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Mathews Vs Hoyt

Hoyt and Mathews are among the leading manufacturers of bows for archers. Building a reputation that focuses on trust and quality craftsmanship, they vie for your business by offering the best bows in the industry. If you’re not aware of the similarities and differences between the companies, you’ll have a hard time determining which bow is right for you. To make the process easier, we’ve highlighted the things that make the companies what they are today.

The following guide helps you better understand two of the most popular bow brands available, Hoyt and Mathews, as well as list their many features. In doing so, we hope to make the selection process fast and easy for you. You’ll be able to tell after reading through the review which option is the best based on the needs you have for the bow.

Brand NameWeightSpeedPrice PointCompound or Recurve?
#1. Hoyt
Our Best Pick

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#2. Mathews

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HeavierSlowerHigher PriceBoth

#1. Hoyt

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Hoyt has been in existence since its founding in 1942. Even before it was a company, Earl Hoyt, Jr. made bows with his father. Experience is the greatest teacher, and the bows offered by the company today have undergone many changes to become one of the most popular brands bought by archers of all skill levels. To say that Hoyt bows are special is an understatement.

So, what exactly makes Hoyt the brand it is today? What features do you want your bow to have most? The next section addresses Hoyt bows and what makes them unique.


Hoyt’s passion for bow making led to innovations unheard of at the time. Some of the most notable are the Deflex-Reflex Bow Design, Semi-Pistol Grip and Full-Pistol Grip, and Stabilizers. Each adds to the look and feel of the bow while in use, which we explain in detail below.

Deflex-Reflex Bow Design

The first to use this type of design in its bows, Hoyt, stands out because it is a pioneer in technologies. Mathews has benefitted from the work the company has put into designing bows. To better understand the ideas of reflex and deflex, we’ve explained them below.

Reflex bows have the limb pivot point in front of the pivot point grip. Deflex bows are entirely different. The limb pivot point isn’t in the front but instead behind the pivot point grip. Hoyt’s bows had more deflex than archers thought was possible to use but later helped the bow creator to stand out.

Semi-Pistol Grip and Full-Pistol Grip

You have the choice of having a bow with a semi-pistol grip or a full-pistol grip. Both are a matter of preference and comfort. Having two options to choose from, however, makes Hoyt bows preferable because many other companies don’t give you that choice.


Stabilizers prevent the bow from shaking too much when fired, which is why they are necessary. Thanks to the redesign of Hoyt bows, the emphasis was placed on this design feature. It’s something that you’ll want to make sure the model that you buy has so that you’re not missing your shot due to excess vibration.

#2. Mathews

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The largest bow manufacturer in the world started decades after Hoyt established his business. Founder Matt McPherson started his original company in the 1970s, sold it in the late 1980s, and started Mathews in the 1990s. In addition to having multiple facilities across the nation, the company has over 400 employees and a reputation to live up to. Archers love Mathews bows for a good reason. When passion and innovation combine, the results are revolutionary.

Mathews bows are distinctive in appearance and function. They have features that you won’t find with other brands of bows. We’ve listed what they are for you to reference below. Consider the standards that the company has set for other bow makers because of their dedication to improvement and advanced technologies meant to improve accuracy.


Mathews has a leading-edge because of all of the technologies its bows use. McPherson dominated the market with his camera tech and continues to improve his products by making them faster, easier-to-control, and quieter. Some of the features that make a Mathews bow what it is today include 75 Percent Let-Off Technology on Compound Bows, SoloCam Innovation, and 3D Dampening Technology.

75 Percent Let-Off Technology of Compound Bows

Other compound bows have only 50 percent let-off. The increase of 25 percent provides more power with every shot. It’s one of the things that makes Mathews products stand out because who doesn’t want greater let-off when shooting a bow?

SoloCam Innovation

Making other cam systems even better, SoloCam innovation delivers satisfaction. Not only is it quieter when firing, but it is also synchronized, accurate, steady, and has less vibration while in use. SoloCam Innovation makes for a better shot every single time you fire the bow.

3D Dampening Technology

A feature found in the company’s Vertix bow, it makes noise and vibration obsolete. Having access to a product that is steady, comfortable to use, and quiet makes a huge difference, especially when hunting outdoors. A sudden sound or movement can scare off the game, making it impossible to come home with an animal after a long day waiting for them to come into your sight.

The Final Verdict – Mathews Vs Hoyt

Hoyt offers a greater selection of bows to choose from at a lower price point. It also has years of experience as a bow manufacturer over Mathews, which is a relatively new company in comparison. The size, flexibility, and ease-of-use of Hoyt bows make them ideal for archers of all skill levels, too.

Hoyt was a pioneer in making bows for target practice and hunters. Through trial and error, the company has perfected its products, creating a demand for its innovations throughout the world. When it comes to cost, speed, and weight, you can’t go wrong with a Hoyt, the preferred bow of competition archers.


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