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Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 Vs 22

You may be one of those runners who really questions if an upgrade over the previous design is really worth the hype? It can difficult when comparing a new model over a solid design that it is intended to replace.

We can see subtle differences when comparing shoes such as the Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 vs 22, and those differences could help you determine which model is right for you.

Difference between Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 and 22

Nike Air Zoom ModelWeight (Size 10)OffsetPrice
#1. Structure 22
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11.5 oz.10 mm$$
#2. Structure 21

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10.4 oz.10 mm$

Nike’s Structure 21 And 22 Comparrison

Both the Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 and 22 are road running shoes that are designed to work on pavement or similar surfaces that offer a packed texture. Nike lists a wide range of sizes from 6 to 15 in these styles of shoes.

You will notice quickly that Structure 21 will be harder to find than the Structure 22 design. This is due to the fact that Nike has updated the 21 with the newer 22 model. If you do find the older Structure 21 you should be able to purchase them at a nice discount, saving you some money.

Shoe Design

The upper shoe on both models makes use of mesh materials that are designed to provide airflow. The Nike Structure 22 will use the latest in mesh design and should have great breathability along the top half of the shoe. This will not compromise a secure hold, especially in the 22 as it uses cables to help secure the top of your foot.

If you were to compare both next to each other it would be obvious that the materials used in the earlier 21 models are lighter in weight than those used to make up the new design. Another thing you will notice is the lace design.

While the Nike 21 uses two flywire lace points at the top of the shoe, the Nike 22 uses these throughout the lacing system, offering a bit more security than the earlier version.

Sole Design

While the support is solid with both shoes, the new Nike Structure 22 does offer you a better transition through your stride. Zoom Air technology provides an extra cushion in front of the 22 as well as a lower sole profile. Duralon rubber adds to the forefront cushioning too.

Extra Features

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 has a firm heel, a feature that gives added support as you run. A rubber strip is used in the bottom of the shoe to make the heel to toe step smoother and more comfortable. The cushioning used is responsive and adds plenty of spring to your step.

A partial foot wrap in the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 offers a snug fit as well as comfort in the shoe. Notches have been added to the tongue of the shoe, making it easier to take off and put on than earlier models. Its midsole does not sag or break down as quickly as previous models as well.

#1. Nike Air Zoom Structure 21

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This older running shoe model offers a solid running shoe with a lighter weight compared to the newer offering.

  • You will probably find this version for a discount price compared to the newer Structure 22 model
  • This shoe is noticeably lighter than the Structure 22, a feature preferred by some
  • A larger overall sole structure may prove to be more durable
  • This model has been replaced by Nike with the Structure 22 so it might be harder to find
  • It has a higher sole profile and lace area than those found on the 22

#2. Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

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This updated design provides a solid build that provides stability as well as airflow on the upper section of the shoe.

  • Flywire cables have been used to help secure the foot inside of the shoe
  • This model uses the most recent mesh designs that help to provide plenty of breathability to your feet
  • A heel overlay and mid-sole structure aid in making this a stable shoe to run in
  • The materials used in this updated design increase the weight significantly compared to the Structure 21
  • You will pay considerably more for this most recent update, as the older Structure model is now discounted in most stores

The Verdict – Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 Vs 22

While it might come with a larger price tag and weigh more, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 does offer you a better running shoe than the previous model. You will be able to find this shoe much easier than its predecessor as the Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 is becoming harder to find as it is no longer made.

The profile of the 22 is lower, with the top of the shoe having less of a lip than the 21. The lacing system uses flywire throughout, a design that will provide you with maximum hold while staying comfortable as you exercise.

This shoe is available in various colors for men and women. The size range goes from 6 to 15, which covers larger feet than some designs will. It uses mesh that provides your foot with a lot of ventilation without sacrificing durability to this updated design.

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