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North Face Vs Eddie Bauer

If you’re looking for outdoor apparel, North Face and Eddie Bauer are two of the leading designers in the United States. Each of these companies has dozens of designs that suit a wide range of outdoor needs. If you’re trying to narrow down the brand that’s right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. North Face has more specific and technical gear, while Eddie Bauer has more affordable and average gear for the everyday person.

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#1. Eddie Bauer
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#2. North Face

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#1. Eddie Bauer Review

Eddie Bauer is an American company that was originally founded in Seattle in 1920. The company has a rich history, including the honor of being the first private company hired to design uniforms for the Army. Nowadays, Eddie Bauer continues to be on the cutting edge of innovative technology.

Though the company uses many different fabrics and fabric blends in their designs, the majority of pieces are made up of some combination of nylon and polyester. The designs also occasionally rely on more naturally sourced materials like wool and cotton.

The type of fabric isn’t as important as the technologies incorporated, though. Eddie Bauer has a number of different technologies they use to improve the performance of their designs. Some of these technologies have been engineered and patented by the company itself.

The company uses eVent technology for its waterproofing. This waterproof layering helps to repel water in wet conditions while still keeping the fabric breathable. eVent technology performs very similarly to Gore-tex waterproofing, which is the most common industry standard.

Another technology that Eddie Bauer has developed and utilized is WeatherEdge. This integrated technology increases the waterproofing and breathability of different products.

In addition to hiking gear and athletic performance apparel, the company also designs heavy winter jackets. These use natural down insulation. Though natural down is one of the most popular materials for insulation, it also has several potential issues. To combat these problems, Eddie Bauer uses StormDown, a type of natural down that has been treated with a waterproof coating. This allows the down to withstand wet weather without becoming waterlogged and heavy.

There are also synthetic insulation designs available, which can be ideal for those who are allergic to down. Several products use synthetic Thermafill insulation. There’s also Thindown fabric, which is fabric created out of goose down to offer the same insulation properties without needing to be stuffed into a jacket.

#2. North Face Review

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Though the North Face hasn’t been in business for as long as Eddie Bauer, the company has been operating for more than a decade. The American brand was originally founded in 1966. North Face’s specialty is outdoor gear and apparel for individuals who like to adventure in the great outdoors.

When they first launched, North Face focused only on climbers and backpackers. As time went on, the company expanded their designs to encompass all aspects of outdoor clothing. North Face creates high quality products that perform well and stand the test of time.

In today’s modern world, fashion and aesthetic appeal is a big deal. Many outdoors enthusiasts still care about their looks alongside the convenience of their jacket. For this reason, North Face has been creating designs that are sleek and eye-catching while remaining comfortable and durable.

North Face makes most of their products with polyester fabric. This tends to be the base of any design, and any other fabrics are added on a much smaller basis. The company has a goal of lessening their impact on the environment, which has manifested in the use of recycled materials.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, the waterproofing treatments used by North Face are free of PFC. This is important since PFC can harm the environment. All natural materials like wool and cotton are sourced sustainably from responsible farmers.

North Face has a variety of different fabric technologies that they incorporate into their designs. The brand has designed and patented a breathable technology called HyVent or DryVent. In addition, North Face has created some entirely new fabrics. FlashDry fabric is designed to dry quickly and offer breathability, making it good for rainy and temperate climates.

Another fabric developed by the company is called WindWall. This fabric is specifically engineered to stand up against strong winds. North Face created it for bikers and cyclists, especially those who reach high racing speeds when competing or going downhill.

North Face is also known for its ThermoBall insulation. This is a type of synthetic insulation that the company developed with the help of engineers from PrimaLoft. It performs similarly to down, but it doesn’t have the same technical issues.

Final Thoughts – North Face Vs Eddie Bauer

Both North Face and Eddie Bauer create cutting-edge and innovative designs that appeal to the entire spectrum of outdoor adventurers. The best brand for you will vary depending on your exact outdoor needs. Each of the companies has dozens of different designs at variable price ranges, so you should look for apparel that meets your needs from both and compare.

In general, Eddie Bauer tends to have more affordable pricing. North Face’s prices range from affordable to significantly more expensive. Eddie Bauer also includes a lifetime warranty on all products, so it gives you great mileage for your purchase. For this reason, Eddie Bauer is the first place to look if you’re a casual outdoorsman looking for casual apparel.

Meanwhile, North Face has a larger range of clothing and jackets with technical specifications. If you have a specific need you want to meet, from competing in Winter Olympic Sports to trekking in the woods, North Face is likely to have a design for you. In addition to having different jackets for different environments and fitness levels, North Face has even designed wind-resistant fabric for cyclists.


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