Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60


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Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

When you need a pack for multi-day use, Osprey has a couple that may be perfect.

The Atmos AG 65 and Aether 60 AG are customizable to your needs, and they make carrying a heavy load easier than you might have thought possible.

Quick Comparison: Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Osprey Aether AG 60

#1. Atmos AG 65
Our Best Pick

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Slightly lighter.More.Have a place to store mat or tripod on top.
#2. Aether AG 60

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Slightly heavier.Less.Doesn't have a place to store mat or tripod on top.

Osprey Atmos AG 65:  Watch as I unload the pack then demonstrate how to get all that stuff back into it!!

Anti-Gravity Suspension System – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

Both packs have the Osprey Anti-Gravity suspension system. This system has mesh that goes across the back from the shoulders to the bottom of the back. It curves off your back to allow wind through so sweat doesn’t stick to it.

The anti-gravity suspension system wraps around you well, and it makes using the pack and moving in it easy. The anti-gravity suspension has mesh that is just one solid piece. The quality is good, and the mesh goes all the way to the hipbelts.

This system helps creates a secure base for heavy loads that transfers the load to your hips. The hipbelt creates tension when open, for an airy, body hugging fit. The tension in the hipbelt creates space between your lumbar area and the pack itself, making it more comfortable to use and providing great airflow.

Different Sizes – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

The Atmos AG 65 comes in three sizes. The large is 68 liters and 4.9 pounds. The medium is 65 liters and 4.6 pounds. The small is 62 liters and 4.4 pounds.

The Aether AG 60 also comes in three sizes. The large is 63 liters and weighs 5.2 pounds. The medium is 60 liters and weighs 5.15 pounds. The small holds 57 liters and weighs 5.1 pounds.

You can adjust both packs to your individual chest and waist size, as well as to your height.

For the Osprey Aether 60 AG, you can have the hipbelt customized by heat at an Osprey retailer. You can also change out other parts of the pack to customize the fit.

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Adjustability – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

The Atmos AG 65 hipbelts are adjustable by sliding, and there is a piece that can be adjusted up and down in the upper to mid-back section of the system as well. The on-the-fly can be adjusted by pulling so that it adjusts to your waist. Compression straps are in two locations on the pack.

The Aether AG 60 includes dual upper side compression straps, as well as lower inside-out compression straps and dual front compression straps. You can have the hipbelt and harness molded to you, or change them out for a customizable fit.

There is a safety whistle on the chest pieces of both as well, which is something Osprey is known for.

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How to Adjust Osprey Backpack

Pockets and Storage – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

The pockets on the Atmos AG 65 include waist pockets that are located on the hip straps. They are small, so they might fit a cell phone, keys, or maybe a protein bar. There are two such pockets, one on either side.

The sides also have a place for a water bottle, which can be accessed through the top or through a small handle if you don’t want to take the bag off.

There is an outside pocket where you can put wet clothes with stretch mesh on it that will allow air in to dry wet clothes. You can put a tripod or maybe a sleeping bag on it.

Additionally, there is a separate pocket at the bottom. There is a bottom separate compartment for a sleeping bag. Finally, there are two pockets on top.

The drawstring has a pull tab you can pull the string out of. Inside, there is space on top, and then a red strap separator. Inside, there is lots of room. There is a divider to keep your top stuff separate from your bottom. There are very deep zipper pockets on both sides on the bottom.

On top, you can store a mat or tripod on top. There is some elastic, and you can clamp your tripod or mat right into it.

On the Aether 60 AG, there is also top, bottom, and side access, so you can get to your gear easily.

The pack has plenty of pockets, including a stretch front pocket, hip pockets, side pockets. Over the top of the side pockets, there is a resistant rip-stop layer to keep it from getting snagged. You can access it from the top and side for your water bottle.

There are top-side compression buckles and lower-side compression buckles. There are two front compression straps, one at the top and one at the bottom. This helps squeeze your load and to stabilize it.

There are two clips on the top and bottom as well so you can take the front straps, pull them around, and then clip them. This helps you compress a very small load if you are not using the pack to its fullest capacity.

There are gear loops at the bottom, bungee tie-offs at the top, lash points on the hood when you’re not using it as a day pack.

There are three access points. There are two clips on the front that allow you to put the hood back to access the top. It’s a drawstring closure.

There is a side access point as well. The pocket is curved, and this allows you to get to the middle contents easily. Additionally, there are two side pockets on the hipbelt.

There is sleeping bag access as well. There are sleeping pad straps that you can use or remove if you don’t want them on there. The straps can also be used to compress what you pack. There is a divider that you can remove or drop if you want to use the pack as a large capacity pack.

The hood can be taken off so you can use it as a day pack. The buckles are tucked away at the bottom, so you have to pull them out to clip the straps to it. You can take the reservoir from the main pack and put it into the day pack. There are also bungee tie-offs and attachment points.

Trekking Pole Storage – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

Both packs include storage for trekking poles.


REI is the only company to include the rain bag. If you have a reason to return the rain bag under a year, you can do so. There is a place to attach the rain sack on top. The Aether 60 AG does not come with a rain sack from REI. You will need to purchase a rain sack separately if you purchase either pack from another company.

Day Pack – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

With either pack, you’ll get a day pack. You also get a flap jacket to keep your load protected against the weather.

Water Reservoir – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

For both the Atmos AG 65 and Aether AG 60, you’ll need to purchase your own water reservoir. You can run your water through your pack. The Atmos AG 65 includes a water reservoir sleeve, and the Aether AG 60 has a clip you can hook your reservoir onto.

Final Verdict – Osprey Atmos AG 65 Vs Aether AG 60

Both packs are designed by a reputable company in the backpacking industry. They share many of the same features designed to make each long hike enjoyable.

No matter which pack you choose, you know you’ll get one that is created to help you carry heavy loads and that is customizable to your body and trekking needs. We prefer Atmos AG 65 because of its light weight.

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