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New Balance has long been an industry leader in terms of innovative footwear. Every year, they employ new technology and designs to improve their offerings.

One of the best things about New Balance is that they incorporate consumer feedback into their new designs.

With the New Balance 928, 928v2, and 928v3, each new version takes into account feedback about the previous model.

All of the New Balance 928 shoes are reliable and stable. But which one is best for you? We’ve put together a review to help you decide.

Comparison Table: New Balance 928 vs 928v2 vs 928v3

Product NameRollbar Material Weight Type of Shoe
#1. New Balance 928v3
Our Best Pick

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Glass fiber Average Walking, athletic
#2. New Balance 928v2

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Graphite Average Walking
#3. New Balance 928

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Graphite Heavy Walking

#1. New Balance 928

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The great thing about the New Balance 928 shoe is that the design helps people suffering from overpronation. It can also assist with other foot disorders like plantar fasciitis.

The goal of the shoe is to provide both cushioning and support.

The 928 is a good shoe for walking that’s suitable for women and men alike. One notable feature is the broadness of the design, which ensures comfort without compromising on style.

There’s a solid balance of comfort, support, and style. On top of that, the shoe helps with your overall stability.

With all that in mind, the materials constructing the shoe aren’t a great surprise. The modern rollbar technology helps reduce your risk of overpronating or rolling your feet too far inward.

Another popular aspect of the 928 is the ABZORB SBS feature on the heel. This portion of the shoe absorbs the shock of impact as your heel strikes the ground, helping reduce pain throughout your feet and legs. As such, you can walk longer distances without trouble.

The 928 does have a few potential drawbacks, though. One is that the shoe tends to be on the expensive side. Another potential problem is that the shoe is heavier than many similar shoes on the market, so you may become fatigued as you walk. There’s also a limited range of colors available.

#2. New Balance 928v2

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The 928v2 is the second edition of the New Balance 928. It’s an ideal pick for people needing a wide shoe with good stability and support.

Several doctors and orthopedists have recommended the 928v2 to their diabetic patients, along with people who have varying foot disorders.

The 928v2 has all the features found in the New Balance 928. You have a good shoe width, a deep toe box, and the rollbar technology that prevents overpronation.

But rather than sticking with the heavy, clunky design of the original, the 928v2’s construction is much sleeker.

The toe box is extra deep, making this an ideal choice for people with bunions and hammertoe. You can also use orthotics with the shoe.

Overall, the 928v2 upgrades the insole and aesthetic appeal without losing the cushioning and stability of the original.

This shoe is a good choice if you want all-day support and comfort.

#3. New Balance 928v3

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The 928v3 is the third version of the New Balance 928. The goal of the design is to address issues people reported with the previous two versions. Of the three shoes on this list, the 928v3 has the best stability level.

Instead of being constructed from graphite, the rollbar technology is made from glass fiber. This durable material increases the overall stability of the shoe.

The rest of the shoe is made out of full-grain soft leather that’s flexible enough to accommodate your stride.

The shoe midsole has also been upgraded to offer improved stability. It’s molded using plush compression. The compression molding is an ideal feature since it cushions your feet and reduces pressure points.

The first and second versions of the shoe had deep toe boxes, but the 928v3’s toe box is even deeper. Some people found that the toe boxes of the first two versions were still a little constricting, so this is a good means of addressing those concerns.

As far as aesthetic appeal goes, there’s not much difference between the 928v2 and 928v3. Both have a range of available colors and styles, along with a sleek and refined design.

The 928v3 has the same thick, cushioned midsole found in the 928v2. There’s also the ABZORB cushioning in the heel.

In essence, the 928v3 has taken the best aspects of both the first and second versions and improved upon them. While the first two versions worked best as walking shoes, the 928v3 can double as an athletic shoe.

The upper is made from synthetic mesh. Mesh is an ideal upper material in athletic shoes, since the perforations increase the shoe’s breathability. Fresh air flows through the shoe with each step, keeping your feet cool. On top of that, the 928v3 has received an odor-resistant treatment.

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Final Thoughts

The New Balance 928 models are some of the most reliable shoes on the market. They’re an excellent choice for anyone dealing with foot issues.

Any of these three versions will help to accommodate the needs of someone dealing with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot issues.

The original 928 makes use of a classic design, but it can be heavy and clunky. For people more invested in aesthetic appeal, the refined appearance of the 928v2 might be ideal.

The 928v3 is the best version in terms of stability and comfort. It has a deeper toe box than the first two versions, an upgraded rollbar, and excellent cushioning.

On top of that, it’s the only version that can be used as both a walking shoe and athletic shoe.


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