, like to listen to music while you exercise, you will certainly appreciate the high-quality in-built speakers, which offer great sound while you run!

It also has a shelf where you can put your tablet or phone, so as to have some entertainment while you’re getting fit.

Pros in a Nutshell

  • Good for walking and jogging speeds
  • Incline up to 10% which is suitable for nearly everyone
  • Generous size and weight limits for accessibility
  • Heart rate and mode monitor to track your performance
  • Twenty built in workouts which are great for beginners
  • Ability to input routes from Google Maps
  • Good quality speakers and tablet holder

The Drawbacks

Overall, the ProForm 6.0RT is a great machine, however there are some drawbacks.

Most significantly, its maximum speed of 10 miles per hour is well below a sprinters’ pace. Therefore, while this treadmill is great if you only want to walk and do some light jogging, you may be frustrated if you were wanting something that is capable of higher intensity workouts.

Even if you do not plan to do this at first, you should consider whether you may want to down the track.

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In addition, the ProForm 6.0RT comes with a 1 year warranty for parts and labour, as well as a lifetime warranty for the frame.

While this means you are well protected if there is an issue with the treadmill’s frame, we would have liked to have seen a longer warranty on parts and labour.

Finally, there are a few extra features that are available on some models that are lacking on the ProForm 6.0RT. There is no inbuilt fan, which would have made this product more comfortable to use.

In addition, the screen could have been larger and more nicely designed.

Drawbacks in a Nutshell

  • The maximum speed of 10 miles per hour is not suitable for people wishing to go faster than a medium paced jog
  • The one year warranty for parts and labour is not particularly generous
  • Some extra features lacking, like a fan or larger touch screen

Conclusion – Proform Sport 6.0 Treadmill Review

Overall, the ProForm 6.0RT is a great option for those who aren’t wishing to do high-intensity exercise, and who want a more affordable model.

For what you pay, you get a lot of good features, including the in-built workouts and ability to import Google maps of your desired running route.

The only drawback of this system is that those who wish to do high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting, may find it is too restrictive with a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.

However, other models that are capable of these speeds are likely to be much more expensive.

All in all, the ProForm 6.0RT is excellent for the price, and especially for the more casual user who will not feel restricted by the relatively low maximum speed.

We recommend it highly for those wishing to purchase a simple to use machine from a respected brand, that has a good range of features and is at a relatively low price.


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