Olight EDC Review


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EDC may be a precious watch, a bag with exquisite workmanship. For ordinary people, it can be a pen or a flashlight with a unique style. So what are the most suitable EDC items for us? I think in addition to conventional equipment such as keys, mobile phones, and power banks, flashlights are the most commonly used.

Although the coverage area of public lighting facilities is very wide, there are actually many low-light environments in our lives, such as corridors and garages. Common scenes such as corridors and garages. A flashlight can help us in many low light environments. Provide adequate lighting support. Next, I will explain how to find a good EDC tube from three perspectives.

Small and light volume
The Olight i1R2 EOS key flashlight covers these two characteristics: it is smaller than the key and weighs only 13 grams. This weight is almost impossible to detect when you carry it. From the perspective of daily use, the two brightness modes of 150 lumens and 5 lumens can already cover a lot of lighting needs. And its waterproof level is up to eight, so it is fearless to use in rainy environments. The built-in 70 mA 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery is more economical and practical than traditional key flashlights in terms of power and recyclability.

Numerous and comprehensive functions
Olight Perun mini is a powerful mini flashlight suitable for multiple scenarios. Its total length is only 61.5 mm, the head diameter is 21 mm, and the barrel diameter is 20.6 mm. Because of its compactness, this Perun mini is very suitable as an EDC. Flashlight. OLIGHT has planned 5 different brightness modes for Perun mini and added an SOS mode. The highest brightness is 1000 lumens, the lowest brightness is 15 lumens, and there is a moonlight level of 2 lumens. These different brightness modes basically cover most of the lighting needs of life and outdoors. Perun mini is an EDC professional mini tool light, you can use it in almost any scene, and its details are handled just right, you will not lose the chain when you need it, or even use it. You can also free your hands.

Interesting and unique design
OLIGHT OPEN2 is a penlight. Its size is similar to that of a regular office pen. This size is very easy to hold and the weight is very light. OPEN2 uses a split structure, which can separate the lighting area and the pen into two separate parts for use. This is a detail that enlarges the design concept of one thing with multiple uses. Using Type-C USB charging port, it can be fully charged in 55 minutes. The pen core is opened and closed by the L-shaped bolt structure, which can be quickly ejected and retracted with a light push. In addition to having a faster opening and closing efficiency, its other advantage is that it has a good playability. In addition to daily commuting, we can also apply it to outdoor and work needs. OPEN2 is an extension of lighting equipment suitable for a variety of environments. For most environments, the usage rate of the pen is still very high, and the addition of a lighting unit to the pen will make it more powerful The applicability of it, so it is suitable for many people to use, of course, it is also a very good choice as a gift.

Olight US website: https://www.olightstore.com/

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