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A pair of good quality sunglasses are a real asset, especially if you plan on spending any length of time outdoors. Not only do they serve as a fashion accessory, but they also provide protection against the sun’s UV rays and increase visibility. Considering the cost of upper-range shades, it pays to do your homework. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on sunglasses that don’t work well for you and that you never wear.

This guide compares Costa to Maui Jim sunglasses, so you’re able to determine which offers the perfect balance between style and function. Fun, fashionable, and UV-resistant, there are many models to choose from that fit your personality and the activity that you’re trying to do.

Brandof Lens Colors Warranty Everyday UseUV Protection
#1. Costa
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7Limited LifetimeYesYes
#2. Maui Jim

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4Limited Two-YearYesYes

#1. Costa

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The Daytona Beach sunglass manufacturer specializes in polarized sunglasses for a wide range of outdoor activities. The company is among the best in the industry because of its frame and lens selection. Backed by a hard-to-resist warranty, it’s clear why Costa is one of the first companies people consider when spending time outside fishing, boating, and playing sports.

The features that are unique to Costa sunglasses are listed below for you to explore. While doing your homework, you’ll want to explore the similarities and differences so that you’re well aware of what you’re getting when you invest them. You won’t be putting money into a pair of shades that you discard in favor of a different brand’s pair.


Costa sunglasses stand out because of their wide range of lens colors and frame options. They also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, making them a real investment. We’ve taken the time to explain while these features matter by explaining them better in detail. It makes it very clear why you want to own a pair of Costas.

Seven Different Lens Colors

While most sunglass companies carry a few lens options, Costa makes your experience even more personal. There are seven different lens colors to choose from, with each intended for a specific activity. They are Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Gray Silver Mirror, Copper Silver Mirror, Gray, Copper, and Sunrise Silver Mirror. Some are better for full sunlight while others are better for overcast days. Picking the lens color that you need requires you to know more about the area that you’re spending time in, its weather, and the activities you’ll be involved in while there.

Titanium Frame Options Available

There are Co-Injected Nylon Frames, Acetates, Metal Frames, Combination Frames, and Rimless. Titanium is among the most durable materials available. You’ll have a pair of sunglasses that last a long time without breaking. That way, you’re never without your favorite pair of shades.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Rather than have just a two-year limited warranty, Costa has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. That means that certain pieces on the sunglasses have guaranteed coverage throughout the time that you own and wear the sunglasses. When investing money in good shades, you must have a warranty in place to protect the item you’ve paid for.

#2. Maui Jim

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What started as a small selection of sunglasses has turned into a business with over 125 frames to choose from. Maui Jim provides 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. The company has fashionable styles that meet the needs of men and women who love to spend time outdoors doing the activities that they enjoy the most.

More than just a fashion statement or useful accessory, the right sunglasses become a vital part of your outdoor wardrobe. Once you’ve discovered a brand that fits your needs and gives you a look that you want, you’ll be a fan for life. The features offered by Maui Jim are listed in the next section so you can look them over and determine if the company is worth looking into further.


Maui Jim is for everyone. The sunglass company offers four different lens colors that work well in the light. It has its own MauiPur Lens Technology which sets its shades apart from its competitors. It’s also a friendly brand for all types of outdoor activities as opposed to fishing.

Four Different Lens Colors

Costa offers far more lens options, but Maui Jim is more streamlined. The four lens colors are Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose, and Maui HT. Each is intended for a specific activity outdoors.

MauiPur Lens Technology

The lenses are the thinnest, lightest, and strongest to date. The MauiPur Lens Technology makes for a comfortable fit and a pleasant experience wearing the sunglasses long-term. Innovative and accommodating, Maui Jim knows what its customers want in the way of lenses.

Better for Casual Use

Costa caters to anglers. Maui Jim is more for casual use. You can wear them while driving, bicycling, and going to the beach. They’re more of an everyday type of sunglasses.

The Final Verdict

Costa has far more lens colors to choose from as well as some of the strongest and best-made materials that make up their frames. We’ve declared them the winner due to the variety of outdoor scenarios they work for. We also like the fact that they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects you if they break due to manufacturing flaws.

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