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Wunder Under Vs Align

If you’ve been in or around the fitness scene for any amount of time, you have likely heard of the famed Lululemon. This athletic wear company has taken the world by storm with their stylish, comfortable, and highly durable sport and activewear line of clothing. Whether you are into hiking, yoga, running, weight lifting, or just lounging around in comfy clothing, Lululemon has a lineup for you. 

When it comes to fitness wear, a good pair of leggings is essential to any active wardrobe. With Lululemon, you have access to a whole host of great legging options with different cuts, designs, fabrics, and more. Of these options, the Lululemon Wunder Under and Align models are perhaps the favorites among buyers. But, what exactly is the difference between them? 

Our team has taken the time to evaluate and review both the Wunder Under and Align legging styles so that you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at both pairs of leggings and what you can expect from them, as well as which you should go for as the clear winner. Let’s get started!

#1. Align
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#2. Wunder Under

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#1. Align

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Lululemon Fabrics – Wunder Under Vs Align

Lululemon is known for offering variety to their customers. One area of variety is their long list of different fabrics to choose from when buying their products. Some of their designs come in multiple fabric options, and some only come in one. While there are quite a few different fabric options to choose from, only three of them are important to go over when talking about the Align and Wunder Under products. 


Luon is the base fabric that Lululemon is known for. This is the first fabric that they launched when their company was born into existence. This makes Luon the most classic fabric option for all Lululemon design options. While not all designs from Lululemon can be had in Luon, many of them can–including the Wunder Under lineup. 

Luon is a blend of nylon and LYCRA, and has a very similar feel to cotton when worn. It is soft, stretchy, and gives the wearer a very comfortable and supported feeling. This fabric is ideal for low impact activities such as yoga and pilates. 


The Nulu fabric was designed by Lululemon and launched in 2015. It was a pretty revolutionary invention at the time, and to this day remains one of the most popular fabric options that Lululemon sells across the board. Nulu is designed from a synthetic blend and provides superior fit, stretch, and comfort. 

The greatest selling point for Nulu fabric is that it feels completely ‘naked’. When wearing Nulu leggings it actually feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all! This is a great thing for those seeking absolute comfort during fitness activities or even during lounging and relaxation times. Nulu leggings are the fabric used for the Align pants, and provide the lineup with the top-shelf comfort and feel they are known for. 


Luxtreme is a fabric design that was launched in 2008, and has since become one of the most popular choices of fabric for Lululemon lovers. It is made from the same nylon/LYCRA blend as Luon, but provides a more durable and thick feeling overall. Luxtreme is made for high-impact activities such as running, CrossFit, hiking, sports, etc,. 

Luxtreme may not have the buttery soft feel that Nulu has, but it does come with every bit of the stretch–and more durability. Luxtreme is a ‘tough’ fabric made for tough activities. This is what makes it so appealing to very active individuals. Luxtreme is used across a wide range of Lululemon products, but it might be most famously used in their Wunder Under lineup.


Who They Are For

Align leggings are best used for low-intensity training and exercises. This includes yoga, pilates, barre, etc,. They are also excellent for daily wear. They are amazing for wearing out to the store, on errands, and even to work. Align leggings are also well known for being some of the best maternity pants on the market. 

Fabric Availability

The Align leggings are only available in Nulu fabric. However, there are different varieties available such as the Align II,  Align Shorts, and Align Highrise that make sure there is plenty of variety here. 


The Align legging lineup is incredibly popular for a multitude of reasons. They are soft to the touch, feel barely there when worn, and can fit almost any occasion within reason. They are a sleek and stylish legging that won’t fall apart so easily, but can provide maximum comfort. What’s not to love? 

Align leggings offer a very true-to-form fit, and come with the high waist cut that many women love in Lululemon leggings. Although, there are multiple different Align cuts and designs, each one offering their own benefits. 

The base Align leggings come with a 4-way stretch design that is made to prevent tearing and keep up with you during your stretching or workout activities. The fabric is also very opaque, which provides extra protection against the dreaded see-through stretch that can happen with competing legging brands. 

Some of the most exciting features of the Align leggings are the inner waist pocket for safe storage of keys or credit cards; a flat fell seam that keeps the pants from chafing and provides a very sleek look; moisture wicking capabilities to keep you dry and comfortable; and the ‘barely there’ feel when wearing them. Overall, there is a whole lot of love to be had with the Align leggings. 

However, not everything is perfect in the land of Lululemon. Everything comes with pros and cons, and Align leggings are no exception. The Align leggings are specifically designed for low-intensity activities such as yoga, pilates, or even general house wear. This means that they can hold up rather poorly when used for high-intensity activities. This mostly manifests in some pretty bad pilling. 

