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Axe & Sledge The Grind MotherPucker

Axe & Sledge, one of the top supplement brands in the world has released three new flavors for their top selling product. The Grind, which many in the fitness industry know for it’s bcaa formula to support recovery, provide energy and help the body with hydration just got some of their best flavors yet. 

Sour Kiwi Lime, Sour Blue Raspberry Lemonade & Sour Rainbow Candy are the new flavors in The Grind MotherPucker series. This amino acid supplement is a favorite among hikers, bikers, joggers, those active in sports or regularly visit the gym. If you’re a fan of sour & even if you’re not, it’s worth giving it a try while the supplies last.

Axe & Sledge The Grind MotherPucker is an EAA/BCAA + Hydration formula that contains over 5 grams of branched chain amino acids and 2.5 grams of essential amino acids for maximum endurance and recovery.

It also includes a special hydration blend that will help you stay hydrated through even the most intense training or workout or hiking sessions. Currently, The Grind has 13 different flavors available but as time goes on the list of flavors is sure to grow. Axe & Sledge offers an extensive line of products for practically any health or fitness goals you may have. 

Axe & Sledge is no stranger at listening to customer feedback especially when it comes to flavors. They’ve even partnered with top brands like ICEE to release delicious products like.Axe & Sledge Hydraulic Non Stimulant Pre-Workout.which comes in ICEE Cherry & ICEE Blue Raspberry. Recently, Axe & Sledge gave us 2x exciting new products in the Farm Fed protein line. Dippin’ Dots Strawberry Ice Cream, & Banana Split Ice Cream. 

The taste of these shakes were spot on & really made you feel like you were drinking a shake made with Dippin’ Dots.Let’s not forget that when it comes to a protein shake, what matters most is the ingredients. Axe & Sledge didn’t disappoint with farm raised and grass fed whey, isolated into protein that’s absorbed faster than other proteins in the body which can greatly help in building new muscle. It also helps you recover faster so you can get back to working out faster It’s clear that Axe & Sledge will continue to partner with different brands to bring us amazing & delicious flavors while still providing industry leading techniques & technologies to give us superior ingredients & nutrition. 

Another area where they stand out are their stack packages offered by Axe & Sledge’s #1 partner, Nutrition Faktory. You can find complete packages that are tailored to best suit your goals. For example, if you’re trying to gain more muscle mass or just have a harder time than most gaining weight, the Axe & Sledge bulking stack would be the perfect fit and by getting a stack package you end up saving quite a bit of money. There’s usually some kind of promotion or sale going on from Nutrition Faktory with the Axe & Sledge line so it’s definitely worth checking the website or local stores regularly.

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