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Nike Vomero Vs Pegasus

The Nike Vomero and Pegasus are two classic running shoes that have been used by athletes for ages.

When you’re choosing the right shoe for you, either is a great option.

But what are the differences? Which one will suit you best?

We’ve put together a review of the different aspects of each shoe to help you decide on the right one.

Comparison Table: Nike Vomero Vs Pegasus

Product NameType of Foam Running Style Speed
#1. Pegasus
Our Best Pick

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Cushion Short and long distance High
#2. Vomero

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React Long distance Average

#1. Nike Vomero

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The Nike Vomero is famous for providing more cushioning than almost any other shoe on the market. In the past, the shoes have been heavy and unwieldy to run in.

But the newly-designed Vomero 14 has a new midsole that’s responsive enough to conform to multiple foot shapes.

The Vomero 14 has a midsole made with React foam, which gives you more energy return with each step.

The footbed has a single air unit installed underneath to provide air cushioning and maximum breathability. You also get a firm feeling beneath your feet. Traction is ideal across a multitude of surfaces.

The upper portion of the shoe in the Vomero 14 has also been redesigned, with foam pods lining the collar. The padded tongue is secured to the upper to make sure the shoe doesn’t slip on your foot.

One minor issue is that there’s some potential for ankle irritation if you don’t wear socks when you run.

The shoes have an upturned heel that makes the heel-to-toe transition easier throughout your stride. Your foot rolls gently along the ground instead of feeling like it’s striking the ground hard.

The air cushioning and foam midsole give a decent amount of support. However, there isn’t the high-density foam found in some more supportive shoes.

The shoe utilizes a “dynamic fit” system, combining wires and padding in the tongue. This allows a stretchy and snug fit.

As toe boxes go, the Vomero’s isn’t super roomy. However, it does tend to stretch to accommodate your toes. The collar does tend to be a little stiff.

Vomero isn’t the fastest shoe on the market, but it does wonders for long-distance runners thanks to its responsive midsole. The shoes have ridges forming the tread, providing great traction on the road.

#2. Nike Pegasus

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The Nike Pegasus is known for being one of the most versatile running shoes on the market, supporting you through long distance running and sprints alike.

As such, the shoe has been favored among athletes for over thirty years. But the Pegasus 35 overhauls the classic design and installs some marked improvements.

The sporty styling has a full-length air cushion underneath. This cushion helps smooth your heel-toe transition with each stride. The shoe is encased in responsive foam called Cushion.

The Pegasus hugs the ankles, although the tongue and heel are exceptionally long. These details help to reduce friction and potential ankle irritation. The forefoot tends to be roomy without being uncomfortably wide.

The combination of air cushioning and foam help lessen the pain of harsh impacts, but it also allows you to spring back well enough for a burst of speed. This makes the shoe appealing for multiple kinds of runners.

The outsole is designed to make landing as smooth as possible. If you often land on your foot’s outer edge, the rubber rails are a lifesaver, lessening the impact and letting your foot have gentle contact with the road. There’s a sure grip on most surfaces thanks to the rubber sole.

The shoes are soft and free of seams, so you can run without socks if you want. The overall fit is snug enough to keep your foot secure without causing cramping. Narrow-footed runners tend to appreciate the lacing system.

The shoe’s back half will appeal to racers. The tall collar has a curve that keeps padding away from your Achilles tendon while still securing the heel.

Similarities – Nike Vomero Vs Pegasus

There are a number of similarities between the shoes. Both go to about the ankle, with a soft inside that’s comfortable enough for you to run without socks.

Both shoes have a full-length air cushion that streamlines your heel-to-toe impact.

The lacing system of both shoes allows for a snug and secure fit that’s stretchy enough to accommodate a number of different feet. Additionally, the design of both keeps the heel snug and reduces potential slippage.

Differences – Nike Vomero Vs Pegasus

The Vomero and Pegasus use different types of foam to provide their cushioning. The Vomero uses React foam, while the Pegasus uses Cushion.

Both types of foam help reduce pressure points and keep the impact of your strike from causing leg pain, so you can run further distances.

The design of the Pegasus allows more energy to bounce back than with the Vomero. This bounce-back technology makes the Pegasus a better choice for sprinters and short distance runners.

At the same time, the Pegasus and Vomero both cushion well enough to accommodate long distance running.

The Pegasus has a longer tongue and heel cushion than the Vomero. It’s less likely to cause potential irritation around the ankle.

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Final Thoughts – Nike Vomero Vs Pegasus

Both of these shoes are well-defined classics that many runners appreciate. They’re durable and lightweight, giving you a streamlined heel-to-toe transition while reducing painful pressure points.

No matter which you pick, your feet will be comfortable throughout your run.

The Pegasus does have a few advantages over the Vomero, though, especially if you value speed. The midsole cushioning gives you a better energy rebound, so you can run faster.

The Vomero has an average rebound, so it won’t lend you extra speed.

If you’re prone to ankle irritation, the Pegasus will also probably be more comfortable. The long tongue and high heel give you better padding than with the Vomero’s shorter tongue.

In addition, the padding is moved away from the Achilles tendon.


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