The Align leggings are known for their pilling due to the nature of the softer Nulu fabric. Pilling, for those who don’t know, is when the fibers of the fabric rub together and begin to separate and create tiny little balls that cling on and dangle from the fabric. This is unattractive to see, and can lead to tearing and reduced strength of the fabric. This is why it isn’t ideal. 

It is important to keep in mind that pilling with your Align leggings is only really an issue when they are used too much or under too high of stress. Casual wear during low impact activities will very rarely lead to pilling at all. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Extremely soft. 
  • High waist with slim fit. 
  • Size is generally true to form. 
  • Inner waist pocket. 


  • Not meant for high-intensity activities. 
  • Tend to pill when stressed too much. 

Overall, the Align legging lineup is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great pair of leggings for their daily wear. While they may not be ideal for serious athletes, they are still a great choice overall with very little bad to be said about them.

Wunder Under

Who They Are For

The Wunder Under lineup is quite a bit more flexible than the Align lineup in many senses of the word. They are far more customizable in both design, as well as fabric optionality. Because of this, they are great for both low-intensity training as well as high-intensity. Depending on your fabric option choice these leggings can be worn during yoga, lounging, running, CrossFit, hiking, shopping, you name it!

Fabric Availability

The Wunder Under lineup is great because it can be had in both traditional Luon fabric, as well as the more modern and durable Luxtreme fabric. This means that you will have the choice of how durable, flexible, and soft you wish your leggings to be when buying them. There is a world of possibilities when buying Wunder Under leggings in terms of use and stylings.


The majority of the appeal with the Wunder Under lineup is customization. When you buy a pear of Wunder Under leggings, you have a near limitless amount of customization that you can go through to get the pair that fits you and your needs perfectly. From exotic patterns, to the way they fit and perform, it can all be adapted. 

The Wunder Under lineup can be broken down into two different categories: High-intensity and low-intensity. This is how the fabrics are divided when you are going to shop for your pair in store or online. This basically means, ‘do you want Luon or Luxtreme fabrics?’ The final result will be wildly different based on what you choose ultimately. However, even within those fabric options, buyers can choose differing thickness for their own desired warmth and moisture retention properties. 

The Wunder Under lineup of leggings is designed with the iconic Lululemon high waisted cut. This provides a support for the core, while also looking slim and sleek. However, the waistband on the Wunder Under leggings is designed to also fold down and convert into a hip hugging cut that looks a bit more stylish and less compressed around the midsection. The Wunder Under leggings also feature a side pocket for storing valuables or necessities that are smaller in size. The pocket is secure, and holds everything in place during a workout!

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Wunder Under leggings are without question targeted towards more athletic users. This shows in the density and strength of the fabric. Pilling here is rarely an issue even with the softer Luon, and the fabrics both hold up well against tearing and stress. Both the Luon and Luxtreme options can handle quite a bit more than the Align leggings in terms of sheer strength and design.

However, the major drawback with the Wunder Under leggings is pure and simple. They simply aren’t as comfortable as the Align leggings, for example. The Luon and Luxtreme fabrics both respectively offer plenty of comfort. But they are not as soft and smooth as the Align Nulu fabric–not by a long shot. This is a major downer for those who want to wear their leggings while lounging around the house, or who also want superior comfort while out running errands. The Wunder Under leggings simply won’t feel as heavenly on the skin as their Align counterparts.

Pros & Cons – Wunder Under


  • Wide range of customizable options. 
  • Very durable and tough long term. 
  • Sleek and attractive design. 
  • Side pocket. 


  • Not as soft as other styles. 

Overall, the Wunder Under leggings are a great choice of legging for any active woman or sports lover. They hold up well under stress, and provide you with plenty of options to get the perfect pair for you and your needs. You simply have to understand that you are not going to get the buttery smooth feeling of the Align Nulu fabric.

Differences – Wunder Under Vs Align

Now that we have a pretty clear idea of what both the Align and Wunder Under leggings can offer, let’s take the time to compare them both side by side. This is to help us compile all of the info from the massive info dump we have dropped on you above. So, strap in for a quick recap while we explore how these two legging options differ. 

Fabric – Wunder Under Vs Align

The main difference between the Align leggings and the Wunder Under leggings is the fabric used. The Align leggings use exclusively soft Nulu fabric. The Wunder Under leggings can be had in both soft Luon and thicker, more durable, Luxtreme. 

Each and every fabric option from Lululemon serves a unique purpose. However, that does not mean that they are all created equal for everyone. The Nulu fabric is the softest and lightest fabric that Lululemon offers. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for the most comfort possible–even if it sacrifices durability under stress. 

By contract, the Wunder Under leggings can be had in slightly less soft–but still soft–Luon, or tough and durable Luxtreme. Neither of these fabrics are as comfortable as the Nulu, but both are still very comfy in their own right.

