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Marmot Tungsten Vs Limelight – 2020 review

Planning to spend a night under the stars? Camping can be an amazing experience-with the right shelter that is. You want to be comfortable out of the weather and away from pesky insects.

More importantly, you want a good night’s rest before tomorrow’s adventure. If you’re backpacking, you’ll also bear the weight of your tent the entire day.

That means a needlessly heavy tent will literally weigh down your backpacking experience.

The liveability of your chosen tent will determine how enjoyable your nights are. Marmot Limelight and Marmot Tungsten tents provide the best of both worlds. They are not only lightweight but also incredibly liveable.

The Tungsten blends durability, spaciousness, and intuitive liveable design creating a tent that will go with you every mile of your trip.

The Limelight, on the other hand, is all about providing quick set-up and weight-minimization while ensuring a classy camping experience.

So which one should you choose?

While these tents have a lot in common, they have some differences that set them apart. This Marmot Limelight vs.

Tungsten comparison review will help you choose the best tent for your specific needs.

Specs Overviews – Marmot Limelight vs. Tungsten

ProductMinimum Trail WeightPacked SizeFloor AreaPeak Height
#1. Marmot Limelight
Our Best Pick

Check Price
5 lbs. 2 oz.7 x 18 inches33 square feet43 inches
#2. Marmot Tungsten

Check Price
4 lbs. 13 oz.7 x 21 inches32 square feet42 inches

Limelight and Tungsten tents are available in different sizes. We’ll focus our comparison on the Marmot Limelight 2P and Marmot Tungsten 2P, which have a two-person sleeping capacity each.

Marmot Limelight 2P

Explicitly designed for three-season backpacking, Marmot Limelight 2P is popular for its lightweight, durable construction and roomy floor plan.

While the limelight is designed for two people, its 33square feet of interior space can accommodate three persons comfortably.

It’s vast interior, and dual doors allow for easy access. This tent also features rainfly’s integrated vestibules.

With these vestibules, you get weather-protected entryways and at least a total of 16square feet of covered storage space. You don’t have to worry about your stuff getting damaged by rain or snow.

If you want to store your stuff out of the way, you can also use the interior mesh pockets.

Marmot Limelight is a free-standing tent supported by three DAC Press-Fit aluminum poles. The tent features pre-bent poles at each corner. These poles ensure the sidewalls are as vertical as possible.

As a result, you get to enjoy plenty of elbow room and excellent livability. You can’t achieve this kind of livability with tents whose poles taper directly from the ground to the tent’s top.

The limelight also comes with integrated clips, which make it quick and easy to securely attach the body of the tent to the poles.

With a freestanding design, you can easily set up your tent and move it around the campsite to find the best rock-and-root-free position.

There is excellent air circulation in the tent, thanks to the mesh panels in the walls and ceilings. The interiors of the Limelight 2P are safe from the elements, thanks to a full coverage rainfly and weatherproof floor.

You don’t have to worry about sharp objects, groundwater, and mud either, as the tent comes with a custom-fit footprint, which protects the floor from such stuff.

Now let’s look at what the Marmot Tungsten has to offer.

Marmot Tungsten 2P

The Tungsten is also designed to offer maximum livability. Its innovative design maximizes interior space while maintaining packed weight at just about 5 pounds. This tent is ideal for two persons.

The Tungsten offers 32square feet of floor space. This is a little less than that of the Limelight. However, it has greater storage space – a total of over 18square feet.

The storage space is courtesy of a front vestibule, which provides about 10 square feet of weather-protected external storage, and a smaller vestibule over the second door with space of about 8square feet.

You can easily access the tent on either side through its dual D-shaped doors. The tent also has interior pockets for extra storage space.

Moreover, it has a lampshade pocket, where you can place a headlamp to provide ambient interior lighting.

Just like the Limelight, the Tungsten features a freestanding design. The difference is that it is supported by HD Velocity 7000 Series poles instead of DAC Press-Fit aluminum poles.

The HD Velocity 7000 Series aluminum poleshave unique pre-bent knees, which pull the tent body taut. This ensures the tent has no unusable space and maximizes livability.

With integrated color-coded clips, the tent attaches easily, quickly, and securely to the poles.

With a freestanding design, you can set up the tent and move it around the campsite to find an ideal position.

The Tungsten also has great air circulation, which minimizes condensation, thanks to extensive mesh on the ceiling and walls.

Moreover, the 100-percent weatherproof rainfly and floor are seam-sealed. This protects the floor of the tent from wet weather.

This tent also comes with a custom-fit footprint, which further protects its floor from sharp objects, mud, and groundwater.

The final call: Marmot Limelight vs. Tungsten

As you can see, both Marmot Limelight and Marmot Tungsten have great features to enhance utility and livability. However, we prefer the Limelight.

While it is a little pricier, it has a greater internal volume and can accommodate one more person above the recommended two.

Most of its other features are the same as the Tungsten. So, if you prefer a lighter option, the Tungsten will work just fine.

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