Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado Grill Review


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Earthenware cooking is a form of cooking that’s popular in Chinese culture.

For Westerners, a kamado grill fueled with charcoal is the modern counterpart.

These grills have the same aesthetic appearance as your run-of-the-mill backyard grill, but their ceramic construction offers exceptional insulation.

The interior of a kamado grill can absorb heat and then consistently maintain a temperature during the cooking, ensuring meats are evenly cooked.

It’s a great way to solve problems with temperature inconsistencies that you may find in places with colder climates, because the outside temperature and outdoor weather don’t affect a kamado grill.

A great number of grill manufacturers have created versions of the kamado grill. This popular sub-niche of the industry has a number of different benefits.

Pit Boss is one of the companies getting in on the trend, with 2 main types of kamado grill offered. The 71220 is the 22-inch, while another 71240 24-inch version is also available.

Pit Boss Kamado 22″ Ceramic Charcoal Grill Review

Pit Boss 24″ Kamado Grill Ceramic BBQ Review

The Ceramic Grill Construction and Design

The grill follows traditional kamado instruction, made with thick, ceramic walls. Both versions of the grill are capable of accommodating lump charcoal. The heat trapped inside emits evenly through the chamber, so the juices are sealed into your evenly-cooked meat.

The ceramic body’s egg shape comes outfitted with a bottom slide vent and calibrated top damper, ensuring that users can control the heat when necessary. This functionality increases the number of uses for the grill. You can bake pizza, sear steak, slowly smoke meat, and more.

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The 22-inch model utilizes two-layer cooking grids constructed with stainless steel, providing a total of 567 square inches of cooking space. Also included are two foldable side shelves made out of bamboo. Storage space is provided for your cooked food and utensils.

The heavy-duty hardware in the grill helps to secure the more delicate ceramic body. A wood handle gives the all-black grill a perfect finishing touch. A spring-loaded hinge tightly closes the lid, and locking wheels offer stability and portability while being used.

The 22-inch model is pretty heavy, weighing 178.6 pounds. Because the ceramic might crack if it’s dropped on the ground, moving the grill needs to be a 2-person job.

Pit Boss Kamado Grill Features

There are a number of great features included with this grill.

The two layer cooking grates set the grill apart from other designs, which provide only one grate on the heat. Stainless steel grates with two tiers help double your grilling space. Grates can also be switched while cooking to adjust the food if need be.

The cast iron calibrated damper is a function that allows temperature control through the intuitive damper system. When cooking foods that need less heat, or grilling a slow-cooking meat, you can easily adjust the heat to provide best results.

The plunger absorbs shock to provide protection against slams and bumps, which helps extend your grill life.

The exterior thermometer located on the lid center helps you monitor the temperature outside the grill without any fuss or hassle.

The foldable shelves are designed to give you an optional storage area when necessary, while folding down to keep the grill compact when not in use.

The classy design uses black metal trim, a glossy black finish, and wooden accents to look great in your space. The overall heavy-duty construction lets it operate fantastically, too.

The free ash removing tool is an included freebie from Pit Boss. As a fuel source, lump charcoal makes ash cleanup inevitable. The ash removing tool helps make this simple.

The Pit Boss kamado grills share a long warm up time with other kamado grill varieties. Once the grill reaches the necessary temperature, though, it can maintain the temperature for a long time.

  • The ceramic construction won’t rust
  • The external thermometer is easy to read
  • The bamboo finishing makes the design pop
  • Doubled cooking space thanks to the two exterior layers
  • Materials are used to provide exceptional cooking on both the interior and exterior
  • Foldable storage shelves keep the design compact while providing organizational space when you need it
  • Highly portable design includes 4 wheels, 2 of which are lockable
  • Accurate temperature control through the efficiently calibrated vent
  • The thermometer can be replaced if it ever becomes damaged
  • The ceramic exterior will sometimes become damaged due to improper shipping and handling
  • Wood chip and pellet lovers might find themselves limited by the grill
  • Lump charcoal is the only fuel the grill is designed to use

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been thinking about switching from your traditional BBQ grill, this is the option for you. It can turn your steak perfectly-seared and juicy, just like the steaks you might find at high-end restaurants.

Every piece of the construction is high-quality and heavy-duty, ensuring the grill will last for a long time. In this way, you’ll get value for your money.

This is an affordable entry-level grill option for people searching for a kamado grill. Other kamado grills are priced at exorbitantly larger amounts, so this is the most budget-friendly option for people who want to see what all the commotion is about.

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