Micarta Vs G10


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Micarta Vs G10

A knife is an investment, and you should treat it as such. After all, you want it to last a long time, function well, and look great for years. Besides the blade, what other parts should you be mindful of examining? The grip is every bit as important as the blade. Some of the materials used to create the grip are far superior than others.

This brief guide helps you get to know the G10 and Micarta brands of knives so you can decide which you prefer. Once you’ve finished reading about the many benefits each has to offer you and the features that you’ll receive after making a purchase, you’ll favor one company over another. You may even become a loyal customer after witnessing for yourself how great the knives are.

BrandMaterial Hand-Carved? Water ProofResistant Scratch
#1. G10
Our Best Pick

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Fiberglass No No Yes
#2. Micarta

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Linen Yes Yes No

#1. G10

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A fiberglass-based laminate is what G10 uses to make its knife handles. G10 is known if the knife world as one of the strongest brands available. The creation process ensures that no detail gets overlooked. If you want a knife that you can use for years, these are the considerations that could make your mind up for you.

Every company has something that makes it distinctive. If done right, you’ll be able to recognize a brand by its appearance and function instantly. Below, you’ll explore the many features offered by G10. Knowing what to expect from a knife from the company helps you plan how to use it in the future.


G10 has a lot of features worth examining more closely. For example, its knife handles are made of fiberglass and soaked in epoxy resin. The process creates a superior product with durability and longevity. It’s also virtually scratch-resistant, helping the knife to look as good as it functions.

Fiberglass is Woven Together for Extra Strength

The weaving process makes the fiberglass even stronger. That means that the knife can withstand all types of impact and abuse. You can use it in a variety of ways without fear of it bending, breaking, or shattering.

Some of the most incredibly durable products in the world are made from fiberglass. When woven together, a great deal of natural texture appears. Unlike Micarta whose texture is created by hand by a craftsman, G10 has a natural texture.

Soaked in Epoxy Resin to Form a Plastic-Like Coating

The plastic-like epoxy resin coating serves as a form of protection. It makes the handle more appealing because it allows you to use it for years without incidence. G10’s products look great and hold up very well despite their age.

Virtually Scratch-Resistant

Appearances matter to many people. A virtually scratch-resistant product is ideal. It allows you to keep your collection of knives looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Knives often show marks the more that you use them. If you want to keep your G10 looking as nice as possible for as long as possible, consider its scratch-resistance as a selling point. It could make the buying decision much easier for you.

#2. Micarta

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Made from linen, Micarta’s knife handles are clearly different when considering the materials made to use them. At a first glance, however, it’s challenging to differentiate between the two. They look very similar in construction. The type of resin used is also very different from Micarta’s being phenolic. Again, it doesn’t do much to make the two brands of knives to look different from one another.

Like G10, Micarta’s goals as a company are to create products that stand out to its customers. When comparing the two brands, it’s wise to get to know what they have to offer you in the way of comfort, cutting capabilities, and longevity. Those are the qualities of a superior knife.


A Micarta knife handle has many features worth thinking about. The first is its textured grip. Next is its water-resistance. Finally, it’s overall look and appearance is less like plastic and more natural or rugged looking.

Hand-Carved Textured Grip

Unlike woven fiberglass fibers, a natural texture doesn’t exist in Micarta handles. It must be hand-carved to achieve the desired result. That gives the manufacturer a great deal of flexibility because they can determine which texture is the best to choose from.


The material is water-resistant, making it great for outdoor use. If you were to leave your knife outdoors accidentally, you wouldn’t need to worry about the handle disintegrating. Water-resistance helps keep the knives cleaner, too, because they can be washed and dried.

One of the best qualities of an outdoor knife is how it holds up when exposed to water. The last thing that you want to do is make a purchase of a knife and find out the hard way that it doesn’t live up to its reputation. Water-resistance is one quality worth paying extra to get.

A Natural, Rugged Look

Micarta looks the most natural. G10 has a more plastic-type of look to it. If you want a beautifully made knife that looks like the outdoors, Micarta is the best choice for you.

Many people buy knives based on how they look. They’re purely after the aesthetic. If that sounds like you, Micarta offers a beautifully-made product that looks more organic than the plastic-like texture of woven fiberglass.

The Winner – Micarta Vs G10

Although many people tend to enjoy Micarta more because of its appearance, G10 offers the most strength and durability. When shopping for a knife with the highest quality features, you won’t go wrong with it. Made of fiberglass and designed in a way where the fibers become stronger by being woven together, you’ll want to invest your money into a product that lasts a long time.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something that looks organic. When comparing the two brands, you’ll find that Micarta has the most rugged-looking handles. It does not, however, have the most durable handles which is why the company is our choice for the best knife brand between the two.

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