Winner: Tie

Customization – Wunder Under Vs Align

In this day and age, who doesn’t love having options? We all enjoy being able to mix and match things we love and don’t love when shopping for new clothing and fitness items. With that being said, Lululemon offers quite a bit of customization. However, some designs have more than others. 

As we stated above, the Wunder Under lineup of leggings is by far the most customizable of the two options we are reviewing today. While Align leggings can come in many different cut designs, they only come in one fabric. Those limitations aren’t there for the Wunder Under. 

The Wunder Under leggings can not only come in different fabrics options, those fabrics can also be had in varying thicknesses. From thin, to medium, and even the thickest they offer. You will have the chance to choose how warm and heavy you want your leggings. This makes them better for adapting to your needs based on climate and body heat. The Wunder Under leggings can also be transformed quite a bit with the foldable waistband. Overall, it’s clear who the winner here is.

Winner: Wunder Under.

Price – Wunder Under Vs Align

Lululemon is known as a high-quality luxury brand of athletic and sports wear. That means that you can expect to pay a premium no matter what you are buying from them. However, in general, their prices are always pretty reasonable for the quality that you are getting. Nevertheless, cost is still a major driving factor for a lot of buyers when it comes to leggings and sports clothing. 

In general, both the Wunder Under and Align lineups come in at around the same price range. However, there are some slight variances due to the fact that Wunder Under leggings are so different due to customization. This means that while the average pair of Wunder Under leggings are around the same price as most Align leggings, the top and bottom ends are very different. 

Wunder Under leggings have the potential to be far cheaper than Align leggings, and also far more expensive. This comes along with the fact that you have so many choices for fabric, thickness, design, etc,. In the end, the cost cannot be compared lightly. However, due to the variables at play. There is a winner here. 

Winner: Wunder Under.

ComfortWunder Under Vs Align

Comfort is always going to be a driving factor when it comes to buying leggings. Most of us want our activewear to be as comfortable as possible. This makes it easier to work out in them, keep ourselves motivated, and be encouraged to wear them out on daily activities. Afterall, why would anyone want to buy leggings that aren’t comfortable? 

In terms of sheer comfort, the Nulu of the Align is impossible to beat. The Nulu fabric is so soft and silky that it has become the stuff of envy from competing legging brands such as Nike and Reebok. This fabric is like wearing lotion on your skin. It is breathable, wicks away moisture, and feels like it isn’t even there–without being see-through at all. 

By contrast the Luxtreme and Luon fabrics of the Wunder Under are very different. Luon is far thicker and feels a whole lot more like cotton. It is stretchy and wicks away moisture, but feels more dense on the skin. The Luxtreme fabric is thinner but designed for high-intensity use. In this way, it feels like a piece of modern tech-wear rather than ultra soft leggings. This leads to the Luxtreme leggings being a bit less comfortable in terms of all-day or daily activity wear. 

While all three fabrics still feel like a dream to wear, there is in fact a clear cut winner here in terms of pure comfort.

Winner: Align.

Appearance – Wunder Under Vs Align

Lululemon is known for sleek and stylish designs that are made to accentuate the natural curves of the body while also maintaining a gorgeous silhouette. The Align and Wunder Under lineups are no different in this regard. Both are very stylish and designed with the utmost care and with fashion in mind. This means that either way, you aren’t going to go wrong here. 

One thing to note however is that the Align leggings are just the slightest bit more form fitting than the Wunder Under. They are made to provide a ‘barely-there’ feeling when worn, and as such they are pretty skin tight in general. The Wunder Under lineup is also form fitting, but with a tiny bit more breathing room in general. This is a personal preference thing, and cannot be summed up into a ‘who’s better’ answer. 

Ultimately, both designs are beautiful, but it is our belief that slightly more people will find the visual appearance of the Align leggings more aesthetically pleasing. They are designed with casual wear in mind, and thus are–in a way–made to be worn in the general public. This gives them a slight edge. 

Winner: Align (barely).

The Verdict – Wunder Under Vs Align

So, what does all of this translate to when we get down to ‘brass tax’, as they say? Well, the final answer to the question of which is better, Wunder Under or Align, is a bit complicated. Ultimately it all boils down to what you feel like you need the leggings for in the first place. However, we understand that this isn’t a very satisfying answer, so we will attempt to boil it down a bit further. 

If you are looking for versatility, customizability, durability, and overall general purpose athletic wear; then purchase the Wunder Under leggings every time. 

If you are looking for comfort that can be worn in the yoga class as well as the store; then purchase the Align leggings

Overall, the Wunder Under leggings are likely the better value. You get a lot more bang for your buck when you purchase a pair of leggings that can withstand even the harshest of workouts. However, that is only if you want them to be used for such. It’s up to you how much you value supreme comfort over less comfort with improved function. 

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