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Prana Brion Vs Zion

When you’re planning to go on hiking and other outdoor adventures, gear should be a top priority. Prana is a popular outdoor apparel manufacturer that creates convenient, comfortable, and fashion-forward apparel options. Two of their most popular pant models are the Zion and the Brion.

At first glance, the Zion and Brion look remarkably similar. What circumstances are they actually good for? And is one of them better to purchase than the other? We’ve broken down the important facts.

ProductFitAdjustable WaistbandSide Cargo Pocket
#1. Zion
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#2. Brion

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#1. Prana Zion

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The Prana Zion pants resemble professional khakis for office wear, but they have an additional cargo pocket for your accessories. Despite their professional tailoring and appearance, they’re actually geared for hikers. Available in twelve different colors, these pants are made from lightweight and durable fabric, and they use water-repellent technology to keep you dry in wet weather conditions.

The pants are also designed to be more abrasion-resistant than your typical office khakis. If they get caught on branches, scratched by thorns, or dragged over rough rock surfaces, they’ll come through without tearing or fraying. The dual entry cargo pocket can be easily accessed and is large enough to hold a wallet, cell phone, or keys.

The fabric is a combination of 97 percent nylon and 3 percent spandex. The nylon is what makes the pants so durable and waterproof, while the spandex allows for a stretchier fit and greater flexibility while hiking. There tends to be a relatively roomy fit, and an adjustable waistband allows you to move the pants to suit a number of different body types.

There are also features that help with ventilation. One is a ventilation system around the groin, and another is roll-up leg snaps that let you control how much air enters through the bottom of the pants.

#2. Prana Brion

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The Prana Brion pants are also pants that resemble professional khakis or casual jeans. They can be worn for everyday purposes or for hiking adventures. Because they lack an outer cargo pocket, they tend to boast a more streamlined silhouette. The fit is relatively slim, and the waistband uses belt loops instead of adjustable elastic.

The Brion pants come with a secret inner pocket that the Zion lacks. It’s a very small pocket, but able to hold your keys and jewelry. The pants are also available in more color options than the Zion. You can get them in sixteen different colors and configurations to suit your unique taste.

The canvas material has a little less give, but it’s also highly water resistant.


Each model comes with a number of striking similarities. They both employ expert craftsmanship and durable materials, so they’ll last a long time. The Zion pants tend to be a little more functional than the Brion, though.

The Zion pants are designed with a dual-entry cargo pocket on the side, which allows you more space to store your items. The Brion design doesn’t have this. In addition, the Zion pants include an adjustable and streamlined waistband that can be let out or in depending on your needs. Since the Brion pants don’t have this, the Zion are more likely to offer a better fit.

The Zion pants are also made with six ventilation holes in the crotch, so they can help you keep cool when you go on different outdoor adventures or participate in heavy exercise. The Brion pants don’t have this ventilation system. They might be a little better insulated in cold conditions, but they won’t give you the same level of fresh air circulation if you’re overheating.

The Brion pants do have one pocket that the Zion lack, though. The pocket does tend to be too small to hold more than your jewelry and keys, though. If you want more storage space for larger accessories, the extra cargo pocket of the Zion has significantly more room.

The sizing tends to run differently between the models as well. Brion pants have a more slimming fit. In comparison, Zion has a standard fit. If you have a thinner frame and find that standard pants are often too loose or baggy on you, you might appreciate the tailoring of the Brion. But if you need a more standardized fit, the Zion is the place to go.

Final Thoughts – Prana Brion Vs Zion

Both pant models are excellent for outdoor adventuring. They’re strong, comfortable, and durable enough to stand up to years of use.

When it comes to function, fit, and comfort, Zion comes out on top. The extra cargo pocket lets you hold more items, so it’s a good choice if you’re going on longer journeys or tend to carry a lot of accessories. The adjustable waistband and standardized fit make it easier to suit a wide range of body types, while the Brion pants only work for slim individuals. The ventilation holes also add a layer of comfort that you don’t get with the Brion.

Meanwhile, the Brion pants may appeal to you if you want an inner pocket where you can store your valuables. You should be aware that the pocket is very small, though.

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