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Schwinn 270 Vs Nautilus R616

For people interested in acquiring the best workout equipment for low-impact exercises, recumbent exercise bikes must have been on most of their lists.

Unlike the upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes are much more comfortable to use, and they allow you to tone different muscles.

You can rely on them to better your physical fitness with cardio exercises while also losing weight. You will find a series of models like Nautilus R616 recumbent bike and Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike.

In this article, we review and compare some of the salient features that define the two recumbent bikes.

#1. Nautilus R616
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#2. Schwinn 270

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Feature Comparison


Both Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 come with adjustable seats to accommodate users of varying sizes. The seat bottoms are contour-padded while the backs are contour-vented for maximum comfort. This is because they are perforated to keep you cool.

The seats for both bikes are ideal for users who are 6 ft. 3 inches tall.

However, some users tend to argue that the Nautilus R616 seat wobbles too much, making it uncomfortable.

The seats also come fitted with aluminum sliding rail systems that you can rely on since you can adjust them depending on your size and desired comfort level. It also allows you to lock the seat in place.

Schwinn 270 comes with a chair-like seat that is built to provide adequate lumbar support.

Drive Type

Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 feature a flywheel and belt that are perimeter-weighted. This allows you to pedal with great smoothness despite the level of resistance selected.

They are also enclosed perfectly, implying that the bike’s durability is enhanced with limited chances of damage occurring.

The recumbent bikes are also quiet, allowing you to enjoy your workout in peace. You do not have to put them through any maintenance process to ensure that their pedals run smoothly.


Schwinn 270 provides its users with a better pedaling ability due to its 3-piece crank. The pedals are also big enough, making them perfect for any shoe size.

For protection while pedaling, you can rely on the textured design and the straps to keep it tight or loosened.

Nautilus R616 comes with a similar pedal design; oversized and with diagonal straps.

Workout Programs

Both recumbent exercise bikes feature 29 workout programs that include:

– 12 profile programs

– 9 heart rate controls

– 4 custom user-defined

– 2 fitness tests

– 1 recovery test

– A quick-start

With this large workout inventory, the needs of every user are catered for adequately.

Display and Feedback

Both the recumbent bikes feature two display windows where you can easily monitor your workout progress with a series of parameters. With R616, up to four users can create profiles where they can store and access their workout statistics easily.

Schwinn 270 also provides four user settings. It also allows you to monitor 13 parameters while Nautilus R616 only gives you a chance to track your burnt calories, distance ran, and time taken.

Body Build

Both Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616 have a body measuring 64 x 27 x 50 inches and the latter weighs 97 pounds while the former is close to 100 pounds. This renders them lightweight, implying that lifting them is easy, and they only take up a little space in your home or office.


Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 come with almost similar accessories, which include a water bottle holder, a media shelf, USB ports, and speakers.

R616, however, has a drawback in that its speakers are not loud enough. This means that most users have to acquire headsets separately.

With Schwinn 270, the media shelf is designed such that it covers the upper console area. This will inconvenience some users who would like to place their books or electronics and still use the console.

For both recumbent bikes, you have to reach all the way behind you to get your water bottle. The two bikes feature 3-speed fans that ensure the air around you is cool while working out.

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Conclusion – Schwinn 270 Vs Nautilus R616

After extensive consideration, we pick Nautilus R616 over Schwinn 270 even though it has a limited display.

This is because it features two integrated levels that provide a perfect workout surface. It is also highly portable thanks to its oversized crossbar tubing and wheels.

Its handlebars and saddle are ergonomic to ensure that your upper body is comfortable while working out. It also has sumptuous wheels that provide adequate comfort. Its saddle comes with extra padding, which makes it the best bike for elderly persons.

It also has an integrated Bluetooth function that gives it an edge over other bikes in the market.

Nonetheless, you could use either Nautilus R616 or Schwinn 270, since they both provide a variety of workout options and resistance variations. Most of their features are related and great for home fitness.

The major drawback of Schwinn 270 is the limited warranty that provides only 90 days for labor, 5 years for the frame, and 1 year for the electronics.

Indoors exercising is not only convenient but also fun, since you can rely on the world’s best recumbent bikes and enjoy your workout regardless of the weather outside!

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